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An Important Offseason



This upcoming offseason is really important which is why I hope the Colts find the right GM for the job. It is probably the most important offseason since the '97 offseason when Manning was drafted. The Colts now have to make a decision on him and many other veterans who's contracts are expiring. I recently have been thinking through scenarios about what the major decisions could cause.

1. Manning's future:

One of the decisions the Colts could make is to keep him do nothing about his contract. But there are still uncertainties with that choice. What about FA's? Are we going to continue to base the team around him even after this season's results? I don't think so, what could they do to sign some FA's and still keep Manning? The most welcome way is to restructure Manning's contract to make it more cap friendly but what about other options? Another option that I recently thought of is they could resign the younger guys and maybe sign one veteran, they still would be building the team for the future but they would lose much of the veteran leadership.

Of course the Colts could let him go, he would probably retire and the colts would draft Luck but some problems and uncertainties still arise from that scenario. Who has ever seen Luck play in an NFL game.... No one has so how do we know how that will turn out? Some names come to mind (Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus Russell, Vince Young) and if that is true we pretty much sacrificed that season and maybe more after that. But there are still some positives that come out of that scenario, more money to resign and sign FA's, and it creates a team ready for the future.

I personally think Manning will stay on the team.

2. Head Coaching Position

This is obviously just as big of a decision as #1. One scenario is that the Colts fire Caldwell and hire a veteran coach like Fisher or Cower. The only concern is that they hire the wrong one for the job. There are quite a few of benefits. They could build a strong overall team, they could also focus on specific needs(which could be good or bad) I do believe this is the way to go, not that Caldwell did a poor job he just didn't do a great job.

They could also keep Caldwell, but that does carry a lot of uncertainty. We have seen what injuries has done the past 2 years will that happen again? Maybe we don't have injury problems and win a Super Bowl? It just carries too much unknown effects. I personally think we should hire Jeff Fisher.

Well I only talked about two topics but there are many more, how will the Colts build for the future? What will be their focus on how to prepare for the future? Who will be the new GM? The list goes on and on. Which just proves how important the next couple months are.


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