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  1. Maybe too deep wasn't the words, but it was unnecessary in my opinion.
  2. Not getting to deep into politics here, I'm not on either side of the fence. But starting off your point on a football forum with a comparison to the president discredits everything else in your post. Just my opinion.
  3. The Colts committed dumb penalties, had basically a rookie QB starting for them with their franchise QB out and lead 28-7. Sure they fell apart a little but still a win is a win.
  4. Just curious, by what information are you going by that Vinatieri's leg power has diminished? He was knocking down some serious distances last season. Outside of one field goal, he looked solid as ever in the pre-season.
  5. Obviously we know why Luck isn't practicing, but usually he is there for support or to make mental notes, help with coaching. Why do you think he is absent today? Could he be in the process of being activated off PUP?
  6. I think the reason they are being secretive for Andrew is this: He is one of the biggest names in football, obviously our star QB. So lets say they go out and give a time table of no later than Late July. What if Andrew has a super minor set back and won't be quite ready then? The national media would blow up, questions would poor in. It is a minor distraction right now, but could you imagine how big it would be if the team gave a date and Andrew missed it? I'm sure they have a date, but a little white lie doesn't hurt anyone. It definitely helps, and I'm sure they are taking it sl
  7. Typically when players sign one day contracts after being on a different team it is when they have a short stint and usually aren't to good on their new team. This isn't always the case, but it is most of the time. Seeing how Vinatieri has actually played more seasons in Indianapolis, and has been very successful, but has also made some very dramatic kicks in New England I think it is safe to say he will just retire as an NFL player, and will not sign a one day contract with either team. With that being said, I read an article stating that he wants to retire after he g
  8. I think Clark has good potential,I'm unsure about Haeg though. I feel as if he could be a Joe Reitz 2.0 which would be solid. Sometimes I feel like people are caught up in the word potential, and these guys never reach that point: Recent memories: Da'Rick Rodgers, DaRon Rodgers, and heck if Moncrief doesn't have a good season this year and only gets the ball in the redzone I would argue that he is just a guy with good size that Luck manages to get him the ball in the redzone and that's it. A guy that has a label of potential but never seems to find it.
  9. interesting analysis, I find the Nike Jersey I own for the Colts kind of weird compared to the old rebook ones. Whenever I left my arms above my head the whole jersey kind of scrunches up with it, just kind of weird fitting. I have the "cheap" $100 game jersey though.
  10. I don't know much about Mack. I don't watch much college football though. If he is as talented as people say he is, then how come he was picked in the fourth round?
  11. Your initial post said professional athletes in general. But I thought it was basically common knowledge that athletes have money spending issues? They have TONS of money coming in and going out when they are playing, and they don't know how to cut back after they retire, and don't have that huge check coming in. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/sports/more-sports/21-sports-stars-whove-gone-bankrupt/ss-BBlmIiX https://www.forbes.com/sites/leighsteinberg/2015/02/09/5-reasons-why-80-of-retired-nfl-players-go-broke/#7f5b3f2d78cc http://www.munknee.com/78-of-nfl-playe
  12. I actually think it's the other way around, most athletes aren't good with their money: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_finances_of_professional_American_athletes
  13. I will be honest, I stopped reading at the bolded part above. I never said that.
  14. I agree that TY his a great receiver, and Aiken is a good depth piece, but the rest of yet to reach their potential. Sure Dorsett can FLY but we've seen time and time again, the guy cant catch. I liked Chester Rogers as well, but he's still a question mark. He may become the third receiver honestly (once again just a POTENTIAL guy) Moncrief is another guy, he got a lot of touchdowns in limited time last year, but being consistent and burning defenders, or playing up to his size, or even beyond it, he lacked in that area. Another guy with just potential that has yet
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