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  1. that's fear, uncertainty and doubt, a term used in stock picking circles about trying to extract something useful from what someone (say a competitor to your fave stock) says on record. 'its got warts' might be what the competitor says about your product-- when he cant compete on performance or price. all sorts of verbage out here from manning, irsay, polian for example-- is it all just hot air, or are there nuggets we can use? since i dont have real insider info, i have to sift all the stuff said by insiders (not reporters) for input. a real gm would be watching manning rehab, all i get is what i read about it. extracting useful from all the schlock is an art, not a science. a few examples: not so long ago, the story was manning had 'scripted plays' after practice. we all read about it. remember the 'game ready balls' nugget from addai (i think it was him), and to the medium length passes admitted to? recently manning is on record saying he thought he might pass that physical. i read that as he IS healing, and is on track to be back next season. i might be flat out wrong, but i dont think they can flat out lie about stuff like this. if peyton went out there and tossed a series of girly-wounded ducks-- we would have heard something more along the lines of 'he is progressing'.....and addai would not have said a word. same with a lot of the stuff irsay and polian said about the draft. i dont think polian EVER telegraphed his intentions-- in fact, he always misdirected in the past. its smart to NOT telegraph your intentions this way. you just cant play poker with mirrored sunglasses on and keep your chips. 'rebuilding' does not mean we are drafting luck. it is a signal to the other teams we very well might, putting a potential premium on any bid for the pick. we DONT want to be predictable. got to max our options. right now, the colts are in a bind-- manning or luck? having both on the team has serious cap problems, and does nothing for filling holes in the team. if we dump manning (pretty much cant trade him due to the cap either) and he is healthy, we DONT control where he goes, and we get nada for him. remember the story about peyton telling the colts if we did not draft him, he would kick our butts for a decade? you really want to see him in say, a titans uniform lighting us up for the next 3 or four years, twice a year?? smirking as he trots off the field to cheers from BOTH sets of fans while luck gets booed? half the stadium wearing wrong colored 18 jerseys, the other half wearing the right color?? add in a few 'laser rocket arm' commercials on the jumbo tron.... 'just rub some dirt on it'. no. i doubt i keep my gm job long under that scenario. might well get tarred and feathered and ran out on a rail. if peyton is healthy, i have to keep him here. the other teams know that. what i want is a blockbuster offer for the pick. walker to the vikes, williams to the saints blockbuster. something too good to pass up. irsay, all my staff are going to CONTINUE the party line that drafting luck is the plan-- because thats the best way to push the value just a little bit higher. so, my basic assumption here is peyton regains his form.... if he has not already. if he isnt, then luck is my pick. otherwise i want the motherlode for that pick.
  2. Congratulations to tfrugal He has won the If YOU were the General Manager Contest for this post Fud, Head Fakes, And Missdirection
  3. Wow, isn’t it interesting how a 2-14 team is suddenly the TOPIC of the Season? You must have something to say and we want to hear it! If you were the Colts GM... * What would your first steps be? * Who would you look to draft? * What are your biggest concerns for the 2012 season? * The topics are endless! Blog your answer here on forums.colts.com and you'll be entered to win an autographed Reggie Wayne photo! You can write whatever you want, just remember to tag your blog entry with "colts gm blog". (You tag entries in the text box below "Entry Tags" up at the top of your "Add Blog Entry" page). DEADLINE: January 6th @ 11:59pm Not sure how to get started blogging? Don't worry, we have a nice introduction to it here: http://forums.colts....ld-be-blogging/
  4. ok, so i am the new gm of the colts.....bet this pays better than the old job does!! first, some boilerplate-- i dont have access to real game film, or true insider info. i will use (for now) cbs sportline as my database for my evaluation of potential players, because 1) i already read a lot there, and 2) the colts play on cbs. i have followed a lot of the conversations in the forum for a few years. certain posters have a lot of credibility in my view, and i wiil shamelessly steal from them every chance i get. i see the world thru fan-colored glasses. my experience with 'management' over the years has been that these guys are heartless. new management typically means that i have to fire the first guy on the old crew that looks at me wrong-- just to show my power-- never mind the guy had a legit point. this is NOT what i want to do-- replace the old-boy network with a new-boy one. current players and anyone in the org keep their positions unless i can improve on them. we run a merit shop here boys. i liked polian. i will steal from him every chance i get. 'past is prologue' indeed! we still are gonna play very similar defenses, the cap means i cant have it all, and manning or luck, i am committed to spending more on 'O' so its a 4/3 D. we will be talking to the local media (except bob kravitz-- just because).
  5. I understand that at this time number one is not an option, but this was prepared prior to today's news. I also obviously lack opportunity to interview players and do not know fully salary cap implications or free agency status of everybody with the new CBA. However, this is a thumbnail sketch of how I would begin if I were GM. Feel free to laugh - I know I am only a fan. If I were GM of the Colts, I would…. 1. Pursue Jeff Fisher to coach the team. He has experience in building a successful team and near super bowl winning team. He is also someone Peyton Manning respects and would be willing to work with. Thank you Jim Caldwell, respect you as a person, just some people are not meant to be head coaches. 2. Seek to renegotiate Manning’s contract – three years, far more cap friendly considering just paid him a truckload without return. Would not be heavy-handed in doing this, amicable in an effort to do what is best for both parties. 3. Resign Pierre Garcon and Reggie Mathis. Mathis may be the more difficult one financially. 4. I try to resign Jeff Saturday for 2 more years. 5. I try to reward Wheeler for consistently playing hard by resigning him – but cautious realizing a bit of tendency for injury. 6. I let Gonzalez and Brown go, Wayne becomes a cap casualty. 7. I seek to extend Austin Collie through 2015 8. I check the feasibility of signing free agent WR Brandon Lloyd and S LaRon Landry 9. I take a stab at signing Marshawn Lynch or Tolbert – Tolbert being more likely as Lynch will probably cost too much. 10. I cut Collins, Painter, and Brackett (Brackett being the most painful, but little choice) 11. I trade to Washington the top pick for no less than 2 first round picks and 2 second round picks a fourth round pick, and Ryan Kerrigan knowing I will probably be unable to sign Mathis. Washington is desperate for Luck and will mortgage their future for him. 12. I then trade Washington’s first round pick (6) and Dallas Clark to St Louis for the second pick and draft RGIII . RGIII will blossom under Manning’s tutelage and will flourish when Manning retires in 2-3 years, and Clark provides Bradford with a much needed target and veteran offensive presence. 13. I now have my QB of the future and my D-end of the future. 14. If necessary, I trade back into the late first round to draft Jerel Worthy, DT Michigan St 15. Depending on trades and free agency signings, I look for a speedy, intelligent running back, a promising safety to learn alongside Bethea, a strong-physical cornerback, and some depth for LB and O-line.
  6. ok, heavy is the head that wears the crown. internal doubt about 'am i doing the right thing' is making me sweat.... 'cant miss' verses riding my hall of famer QB into the sunset, whats the right thing?? already in imaginary gm world there is tension and friction-- bob kravitz has just wrote a column saying i am ruining the franchise, and have dandruff too. grrrrrr. i want to scream at him for not knowing what the heck he is talking about..... peyton is 'rehabbing' in my office in a titans jersey, jeff fisher just called-- not ME, but peyton. manning shows me a text from that weasel saying 'remember buddy, i wore your jersey way back when!!, come play for me when that dummy gm lets you walk'. grrrrrr polian just sent me a pic of him sitting on a beach wearing nothing but bermuda shorts, flip flops, and holding a sign that says 'antacids in the left hand drawer'....its that a tattoo on his belly?? danny snyder just offered 'half a ham sammich' for either that pick, or manning-- my choice. i think its time to take a break, so i walk out to the car to take a spin-- sitting in a drivethrough lane waiting on my NON ham sammich and some homeless dude starts cleaning my windshield. wait-- ITS REGGIE WAYNE. he just smeared it allllll up. the kid in the drive-thru window starts telling me i am an dipstick, spits on my non ham sammich. everyone is chanting 'REGGIE REGGIE REGGIE'. reggie leans in, whispers 'i want my two dollars' and then spray paints a big green 'U' on the car door. heavy is the head that wears the crown.
  7. Start off by firing jim caldwell. He never deserved a HC job in the nfl from the very beginning so right that wrong now. If we are moving in a new direction start there. Hire a defensive minded coach because peyton pretty much handles the offense anyway and DEFENSE WINS !!! If peyton is healthy which I believe he will be then he should be our quarterback until he retires. He has done more for indy that probably almost any quarterback in history. 4 time mvp. Super bowl champion. That's my quarterback. With the first pick... I would trade it for as many draft picks/players I could. Peyton has been to the playoffs with average teams in the past. Fill in the obvious holes on our team with those picks and surround manning with the best team possible for the next 3-5 years. Needs I see are DT, CB, OL, in no particular order. All of those need to be addressed. There is no reason why a healthy peyton manning mixed with a lot of the players we have now plus the new younger talent we get with our extra picks that we could not reach another super bowl or 2 to end peytons career. As far as aging players we have now. Clark is declining. Might have to go. Wayne is still good but if he wants too much money for a player his age then he has to go. So many receivers fall off fast as they age. Mathis to me should be kept. He always plays hard. Is healthy and produces well with freeney. Gonzalez should go... Hurt all the time like bob sanders just not nearly as good so get rid of him. We have solid LB's in angerer, connor, wheeler. Brackett makes too much money for how he produces. Keep orlavsky as mannings back up and worry about trying to draft a long term replacement in a year or two. If we draft well over the next 3 to 4 years we could build a good TEAM around manning and should still be young and talented for when he retires. We don't need the next manning because putting that much into one player gets you into the situation we had this year. A good team can win with a good QB. Denver/tebow, 49ers/smith, ravens/flacco, patriots/cassel a few years ago, packers/flynn when he filled in last week. I could go on and on. The point is people thinking we need manning and luck to have our cake and eat it to is just not necessary. Manning with the team we have and a bunch of well picked players in the next two drafts from trading the 1st pick could build a great team of new and old players that could still be very competitive for many years to come. Sure there is something I am forgettinng so comment please if you think of anything I haven't thought of.
  8. First line of business would be to hire a new defensive coordinator and special teams coordinator. Caldwell would keep his job based off his relationship with manning and his willingness to allow Manning g his offensive freedom. Bringing in a new coach could disrupt Manning's freedom on the field and in practices. A defensive coach with a more aggressive attitude would've found. I would look for a special teams coach with special teams onfield experience whom can help kick returnees identify when to run when fair catch the ball. Tressel would be brought down to help Caldwell with coaching decisions. Reggie Wayne would be released, unless wants to take a small short contract. Manning's contract is reworked to keep Mathis and sign a rookie or cheap reciever. If manning retires then we hire him as offensive coordinator, no price too high for him here. Draft 1. Andrew luck - the talent is there. Promised only one year as sitting backup, with the second year promised minimum starting half the games if manning is kept beyond year one. 2. CB, our corners are horrible. 3. Safety, someone durable with good instincts. 4. CB, yes another but really they are horrible. 5. WR, tall route runner. We need someone who can take the ball out of the air. 6. TE, we all know that when manning goes so does Clark, Saturday, and probably addai. 7. Trade rest of picks for next years draft. Next years draft focus on a center, te, diem replacement, and de. Have luck focus on how peyton leads practices and his game footage preperation. This is a all out year for manning and a year for luck to learn NFL defense formations and how to disect them perfectly. Luck would only be brought in to play when a 17 point lead is had and the opposing team is pretty weak. The following year manning would be given a few options. A. Return while allowing luck to start half the games. B. Be traded to the team of his choice outside the arc south. C. Retire and become hc or offensive coordinator.
  9. If I was the Colts GM.... The Draft: If I was the GM I would NOT draft Andrew Luck. I personally like Morris Clayborn from LSU but he is not a top 5 pick... Or at least not yet. If his position stays the same I would trade the fist pick and aquire a pick to pick him up with a first round pick for next year and the year after that and maybe another lower pick as well. Most people only see the QB problem we have but that is not the only problem, we desperately need some help in the secondary. Would I draft a QB, definently. Who would I draft? I would need to look at some that are projected to be taken in the other rounds. Many great QB's come out of those rounds. I would also look to add a WR or two in the lower rounds and I mean 5th and below. The Roster: I would make some roster changes, the first thing I would do is restructure Manning's contract to be more cap friendly, This is how I would deal with free agents: Must Sign Reggie Wayne Robert Mathis Ryan Diem Pierre Garçon Jeff Saturday Those 5 play a crucial part in our offense and we cannot afford to lose them. Saturday and Wayne are experienced veterans if we want to turn our rookies into great NFL players we need some veterans to help guide them and teach them throughout their first couple years. Who we really should sign Jacob Tamme Tyler Brayton Philip Wheeler Jammal Anderson Brayton and Anderson are two good options to give Freeney and Mathis a break, they performed well all year and deserve a new contract unless they want too much. Jacob Tamme is a great TE he has played great the past two years in place of Clark. We might need him in 2012 again and we really need to resign him. Philip Wheeler played decent and would be able to provide some depth this upcoming season. Consider Re-Signing Eric Foster Daniel Muir I know Foster got hurt but he is one great football player. Both of these guys deserve to consider re-signing, if they are willing to take a very cap-friendly deal they would be great options to re-sign. Free Agency: The only free-agents I would pick up would be guys where we have little to no depth at, after re-signing and the draft we probably will not have much cap room left. So these are just small deals to add depth. Coaching Staff: This is tough, I really wouldn't want to fire Caldwell but it might be the year to do it, I would want to hire Fisher but it looks like he is going to go to another team. He would be a great addition to the staff. The only other option that I would consider is Bill Cower he is a great coach, he took the Steelers to the Super Bowl and I believe he could do the same here. I would NOT be interested in hiring Gruden. As for the assistant coaches it is hard to say, It is hard to evaluate their performance just by the games. There are a few that I have opinions on, Clyde needs to go. Offensive play calling really held us back this season. I remember we RAN the ball on 2nd and 27. We gained 2 yards. That can't happen, if we would have let Curtis air it out we might have won a couple of games and if not he would have at least improved more and could have became a little more comfortable which could have led to a couple more wins. On the defensive side of the ball I think Mike Murphy has done a great job coming in as DC, taking over and really improving the defense. The other guys I couldn't say one way or another on, they might be doing a great job or a not so great job but I can't tell by just game day performance since so much more goes on during the week. My biggest concern for next season is that if we throw in our rookies before they are ready, that will just lead to losses and them eventually getting benched. That would do nothing for them except they would lose any confidence they had. That is why we need veteran leadership and guys who can play some while we develop our rookies. You guys know what happened when Painter got thrown in too early. Depth Chart: I would also make some changes in the depth chart. I would move Angerer over to starting LOLB and have Brackett start at MLB. I would give Brown and Carter more reps, and I would look at some other options at ROLB. That is what I would do if I was the Colts GM, I would start building a young team but still keep veterans to keep that veteran leadership on the team. We need young guys who will be able to step up and start when some of the older guys retire which could start happening very soon.
  10. Peyton Manning isn't going anywhere. The media love the idea of Peyton being traded or released as a "story", but it's a non-story because it's not going to happen. If Peyton can still play, he'll be a Colt. If he can't play, he'll retire, and gradually move into a role with the Colts as a consultant or QB coach, moving him toward being an Offensive Coordinator eventually, and maybe Head Coaching down the road if he wants to go that route. But he isn't getting released or traded. Jim Irsay is an owner who knows and understands his fan base.And he knows that Peyton Manning IS the Colts for fans here... and as GM, I'll keep it that way. People talk about Peyton Manning like he's part of their family, and if the Colts dumped him they would see a fan revolt like no other, and Irsay, my boss, knows it. Irsay wants Manning to retire a Colt, and what's more, Peyton wants that too. If any blockbuster trade is going to happen, it will be Luck or the #1 pick that gets traded, but don't even expect that. Expect me to draft Luck, keep Manning, and gradually transition younger across the board. But Peyton will go out when PEYTON wants to go out.... and on his terms. He, single handedly, has given us a Super Bowl, a new Stadium, and over ten years of excellence, fun, and excitement in Indiana... even bringing a Super Bowl to the City, indirectly (by all the accomplishments to make the Colts great, getting the new stadium, and so on). So, Peyton will be thought of number one... it is my turn as GM to be loyal to him, as he has been so loyal to us. He even gave us ways to get rid of him if we needed to... he INSISTED that be part of the contract.... something that could only hurt him, and help us. So we will return the favor. The cost of him has been FAR LESS than the value he has brought. So, we'll keep Peyton... even if that means trading Luck at some point (Let's say Peyton wants to play five more years... or more!), because he has always been so insightful on the field and will continue to be. If we can groom Luck, we will do so. If not, we will use him to build more around Peyton. But the key is this: If we want to keep our fans, keep our season ticket holders, and keep the last ten years special in our hearts forever --- we will stay with Peyton as long as he will let us and stay with us.
  11. The path forward on this hinges on Peyton's health. If he can still throw the ball reasonably well (say 30- 40 yards with good velocity and his usual, near precise accuracy), then that would be acceptable to me to call him "healthy" for the discussion to follow; Assuming he is healthy, I believe he will be a great quarterback for 3-5 more years. At that point, he becomes more of a "sure thing" than any other option available. Therefore, point 1 = I keep him as my starting quarterback. Next step, what to do with the first pick. I am certain Andrew Luck will be a good NFL quarterback. Will he be a "franchise" quarterback on a Superbowl contending team? That is not nearly as certain. Based on point 1, I already have that for at least another 3 years. So, does he then make a good, and patient back-up quarterback? That, I doubt. If he is on this team with an uncertain playing future during his entire first contract cycle, I suspect that will create issues that a new coach (yes, I think I would probably let Jim go) and new GM don't need to deal with. So, point 2 = I would not draft Andrew Luck. What to do with the draft then: First, as a GM, the first 2 points would not be public knowledge because I want as much value for the first pick as I can get. I would trade down in the draft; target value for the pick: mid-first round, 3rd or 4th round this year, and 2nd or 3rd round next year. Next, what do I view as the team's real needs to get back to a Superbowl in the next 3-4 years? The team needs to rebuild a 6-7 man rotation in the secondary around Melvin Bullit and Antoine Bethea. The colts NEED a shutdown corner and much better overall depth here. I am not sure who, if anyone, fits this bill as a first rounder, but that is where I would start looking. Also, Pat Angerer and Gary Brackett are great linebackers to base the core on, but the colts need additional, high quality depth at this position as well. If I couldn't find a good shutdown corner as a first rounder, I think an additional 1st round linebacker would be a good choice, especially if I can not keep Gary under contract. I think, if the OL and DL can be kept healthy, the talent is there, even if I loose Mathis to free agency, which is highly likely. So, I would not focus anytime before the 5th or 6th on either side of the line this year. I would probably use the additional 3rd rounder this year to get a good quarterback to groom as a back-up with upside potential. That is the point in the draft that most often breeds the next "Tom Brady" or "Ben Rothlesberger" type franchise quarterbacks, not typically the first round (Peyton is a notable exception to that trend). Andrew may be another like Peyton, but, following my assumption above, you know what you have with Peyton, as do the rest of your core group of players on the team, which is a key point. Finally, as GM, I would take a hard look at strength and conditioning technology and coaching. I believe the colts have an issue there that needs addressed. They are never "the most injured" team in the NFL during any given year. However, they are often towards the top each year and it seems to always hit harder than it should (depth being part of that issue - see our defensive struggles over the last 6-7 years as evidende of this issue playing out). Now, if my initial assumption above proves false (Peyton looses too much of his strength and accuracy), the game changes completely. I would draft Andrew Luck with the first pick and go after a shutdown corner with the first pick of the 2nd round.
  12. I would draft RG3 (Robert Griffn III) instead of Luck. Sign some offensive line men with some experience. I would keep Manning and Painter. I would release Kerry Collins and Dan Orlovsky, I would look into a WR to replace wayne when he retires.
  13. Granted, I'm fairly new to football, and it's always easier to coach or mange a team from your couch. But if I were the Colts' GM I would consider long term strategies to get the team back on its feet. Some such strategies would include: a) Enticing Payton Manning to sign on as either head coach, or offensive coach. Yes, he's a great quarterback, but at this point, the few years we could have with him playing aren't worth ignoring long term goals. For long term, he'd better serve the team (and probably himself) by coaching and grooming less experienced players. b) Drafting Andrew Luck and grooming him, or trading for another young QB that can be groomed (see "a" above). c) Making sure there is a focus on returning the offensive line to its former high performance it exhibited during Manning's reign for the last decade. During that time, Manning had all the time he needed to complete plays; in 2011, the QB's were constantly under pressure. Fix it! d) Drafting in or trading for defensive players that complement Mathis and Freeney. And, of course, do what it takes to retain Mathis and Freeney, as well as Pat Angerer. e) Retain McAfee and Vinitieri, and give each a raise... they deserve it after carrying the team through the 2011 season without any scoreless games These are pretty broad strategies, of course, but this is the direction I would go.
  14. A GM's job is to put talent on the field, coaches on the sideline and Lombardi's in the trophey case. That said, I don't see the need for a lengthy rebuilding process here. I see Peyton back next year at 100%, and I see him playing at a high level the next 3-4 years. I would NOT draft his backup this year, I would cut Painter and Collins and keep Orlovsky. I don't see Caldwell as a Super Bowl coach. He's a little too conservative, and when you're playing for keeps, he keeps disappointing. I would interview Fisher and Gruden, both have expressed the desire to coach Manning, and both seemed genuinely excited when discussing the possiblity of doing so. That's what I want in a head coach - EXCITEMENT for the opportunity! We have several free agents to ponder, Saturday, Mathis, Wayne, Garcon, Brackett... I would take a close look at our cap space to see what I can actually do this year and beyond. I would try to sign Saturday and Mathis to 3-4 year contracts. I would try to sign Garcon to a 4-5 year deal. I would let Brackett and the others go but keep the door open if they don't sign on with another team. Wayne I'd consider franchising, but only if I've got Saturday and Mathis signed on for next year. I would certainly sit down with Peyton and Freeney to discuss the possibility of renegotiating their contracts to give us more to work with. I would definitely trade the #1 pick to the highest bidder. I would demand multiple picks this year and next, and I would use those picks to fill obvious holes on defense (corner, DT, safety). I would consider using next year's additional picks to trade up this year to bring in as much defensive help as I can THIS year! Once the defense has been addressed, I would look to add depth to the offensive line, look to add a special teams returner and a WR to learn under Wayne. I would ensure there was enough cap space after signing our vets and rookies to bring in free agents, just in case we didn't get everything we needed in the draft. My plan is to build a solid defense to give Peyton a legitimate shot at another title or two before he retires. I would look to draft his replacement in 2014, and I would NOT be opposed to trading up to get him. Because by then I would expect to have a defense that can withstand the growing pains of a rookie QB season.
  15. I have been a Colts fan since the day I was born. As a Maryland native, the Colts were my home team, and to me they always will be. I am blue and true until the day I die. I rise and fall with this team every year and have since I understood the game of football. Having said that, I guess it's apparent that with anyone that follows a sports team so intensely it's only natural for them to have their own thoughts, views, and opinions. And if I were in position to pull the strings as the Colts GM, there are several topics that need to be addressed this off-season. First off, I wiould have to make a decision about Jim Caldwell. The guy has a strong, consistent character, the players stand behind him, he has integrity, and he follows the first rule of leadership; Anything that goes wrong is your fault. Those are all rare qualities to find in someone, especially collective. I would have to keep him on staff. Even if it were in a lesser role, providing he would be willing to step down of coarse. Next, I would take a real hard look at who actually deserves their position among the coaching staff. Right off hand, I would say there are a number of homegrown coaches we have that are excellent at what they do. Mike Murphy come to mind. Retain those who are willing to adapt to the new direction of not just the team, but the entire league. The next area that needs to be addressed is the salary cap dilema and where to relieve some much needed money. Dwight Freeney would need to follow suit and sign a new cap friendly deal in order to retain the services of his counter-part and fellow book-end, Robert Mathis. Next is Gary Brackett. With the emergence of Pat Angerer, Gary is no longer in a position to earn what he's getting paid. Take less money and a back-up role or be cut. Bullitt has to go, he just cannot be counted on from a health stand point. And then... Reggie! Reggie! Reggie! Aside from the Super Bowl 44 pick six when Reggie Wayne obviously quit on his route, he's been nothing short of amazing for this team. He's always there, he knows the system, and he's a team 1st guy. Most receivers of his status would've thrown tantrums galor in a season like the one we just faced. He's a class act and deserves to finish his career here as long as his asking price is reasonable. And last, but certainly not least...the draft. I'm sorry if you don't want to here this, but there would be no Andrew Luck in Indy. I would talk this kid up to high heavens then trade the rights to draft him; preferably to a team with a top 5 pick, we still want to get top quality talent. The Luck trade would garner multiple picks; probably two 1st rounders, a 2nd or two, a 4th or so, possibly some future picks... With those picks as well as our own, we would be in a position to grab multiple marquee players, very similar to how the Cowboys loaded up after trading Herschel Walker to the Vikes in '89. They took all of those players and made multiple Suber Bowl runs. On the flipside, drafting Luck MIGHT ensure another 10-15 of QB excellence (keyword: might). But to me, if you play your cards right you could still invest 2nd or 3rd rounder in a QB and groom them under Peyton for the next 4 years. Ultimately, our team is aging and needs a youth injection and our defense needs help, big time.
  16. 1. Peyton Manning should have a job with the Colts for "life", period. When he is no longer able to play, he should be the QB Coach and/or Offensive Coordinator. But I'm pretty sure that is several years down the line. He will do whatever it takes to get back on the field in 2012. As far as the bonus coming up in March, I would try to re-negotiate it to ensure a quality team will be available to back him up; that is in his and the team's best interests. I think winning is more important to him than money in the short-term. 2. Dan Orlovsky has shown he is a capable back-up QB; Curtis Painter has shown he is not. So now we need to find a third-string QB who could be mentored (by Manning) into a starter in 3-5 years. There is no way to keep Manning and pay Andrew Luck (or another top pick) to sit on the bench for several years. 3. We need to re-sign Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis, and Reggie Wayne, preferably before the draft. We should also try to re-sign Dallas Clark, Pierre Garcon, and Jeff Saturday. 4. I would trade our #1 pick overall. We could probably get a player and/or multiple draft picks this year and next. Our immediate needs are running backs, defensive tackles, outside linebackers, offensive linemen, and cornerbacks; not all of this can be accomplished thru the draft. A running game is very important to take the pressure off the passing game, and to control the clock. 5. I would try to draft Chandler Harnish (QB, Northern Illinois Univ.) in the third or fourth round. He went to Norwell High School in the Bluffton, Indiana area. He is intelligent, set season and career records in both high school and college, and of outstanding character. He is a mobile QB, more in the mold of a Michael Vick or Tim Tebow; a real winner. He would be perfect for our third-string QB (this assumes Tim Tebow is not offered as part of a trade). 6. I would keep Jim Caldwell as Head Coach. This past season proved how valuable Manning is to the Colts, and no team could have overcome the loss of his Hall-of-Fame performance and leadership. You can't blame that on the coach. But I would try to get Jeff Fisher as Defensive Coordinator (and possible future Head Coach). All-in-all, the Colts are one of the best teams in the NFL. Bill Polian did a great job in evaluating talent, negotiating contracts, and balancing needs versus financing under the salary cap. He will be missed more than Jim Irsay can imagine.
  17. Where to begin, where to begin.... Step 1 - complete coaching overhaul Obviously, I haven't had any direct contact with the coaches, so I can't speak for most of the position coaches, but from what I've seen on the field, I recommend finding a new head coach (Jim Caldwell was NEVER qualified to be an NFL head coach), new coordinators across the board (already in motion), and new offensive line coach. The rest, I can't really say without knowing the coaches. Step 2 - rework Manning's contract Peyton has shown that he's been willing to rework his contract before and I can't see a single reason he wouldn't do it again. He missed the whole year and his future is still in question. That alone would possibly be enough, but it's not even the main reason he would restructure. We have some 16 players coming up to be free agents at the end of season, including his star receiver, two "other" receivers (garcon and gonzalez), long time center, and some key players on the other side of the ball. Quite frankly, if he takes up $35M on our salary cap, we can't afford to pay all those other guys and he's going to come back to a lesser team and likely struggle in the twilight years of his career. Step 3 - resign (some) of the free agents Must be signed (yep, there's only one): R. Wayne REALLY should be signed: J. Saturday R. Mathis P. Wheeler Preferably should be signed: P. Garcon E. Foster J. Lacey (because we have no depth) If the deal is right: A. Gonzalez J. Tamme Everyone else, I either haven't seen play so I can't rightly evaluate them, or should be let go (PLEASE get rid of Diem). Step 4 - trade the top pick You may think this step is predicated on step being successfully completed. However, I don't believe it is. You keep Peyton regardless (just don't tell him that!) for obvious reasons (he has been the foundation of the Colt's record-breaking franchise for over a decade and the fans LOVE him) and for not-so-obvious reasons (it sends a message to our fans that we want to win now, it sends a message to players that if you give us everything you've got, we're going to stick by you). Interestingly, I think this step does assume that you can get the right trade. In my mind, there are enough teams who desperately need a quarterback (ranging from the Redskins at pick no. 6 to the Titans at pick no. 20) to get a VERY favorable trade. Luck is the most sought after quarterback coming out of the draft in recent memory and those teams just might be wiling to trade virtually everything to get him. I'm thinking of a scenario along the lines of: Colts to give: 1st pick Miami to give: 8th/9th pick 2nd round 4th round 5th round 2013 1st round If you don't get the trade you're looking for, then you keep the pick and you draft Luck. Step 5 - build the future, without give up the present You may say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one...or crazy. If you traded the pick, you now have a top 10 pick, 2 - 2nd round picks, a whole lot of 3rd day picks (including compensatory picks from some of the free agents we will inevitably lose), and 2 - 1st round picks next year. Specifically the first 4 picks should at least have a shot to contribute immediately and all of them will help to build for the future. If done correctly, it should be a win, win. if you didn't trade the pick, you now have two franchise quarterbacks on your roster. No, I'm not under the delusion like many are that Manning and Luck can co-exist for an extended period of time, BUT Luck is the perfect insurance plan in case Manning never really comes back. Should Peyton come back at full strength to finish his career, then you sit Luck for a year to learn from the best and figure something out at the end of next year.
  18. Despite the pain of watching my favorite team lose week in and week out, this may have been the best timing for it. So what would I do with the GM job in Indy? 1. I would remove Jim Caldwell. He benefited from a system designed by a great coach in Tony Dungy and has not changed the philosophy that was in place when Dungy retired. This is why teams are still able to run in bunches and find the same gaps in the Cover-2 that they found 6 years ago. I would hire a strong defensive minded coach from the college ranks to lead the Colts. As long as Manning is calling shots on the offensive side of the ball, the head coach does not need to moniter it as closely. Good candidates for the position are Mark Stoops from Florida State, Chris Ash from Wisconsin, and of course Nick Saban or Les Miles. I would also look at Jeff Fisher and Sean McDermott. With a head coach change, there are bound to be other coaching changes as well. Those would be addressed after they were known. 2. I would rework the contract of Peyton Manning. He deserves to be the highest paid player in the league, but the gauranteed money would have to go. When he returns and plays at the caliber we all know that he can, then the money can be added as a bonus. If he would take a pay cut, that would be even better. I would play the angle that if he is willing to sacrifice some of his money, then we could pursue a marquee RB to take some of the pressure off of him and extend his playing years. 3. As far as the 2012 NFL Draft, there is no reason to take Andrew Luck. I would work with Miami on this one. The price for Luck...2012 and 2013 second round picks, 2013 third round pick, Reggie Bush, and Sean Smith. With the 2013 draft I would take Manti Teo, the best CB on the table, and the best DL on the table that is a runstopper. This year, I would look at Tyler Eifert in the draft and OL players that are seniors in their 4th or 5th year that have been protecting mobile QBs. They are quicker on their feet and have an easier time protecting the pocket for longer periods. 4. There are two QBs from the University of Notre Dame floating on teams that will never use them, Brady Quinn in Denver and Jimmy Clausen in Carolina. Instead of drafting a QB, I would do what I could to get one of them. My first choice would be Brady Quinn. If Denver would be willing to talk Pierre Garcon and draft picks for Quinn and McGahee, I would definitely take that trade. With Bush from Miami splitting time with McGahee, the Colts would have the best RB tandem in the league. Bush is also one of the best pass catching RBs in the league.
  19. If I were the Colts GM, obviously I'd start be re-signing Reggie Wayne and Robert Mathis. Wayne is still an able-bodied receiver (even though considered "old" by some) and still has the tenacity you see from young players. His ability to run routes, shake defenders, and be a playmaker is amazing. I'd hate to see us lose him like we did Harrison. As for Mathis, well I just don't think you get as great of numbers from Dwight Freeney unless you have Mathis to compliment him. Mathis equalizes the pressure from the other side so that QBs don't have any way out when being flushed out of the pocket. They are a two-man tandem that would be disastrous if split up. And now to our QB situation: I know most everyone wants to see us use the first round pick on Luck for obvious reasons, but maybe therein lies the problem. Its too obvious as a choice. The last QB with this much hype was Jamarcus Russell and look where that got the Raiders. Luck is a very Manning-esque QB; comfortable in the pocket, highly efficient on his throws, not much of a runner, intelligent on top of athletic. So say we draft him, then we get rid of Peyton (probably to the Redskins) and build the team around this young kid. Do we really think we're going to strike gold twice in the matter of 14 years? My thoughts are no. So case in point, why not go after a non-conventional QB that can completely revamp our offensive scheme and playbook? Why not do something that has NEVER been done in Indy, but could benefit the team? I say trade our 1st pick to the VIkings for their 1st, 2nd & 3rd round picks for this year, and their first pick for next year and let them draft Luck and we go after RGIII. He's completely different than what we've ever had, and with Peyton still there, he can work on his passing game. Say Manning is healthy, he plays most of the game, but we can throw RGIII in there for some wildcat style plays. Another thing I would try and revamp is our secondary. Don't get me wrong, Bethea is AMAZING (especially in Sunday's game when he STOOD UP Jones-Drew), but he can't do it by himself. We need some hard hitting, fast, quick thinking DBs & Safeties. Someone with Bob Sanders style, minus the injuries, that can help plug the holes so we can stop the run game. Just some of my thoughts:)
  20. i am wondering if i can put some cold hard numbers on what 'cant miss' means. odds of success if you will. i see two ways to do this, and a data set to check it on...maybe. suppose i look at the nfl and nba drafts in the past-- 1) how many 'cant miss' guys were annointed as such, and how did they do? 2) how many under the radar guys that became superstars are there? i know this still has 'squishy' part to it-- taking the familiar example of leaf and manning for example: do i call them both cant miss? or were there enough doubters on manning to say he was a suprise, not a cant miss? i think for my work, if they were 'obvious' number one picks, like leafy and manning were-- 1 and 1a if you will, i will prob call them 'cm'. maybe see if the word 'franchise' is used in talking about them..... it would be cool to have a minion that could do my legwork here-- find me a set of records from the past drafts and the 'scores' they had...... alas, no minions....unless i have any volunteers? polians last radio interview, he said he saw what, 4 cant missers? 2 qbs, a rb and someone else in this draft? toss all the 'cm' dudes in a pile, count the pile, and divide into 3 smaller piles-- guys that really were 'franchise', guys that were busts, and guys that were just good. i wonder what the number would be for the franchise guys? .500? .850?? .333? no way cant miss is 1.000, thus making it 'not quite cant miss' or 'usually cant miss'. would that number be any differnent between football and basketball? we could call it the manning to mandarich ratio-- m/m if you will. or do we prefer manning to leaf ratio? m/l. i think that might give us a way to at least handicap what luck (the player, not the fate!) might be. a way to price in the uncertainty of being franchise into our drafting. my gut impression is that there are a lot of leafs, mandariches, and odens not in that franchise pile. similarly, how many jordans and bradys are there? how often did the talent evade the scrutiny of 'those who know'?? neither of those guys were cant miss, were they? (or was jordan graded high enough to be a cant miss?, is there a source on how they were graded??). for that matter wasnt unitas completely under the radar? or can you widen it a bit, add in the freeneys and marinos too? i dont remember anyone liking freeney as a pick, and he has been franchise, no? so, i need to do some digging and see if i can do this....
  21. Replacing Bill Polian, a legend in the NFL, an icon. Tough challenge, firstly because it's been "his" team for 14 years, and i won't be easy making it "your" team. First off; the HC dilemma: Word on Twitter(and everywhere else) is that the players worked their butts off for Caldwell. Problem is, his game management leaves much to desire. However, I would do my best convincing him to be reassigned to his former job as a QB-coach, as P-Money and Caldwell has a great relationship. I would look for a defensive HC, Jeff Fisher will be coveted by a lot of teams, and he might be gone by the time you're hired as GM. Bill Cowher is another option, as P-Money clearly is an established QB. The outside pick, could be Rob Ryan from the Cowboys. Assuming Jeff Fisher is available, he would be my pick. He knows the team, the staff and his philosophy matches the roster. A change of scheme would be a nightmare, due to the player material. He would have his hands free to get the coordinators he wants, but i think a person like Mike Murphy would be allowed to keep his job as DC. He impressed late in the season, and he has huge knowledge of the cover-2. He would be a great guy to have around, at least in a transition period, as Fisher's scheme is similar in many ways, but the small o-line will be new to him, and an experienced hand would be a good thing. Clyde Christensen would be replaced. His playcalling this year has not been satisfactory. Problem is, he has strong ties to P-Money. I think i would be a little unorthodox. A name like Mike Martz, would be a nice addition in my opinion. Martz' pass heavy offense would match the skills of P-Money perfectly, and could become "the greatest show on turf" v2.0. Second big decision; The Peyton Manning situation: Actually, this is Jim Irsay's decision. I would keep him, this would be a great cornerstone on at team with a former DC as HC. P-Money can take care of the offense with Martz, and Fisher can start rebuilding the offense, making sure the next couple of seasons will be better than the one we just left. I truly think it's the right decision, and as Irsay have strong ties to him, i would be surprised if he leaves. Of course, this is assuming his health has been cleared by the medical staff. If he can't play 100%, he should be cut. Many propose a trade, but he has a 28 mil bonus march 8. so the decision has to be made before that, and the league doesn't allow trades until march 13. If he were to be cut or traded after march 8., it would be a cap suicide. "#Pleasepeytonplay" Third big decision; The Draft and the #1 overall Pick: I truly believe the right thing to do, is trading the pick to the highest bidder. According to Adam Schefter a trade would be worth 3 1st rounders and 2 2nd rounders. On top of that, the word on the street is that The Browns aren't sold on Colt McCoy, and could have luck on their radar. Again, this is Irsay's decision, but i believe it is the right choice. Assuming this trade goes through, it would give us 2 1st rounders and two 2nd rounders this year. This would be a huge boost to Fisher's new defense, and replace some of the FA's on offense. I won't put any names up, I'm not that experienced in the scouting world.(although as The Colts GM, i actually should be) next big decisions; Free Agency: I won't make a huge deal of this, as a lot of it depends on the draft. No matter what, i would do my best to keep Robert Mathis an Pierre Garcon. Payers like Jeff Saturday, Anthony Gonzalez, and Reggie Wayne, would be evaluated and compared to drafted players, and may be retained if the price is right. And then, your first season as the Colts GM would begin. If they did like i say, they'd probably go 0-16 but hey, this is just one amateur colts fans opinion.
  22. Being a new GM coming into Indianapolis there would be a significant evaluation time. First and formost I would have a sit down and evaluate each and every coach. In order for the team to grow and succed you need to lay out your plan for the future and make sure each coach is on board. If you find a coach that isnt qualified to help take the team in the direction you feel it is best to go, one of two things happen. I would have a meeting and lay all the cards on the table explaining what you would like to accomplish and try to get the coach on board. If that does not work, the coach would need to be replaced by someone on the same page as the GM. Second would be player evaluations. Be it contracts, health, and needs for the team to be competitive. Manning would be first on my list. In order to have an offensive leader, you must look heavily at Manning. A proven vet and team leader. Knowing what Manning can do on the field, the biggest obstical is his health. How does he look in practice and how do the doctors feel about his health. This will be a major deciding factor in who you draft and what positions in each round. Two outcomes will happen here. Either A. Manning is back to old form and is at 100% recovery or B. He is at 95% or cannot get back to old form. With each out come you msut decide what to do. A healthy Manning, if I were GM, would be our starting QB and draft a more raw prospect to learn under Manning loweer in the draft. If Manning cannot return and retires, I would draft Andrew Luck to replace Manning. Third, look at the vets with contracts ending. IE: Wayne, Mathis, Saturday. What do these player want in the way of a contract and money. I would let Wayne go. Mathis would be resigned. Saturday if he chooses to return would be resigned to a two year deal. Fourth... THE DRAFT! Alot will depend on Mannings health on how I would select in the draft. A healthy Manning will stay in Indy. But a QB would not be my first draft pick. My first darft pick would be a SS or CB. The defense has been on a downward spiral for years. The weakness lies in the secondary. Seal off WR and the guys such as Mathis/Freeney get pressure. That didnt happen on 2011. Second darft pick would be a back up QB to Manning. RG3?? Not sure yet. Would need to interview each potential canidate. Third draft pick would be an Offensive lineman. Fourth draft pick, special teams type player/WR Fifth, depending on who is left, ect.. This would be my starting point. Many things in the plan may change due to money, contracts, health, ect. Its a good starting point. With response to colt_fan: Alot is depending on Mannings health IMO. How many years do we think he can have playing at true Manning form. He could have another 5 solid years at quarter back. If that is the case, i dont think a person like Luck will sit that long. Now on the flip, drafting Luck could be smart incase Manning finds he cannot play up to par for years and only has 2 or less years of play left. In that case, you take Luck. I think he can sit for at the most 2 years. When the final evaluation comes for Manning and he is looking great.. solid passes short, medium, and long, putting the ball right where it needs to go, putting a real rip on the ball.. I feel taking a solid qb in the second round is the best option. One that can sit behind Manning and learn to be his replacement or to come in if he gets hurt. The Colts secondary this last year has proven weak. Taking a good CB or SS early will have an immediate positive. The colts also need to look at the FA more. Polian never seemed to look for filler or talent there. This need to be explored.
  23. If I were the Colts GM... My first step is to relieve Head Coach Jim Caldwell of his coaching duties. The rebuilding process begins in the front office and the coaching staff. There are several candidates available to begin interviewing. Let's first eliminate two popular names that won't be considered for the Colts head coaching vacancy. Jim Tressel: He is too hot right now. He is coming off the scandal at Ohio State University and questions of his moral character are being raised. We don't need a superstar coach. While he would no doubt bring a legion of followers to him, I don't believe this is a direction the Colts need to go. Tony Dungy: He has publicly said he does not want to coach. A list of head coaches I would consider are: Jeff Fisher, Bill Cowher, Mike Mularkey, Dom Capers, Mike Martz, Mike Sherman and Herman Edwards. After filing the head coach vacancy I would work closely with my new head coach and his staff to determine our draft strategy and resigning free agents. If Peyton Manning is healthy, he stays here. Free agency needs to be addressed. We have several big name players becoming free agents. Reggie Wayne, Robert Mathis, Jeff Saturday, and Pierre Garcon to name a few. Mathis and Garcon definitely get resigned, based off of pro bowl caliber season and youth, respectively. Wayne would ideally be resigned because he would not bring a top level compensatory pick . Let's keep our superstar WR in our house who will no doubt see a rise in production from a stable QB. Saturday is an anchor and long time member of our franchise. Unfortunately, the salary cap won't allow us to keep all of our players and Saturday is going into his 13th season. I believe building through the draft is how you build a winning franchise. This years draft is paramount to our success. With the #1 pick and obvious needs across the board, there is a of strategy to be considered. Almost immediately we would explore trade opportunities. Based off history of teams jumping up to get one guy and giving up several picks in the process, it would be foolish not to consider. Remember the Falcons giving up 5 picks for Julio Jones, the Saints giving up their entire draft for Ricky Williams, the Cowboys getting Dorsett for 4 picks, and the Colts giving up 4 players for Jeff George. Sometimes it works out, some times it doesn't. If a trade could be worked out for our #1 pick then we would go ahead and trade. Then we would look to take a young QB to mentor under Peyton Manning for ideally 1 or 2 seasons. We would also draft offensive lineman, defensive backs and will always be aware of impact players for the right price. If no draft trade can be worked out then we would go ahead and draft Andrew Luck. The upside of Luck is to great to pass on, even with RG3 on the board. It's tough for a #1 pick not to play right off the bat. When you have one of the greatest QBs of all-time, you can make this exception. History has shown that QBs taken first overall have about a 50/50 chance of true success. And they almost always play better when given a chance to sit and learn. Lastly, I would repair the strained relationship with local media. The fans and media of the Colts are what make this franchise great. They must be given a chance to be heard, to ask questions and voice concerns. Ultimately, the front office of the Colts will follow the lead of Jim Irsay, open and receptive to those who believe in blue. I will maintain a twitter and not tweet in cryptic, vague or lyrical nonsense.
  24. 065466

    What Would I Do?

    The first thing I would do is look at what works well on our team and what doesn't and then build or cut from there. Peyton is a great qb but as has been stated he can't win alone. Look at the players and support that are actively making a positive impact on the team overall and keep them and then build on from there. The Colts are a team and it takes a team of great players to get the championships. I believe working on a larger defensive line is a great place to start. We know that ours is not the biggest and we do have weaknesses there. As for the draft, to be honest, I don't really have enough knowledge to have an opinion on that. As a team our biggest concern should be how to work together cohesively to bring home the wins. 2012 brings a fresh start for us and we can use the draft to build on what we have...there are tough decisions to be made and the new staff will have to be able to make those decisions for the good of the team. We have some really awesome members on our team ...Dallas, Reggie, Peyton, Jeff S, Pierre, Dwight, Antoine ...I could go on for a while lol...but we need to capitalize on the strengths of our team and cut the ones that don't contribute to our success and then add new players that hopefully can fill the gaps and help lead our team to victory!! I bleed blue and I will support our team no matter what! But it will be nice when I can cheer and yell and hoop it up when we bring home the WINS!! This is my first ever blog so I hope that I have done it correctly. Please be patient with me :-)
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    1. Take the time to see if Peyton is really going to be healthy. 2. Take a look at and interview the other QB's in the draft. Decisions don't need to be made until after the combine. 3. If Peyton is healthy, and we don't see much drop off from Luck to the other QB's trade down. 4. Ideally trade down with Washington, get some extra picks and grab RG3 in Washington's spot. 5. Re-sign Robert Mathis, Re-sign Reggie Wayne. 6. Draft Secondary and O-line help. 7. Probably time to let Joseph Addai go. Donald Brown looks like he finally gets it. 8. If Luck really is a once in a generation QB, then draft him. Worse things could happen than having 2 greats on the same team. (We don't want to be one of those teams who's constantly looking for the next franchise QB.)
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