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  1. Started slow.....but ended STRONG Watching the Colts take the field is like nothing else, watching them grow every game...good and bad is completely worth the trial and errors we live through with them. Quick pass to Reggie in the 1st quarter was beautiful for TD! 2nd quarter was rough to watch but still work in progress and seeing who clicks with who is a learning game. O-line needs to work on blocking, Luck being sacked 4 times is getting to become a habit and need to be broke quickly. Thankfully Luck can take a hit and get back up to make plays. Whatever happens during halftime keep it
  2. DoreenG

    Colts vs Lions

    WOW GOT TO LOVE IT!!!!! First I have to say Thank you Luck!!!! You continue to prove that you are the correct to lead the Colts into where they want to go in the future. Yes 3 interceptions not idea but with one quick pass to Avery with 4 seconds left in game.......AMAZING!!!! Colts had possession of the ball less than 23 mins and even with the hiccups made every minute count to the end. Shout outs to Avery, Ballard, Brazill, and Fleener for getting in the end zone, Adam for extra points Hitlon is absolutely someone to watch as he continues to make plays and improves every game. . Vaughn st
  3. DoreenG

    Colts vs Bills

    Sorry slacking I'm a little late on posting Wow hats off to TY Hilton, your only going to get better. Reggie Wayne have always been a fan way to break some records. After the game I loved when you said "When your in for 12 years, you'd better do something." Keep it up! Freeman on defense way to get in there and sack Fitzpatrick and leaving an impact for people to remember your name. Mathis props on the other sack. Defense is getting to the point they are clicking well holding them to 4 of 13 3rd downs. Offense blocking is key Luck was sacked 4 times, I know it happens and Luck has def pr
  4. What happened to the team that played Jacksonville? Colts came out with drive and determination for the 1st quarter and part of the 2nd then the flame died out. Colts had possesion ;longer, more yards, less penalties and couldn't make it work in their favor. 4 turnovers (3 interceptions, 1 fumble) killed our team. I'm telling you if the Colts connected all 4 quarters of the game, it would be insane. The hype going into the game regardless on how much you try to avoid it, it gets in your head and even though they came out with fire the flame quickly diminished. Even though it was rough to
  5. Awesome I did not get to stay up for the whole game but did watch almost 3 quarters. They clicked on the field last night which was outstanding to see. Luck suprises me every game with his ability to take a hit, move his feet, and get back up to make a play. Thrilled with the drive this young team has to band together and strive to keep improving. I will say this however, Jacksonville did have some questionable calls that went in the Colts favor (I'm not positive Luck broke the plane and the Jacksonville catch that was over turned in our favor) either way it is what it is and The Colts ste
  6. Wow Nail biter but worth seeing Ballard leap for TD in OT!!!! If you didn't know who he was before he def has made his mark as someone to watch. It was a rough game from the 2nd quarter on, I swear if they played and clicked together all 4 quarters the record would be different but again it is what it is. Rebuilding is a work in progress, watching they grow and adjust to each other has been edge of the seat exciting. Luck had some rough passes, leaving me curious as to where he was throwing it to, but still love that he will move his feet out of the pocket and can take a hit, watching him g
  7. DoreenG


    tailgate and Lucas Oil
  8. First I need to shout out to WNBA Indiana Fever for winning!!!! Awesome job ladies. Colts football I love you, not the most exciting game I've been to but still a great time and the Colts putting that W for 3-3 I'll take it =) Colts controlled the clock having possesion for over 35 mins, it was great to see Angerer back with 2 tackles and 1 assist. Bethea lead tackles with 4. Defense will continue to improve the talent is awesome and they'll get there. Reggie Wayne lead with 6 catches 73 yards (REGGIE REGGIE) Avery and Hilton I am enjoying watching them grow. Ballard great job finding hole
  9. DoreenG

    Colts vs Jets

    Well we all know there are going to be good and bad games, but yesterday was painful. You can't go on a road game and never make it in the end zone. First Luck has shown he can move his feet, so when it's 3rd and 2 and you move a yard to throw the ball you don't just go another yard for the 1st, instead you threw the ball and it was dropped....play your game Luck, I don't know if you were told to stop with your running or what but you looked out of your element. O-Line bloacking needs to be on point, your job is to protect the QB and 4 sacks for a loss of 23 yards, clearly not good. Defens
  10. DoreenG

    Colts vs Greenbay

    Pics from tailgating and game
  11. Wow what a game, first half was painful to watch, it's like they forgot there was a game being played. Going into to half-time down by 18 points it was looking pretty grim, so whatever was said at half-time to light a fire under them to fight for a victory worked. I have to give props to Luck, he's still a little rusty in the passing but can move, granted he was sacked 4 times but got back up and moved forward, even scored a TD. Not to shabby. Huge shout out to Reggie Wayne, career high of 212 yards, TD, and some amazing catches that didn't look possible, great game 87!!! Defense has ups
  12. Rebuilding teams is hard and potential the Colts have is great. Yes losing is never the plan but does happen. Bad decisions, our replacement refs need to get a clue, and 2 major needs that changed the game. 1 being missed field goal, don't get me wrong huge fan of Adam but you have to get those, we all have bad days I get it. 2) Of all times for our defense to miss assignments with 45 seconds to go truly wasn't the moment to pick. Not everything was bad about the game however Luck proved again that he can move his feet to avoid getting sacked, and was only 12 rushing yards away from passin
  13. DoreenG

    Pics from the past seasons

    Pictures from the past season to today
  14. I absolutely love this time of year, After enjoying a tailgate feast at 14 West with family and friends made way to Lucas Oil to take my missed seat and watch our men in Blue take the field. First I'm not a fan of the replacement refs clearly they need to go through training but it is what it is, calls good or bad are going to happen for us or against us. Congrats Luck you showed us that you are moblie and thankfully you made the moves needed to avoid being sacked. O-line for the love of all that is holy, BLOCKING is the number one thing you learn in football.....could be important to use
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