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Colts vs Patriots



What happened to the team that played Jacksonville? Colts came out with drive and determination for the 1st quarter and part of the 2nd then the flame died out. Colts had possesion ;longer, more yards, less penalties and couldn't make it work in their favor. 4 turnovers (3 interceptions, 1 fumble) killed our team. I'm telling you if the Colts connected all 4 quarters of the game, it would be insane. The hype going into the game regardless on how much you try to avoid it, it gets in your head and even though they came out with fire the flame quickly diminished. Even though it was rough to watch as I cheered, screamed, grumbled and sat in disbelief for the times they connected was great moving down the field, getting in the end zone, but not enough to change the outcome. So instead of dwelling on the defeat here's some props Ballard leading in yards with 72, Carter 2nd with TD, Hilton 100 yard and 2 TD, Freeman on defensive lead with tackles, Butler forced fumble. I know there were some more but those are the highlights I wanted to touch on. Regardless of our record or the score Go Colts All Day Every Day No Matter Who We Play!!!

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