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    <p>I started watching NFL Football in 2005, I am sorry to say that I started out as a Bengals fan. Towards the end of the season I saw how good the Colts were, even though they did lose in the playoffs. The following year I followed both the Colts and Bengals and decided that whoever had the better year would be my team. And when the Colts won the Super Bowl, I knew they would be my team for a long time. Even though Peyton Manning is gone, I believe that Andrew Luck will do great things for the Colts for years to come.</p>

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  1. After hearing about the trade this morning, I was in shock. In a good way I was shocked. I have been a Colts fan since 2006 and in that time I have been wanting the Colts to either draft, trade, or sign a big name to the team. With the offseason I was praying that the Colts would in my words "open the bank" and sign some big names to Indianapolis. While we did sign some interesting names like Bradshaw and Heyward-Bey, I was hoping like a Victor Cruz or a Mike Wallace would come to Indianapolis, but that did not happen. But when I heard about this trade, I thought maybe this is a sign that next
  2. Nothing against Ballard, but Bradshaw needs to get more carries a game. I had Ballard in my fantasy league last year but now I have Bradshaw. Nothing against Ballard, but the Colts brought Bradshaw in to help with the run game and we NEED the help with the run game.
  3. Luck looked solid for the first half. I hoped that Bradshaw would have had a bigger impact than what he had, but its the first game of the season so I am not worried. And as usual the defense wasn't good. Overall I would say that the Colts looked ok for the first game. But they will need to improve for the other games or our season could be lost.
  4. Its one thing to give up rush yards to an opposing running back, its another thing to allow a read-option quarterback to give us trouble like that.`
  5. I'll take the win, but we have to improve our defense for next week.
  6. I think that Luck should have been #8 or #9 but then again I am biased.
  7. Is anybody happy that we are not facing the Patriots this year?
  8. Against Matt Flynn = Close game. Against Pryor = easy game.
  9. No, I just think that the Broncos will beat us. Unless our defense picks apart Peyton and cause him to throw interceptions and get sacked.
  10. October 20th, will be greatest day for me as a Colts fan. Peyton Manning comes home, most likely to kick our butts.
  11. Patriots proved that in the playoffs.
  12. 13 and 3 record this coming year. We lose to the 49ers, Broncos, and at the Texans.
  13. With our coach back on the sidelines, we will have more motivation to win this game. Also the Texans did struggle against the Vikings at home and the Colts came close to beating the Texans already this season. Although the Colts have locked up a playoff spot, I think we should play to win this game, because of two reasons: We're at home, and to tie the series with the Texans this year. I hope this game is on television where I'm at, I hardly get any of the Colts games because I live in Ohio. Good luck to the Colts this coming Sunday.
  14. I think we would have a chance against the Ravens, mainly they are banged up on defense and their quarterback can struggle. The Ravens may have Ray Rice, but we have Vick Ballard and he had over 100 yards rushing against Houston. I would rather face the Ravens because the Patriots would smother us.
  15. I think it depends how Houston comes off their loss to the Vikings. I would like to see the starters play the whole game and beat Houston, not just so we can say we beat the Texans, but because of our coach being on the sidelines. We need to win to show that we don't lay down for anything, our coach didn't so we shouldn't.
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