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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if the 2010 draft class is looked at as a good class in a few years. And that would be because of the first two picks. Angerer has performed but Jerry Hughes has just started making his mark this year. With the loss of Freeney, maybe he will become an even more important contributer and start performing like an first rounder. Even though he should have long ago. There are also a few other contributers in the later rounds that have helped us and continue to help us. The biggest being Kavell Conner and Ricardo Matthews. Towards the end of your post you talked abou
  2. This guy has impressed me when he performed at the combine. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but when I watched him he seemed more athletic than the majority of O linemen out there. When you look at his results they aren't too shabby. He ran a 4.99 40 yd dash, which isn't bad for a guy who weighs 314 lbs. He recorded the best (or one of the best) 3 cone drill times of the entire OL. Which holds alot of value when you think about it. If he is agile, he has a better chance on getting up the field and throwing a block. He also put up 31 reps on the bench press. With his speed and stren
  3. Search "NFL Autopick League" in the custom league category on NFL.com to find us. This is a new league set up for Colts fans to enjoy. It is a new keeper league for all levels of experience from beginners to the serious fanatics. Come join us for fantasy football this season.
  4. I agree that this was a good draft but I don't understand why we put so much of a focus on offense and not defense. We could use some help at weak side LB and CB.
  5. I don't see how you guys are putting Peyton so low. Have we forgotten is career in Indy? I mean yeah he is returning from an injury but still he is not #6. I don't think Newton should be #7, yeah he had a good rookie season but so did Vince Young. Let's wait to rank him so high until we see what he does this year.
  6. I am ready for the draft to be over. I've heard enough about Luck. I'd rather see him on the football field in a Colts uniform.
  7. Yeah, Yeah, I know I am a little late to post a mock draft but what is one more... Right? Any way it looks like Luck will be our QB, I have given into that but who comes next? Over the past couple weeks I have been putting together scouting reports and just last night I finished the mock draft. So let me know if you like it or not. I put a lot of time into this so please no hating Indianapolis Colts Needs: I broke it up into major and minor needs. Major needs are needs that we don't have an apparent starter for or many people competing for that starting spot. Minor needs are postions
  8. Very bad decision on the redskins part. They gave up way too much and got very little. They do not have enough weapons on offense so even if RGIII turns out to be decent they will still have a bad season.
  9. Well done except the colts should and probably will draft a WR higher in the draft.
  10. Is there logic behind what the Colts are doing. The answer to that question is yes. As you all know recently many Colts fans got very upset when they heard who got cut yesterday, including me. Jim Irsay and Ryan Grigson do in fact know what they are doing. Let's take a look at controversial cuts made yesterday: Dallas Clark: This cut was the most upsetting cut for me. Clark is a great man and a great football player. So why did the Colts cut him? Is there a replacement? For the last two years Clark had some big injury problems. When Clark went down in '10 a younger, lesser known Colt s
  11. RGIII is not who I would want behind center. yeah he can run, and he can throw but does he have the mentality and character that it takes to compete in the NFL. Back in '98 we were debating between Leaf and Manning. Now it is RGIII and Luck. Now don't get me wrong, I hope both of them have successful NFL careers but I don't think RGIII will. Luck on the other hand is very athletic and, at least from what I have seen from him, has the mentality that is needed from an NFL QB.
  12. I completely agree, we have had 9 consecutive winning seasons thanks to these great men. I will always be a colts fan and I have also never met any of them but I will always cheer for the colts no matter what. Thank you to all of the great colt veterans for all of the success to enjoy.
  13. I don't think Brady will be able to pick them apart again. That was when they were on the losing skid, they weren't playing as a team. They have regrouped and they will put up a fight. I guess we'll find out in a couple of days.
  14. Tebow is a little hesitant to throw, but if Tebow is able to scramble it will open up some throws downfield when they keep a guy down to keep Tebow from scrambling. I don't think the Pats D will be able to cover all of the WRs and stop him from scrambling. That is what I think will be the difference, maybe not his arm but his ability to run. Plus the broncos have a some good backs, a decent D, and a good kicker. I think the Broncos can do it.
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