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  1. I went nuts during the Lions game. Luck is without a doubt our man.
  2. I agree, that was the best game I have seen this season.
  3. Stayed up for the whole game. The defense looked very much improved. The offensive line looked okay, but not great. Wish that Luck would have thrown a touchdown or two, but I'll take the win any way possible.
  4. RG3 may get the highlights on sportscenter, but Luck gets the victories. That is more important. GO COLTS.
  5. I am not worried for the Colts. Its a learning process for the Colts this season. When Peyton Manning started his first season with the Colts, they went 3 and 13, the next year after that, 13-3. Some thing similar will happen with this year's Colts.
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