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If I Was The Colts Gm



If I was the Colts GM....

The Draft:

If I was the GM I would NOT draft Andrew Luck. I personally like Morris Clayborn from LSU but he is not a top 5 pick... Or at least not yet. If his position stays the same I would trade the fist pick and aquire a pick to pick him up with a first round pick for next year and the year after that and maybe another lower pick as well. Most people only see the QB problem we have but that is not the only problem, we desperately need some help in the secondary. Would I draft a QB, definently. Who would I draft? I would need to look at some that are projected to be taken in the other rounds. Many great QB's come out of those rounds. I would also look to add a WR or two in the lower rounds and I mean 5th and below.

The Roster:

I would make some roster changes, the first thing I would do is restructure Manning's contract to be more cap friendly, This is how I would deal with free agents:

Must Sign

Reggie Wayne

Robert Mathis

Ryan Diem

Pierre Garçon

Jeff Saturday

Those 5 play a crucial part in our offense and we cannot afford to lose them. Saturday and Wayne are experienced veterans if we want to turn our rookies into great NFL players we need some veterans to help guide them and teach them throughout their first couple years.

Who we really should sign

Jacob Tamme

Tyler Brayton

Philip Wheeler

Jammal Anderson

Brayton and Anderson are two good options to give Freeney and Mathis a break, they performed well all year and deserve a new contract unless they want too much. Jacob Tamme is a great TE he has played great the past two years in place of Clark. We might need him in 2012 again and we really need to resign him. Philip Wheeler played decent and would be able to provide some depth this upcoming season.

Consider Re-Signing

Eric Foster

Daniel Muir

I know Foster got hurt but he is one great football player. Both of these guys deserve to consider re-signing, if they are willing to take a very cap-friendly deal they would be great options to re-sign.

Free Agency:

The only free-agents I would pick up would be guys where we have little to no depth at, after re-signing and the draft we probably will not have much cap room left. So these are just small deals to add depth.

Coaching Staff:

This is tough, I really wouldn't want to fire Caldwell but it might be the year to do it, I would want to hire Fisher but it looks like he is going to go to another team. He would be a great addition to the staff. The only other option that I would consider is Bill Cower he is a great coach, he took the Steelers to the Super Bowl and I believe he could do the same here. I would NOT be interested in hiring Gruden. As for the assistant coaches it is hard to say, It is hard to evaluate their performance just by the games. There are a few that I have opinions on, Clyde needs to go. Offensive play calling really held us back this season. I remember we RAN the ball on 2nd and 27. We gained 2 yards. That can't happen, if we would have let Curtis air it out we might have won a couple of games and if not he would have at least improved more and could have became a little more comfortable which could have led to a couple more wins. On the defensive side of the ball I think Mike Murphy has done a great job coming in as DC, taking over and really improving the defense. The other guys I couldn't say one way or another on, they might be doing a great job or a not so great job but I can't tell by just game day performance since so much more goes on during the week.

My biggest concern for next season is that if we throw in our rookies before they are ready, that will just lead to losses and them eventually getting benched. That would do nothing for them except they would lose any confidence they had. That is why we need veteran leadership and guys who can play some while we develop our rookies. You guys know what happened when Painter got thrown in too early.

Depth Chart:

I would also make some changes in the depth chart. I would move Angerer over to starting LOLB and have Brackett start at MLB. I would give Brown and Carter more reps, and I would look at some other options at ROLB.

That is what I would do if I was the Colts GM, I would start building a young team but still keep veterans to keep that veteran leadership on the team. We need young guys who will be able to step up and start when some of the older guys retire which could start happening very soon.

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As GM I would replace Caldwell, get rid of the entire defensive coaches. keep Peyton if unable to play he is the perfect qb coach.

Start fresh with new coaches and players on defense they have been so bad for to long. garson needs to go, get a stud running back.

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I would hire Jeff Fisher as the new head coach, yes that means Caldwell must go, he's only been riding what Dungy built. Don't miss the opurtunity to get the best available coach out there right now...Jeff Fisher. As for Luck, a no brainer!!! Lets build for (as much as I hate to say this) life after Peyton and Luck is the prime canidadte. Don't mess this up and trade the first round pick (Luck) and hope to get a better quarterback later.

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as a gm u didnt hire a coach and u would never have money to sign all those guy and hit the freeagent market ....it time we hit that market hard and have a great draft this year i would trade brackett..and try and pic up tulloch from the lions...i would trade clark..i wouldnt pick up wayne are garcon gonzo ...wayne gettin older garcon cant catch gonzo hurt all the time ....i would sign mathis but hes going to want alot money and he wont get it from me..enless he wants a reasonible contract... manning u sign no matter what u dont want this guy getting into the wrong hand and have some pride this guy made the colts like reggie miller made the pacers ...and u also didnt list ur draft???

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