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Any Halloween Plans?!



Do you all have any Halloween plans? As I am just going to give out candy. Or going to the church where I go and just walk around. I also will be dressing up as a beatnik. It is a nice alternative IMHO! Don't know about you all! But if you ask, a beatnik is like a pre-hippie of the 1950s-1960s. Those that are baby boomers would know that LOL! Would love to hear your plans!


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I am moving that day so, this will be the first time ever I have not been there for the kids.

I feel guilty about it but, no other way

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Saturday ~ Night helping with Annual Halloween Party for Special Needs kids/young adults.

Sunday ~ Annual Family Get-together, Pumpkin Carving with kids/grandkids

always a Fun time :applause:

Tuesday Night - Beggars Night...

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All hallows' eve is rather time to remember those who passed. We are visiting tombs of loved ones to light candles and to say a prayer for them.

Halloween came here as well, but not in its original form, Jack-o-lanterns are used as decoration, and some Halloween parties are held (that is rare).

Sorry for that cultural stuff...

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My brother is dressing up as Psy (The guy from Gangnam Style). I'm wearing a Manning jersey (Colts) with a Peyton mask.

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