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  1. that's fear, uncertainty and doubt, a term used in stock picking circles about trying to extract something useful from what someone (say a competitor to your fave stock) says on record. 'its got warts' might be what the competitor says about your product-- when he cant compete on performance or price. all sorts of verbage out here from manning, irsay, polian for example-- is it all just hot air, or are there nuggets we can use? since i dont have real insider info, i have to sift all the stuff said by insiders (not reporters) for input. a real gm would be watching manning rehab, all i get is
  2. Congratulations to tfrugal He has won the If YOU were the General Manager Contest for this post Fud, Head Fakes, And Missdirection
  3. Wow, isn’t it interesting how a 2-14 team is suddenly the TOPIC of the Season? You must have something to say and we want to hear it! If you were the Colts GM... * What would your first steps be? * Who would you look to draft? * What are your biggest concerns for the 2012 season? * The topics are endless! Blog your answer here on forums.colts.com and you'll be entered to win an autographed Reggie Wayne photo! You can write whatever you want, just remember to tag your blog entry with "colts gm blog". (You tag entries in the text box below "Entry Tags" up at the top of your "Add Blog Entry" p
  4. ok, so i am the new gm of the colts.....bet this pays better than the old job does!! first, some boilerplate-- i dont have access to real game film, or true insider info. i will use (for now) cbs sportline as my database for my evaluation of potential players, because 1) i already read a lot there, and 2) the colts play on cbs. i have followed a lot of the conversations in the forum for a few years. certain posters have a lot of credibility in my view, and i wiil shamelessly steal from them every chance i get. i see the world thru fan-colored glasses. my experience with 'management' over the y
  5. I understand that at this time number one is not an option, but this was prepared prior to today's news. I also obviously lack opportunity to interview players and do not know fully salary cap implications or free agency status of everybody with the new CBA. However, this is a thumbnail sketch of how I would begin if I were GM. Feel free to laugh - I know I am only a fan. If I were GM of the Colts, I would…. 1. Pursue Jeff Fisher to coach the team. He has experience in building a successful team and near super bowl winning team. He is also someone Peyton Manning respects and would be wil
  6. ok, heavy is the head that wears the crown. internal doubt about 'am i doing the right thing' is making me sweat.... 'cant miss' verses riding my hall of famer QB into the sunset, whats the right thing?? already in imaginary gm world there is tension and friction-- bob kravitz has just wrote a column saying i am ruining the franchise, and have dandruff too. grrrrrr. i want to scream at him for not knowing what the heck he is talking about..... peyton is 'rehabbing' in my office in a titans jersey, jeff fisher just called-- not ME, but peyton. manning shows me a text from that weasel saying '
  7. Start off by firing jim caldwell. He never deserved a HC job in the nfl from the very beginning so right that wrong now. If we are moving in a new direction start there. Hire a defensive minded coach because peyton pretty much handles the offense anyway and DEFENSE WINS !!! If peyton is healthy which I believe he will be then he should be our quarterback until he retires. He has done more for indy that probably almost any quarterback in history. 4 time mvp. Super bowl champion. That's my quarterback. With the first pick... I would trade it for as many draft picks/players I could. Peyton has b
  8. First line of business would be to hire a new defensive coordinator and special teams coordinator. Caldwell would keep his job based off his relationship with manning and his willingness to allow Manning g his offensive freedom. Bringing in a new coach could disrupt Manning's freedom on the field and in practices. A defensive coach with a more aggressive attitude would've found. I would look for a special teams coach with special teams onfield experience whom can help kick returnees identify when to run when fair catch the ball. Tressel would be brought down to help Caldwell with coaching
  9. If I was the Colts GM.... The Draft: If I was the GM I would NOT draft Andrew Luck. I personally like Morris Clayborn from LSU but he is not a top 5 pick... Or at least not yet. If his position stays the same I would trade the fist pick and aquire a pick to pick him up with a first round pick for next year and the year after that and maybe another lower pick as well. Most people only see the QB problem we have but that is not the only problem, we desperately need some help in the secondary. Would I draft a QB, definently. Who would I draft? I would need to look at some that are pro
  10. Peyton Manning isn't going anywhere. The media love the idea of Peyton being traded or released as a "story", but it's a non-story because it's not going to happen. If Peyton can still play, he'll be a Colt. If he can't play, he'll retire, and gradually move into a role with the Colts as a consultant or QB coach, moving him toward being an Offensive Coordinator eventually, and maybe Head Coaching down the road if he wants to go that route. But he isn't getting released or traded. Jim Irsay is an owner who knows and understands his fan base.And he knows that Peyton Manning IS the Colts for fans
  11. The path forward on this hinges on Peyton's health. If he can still throw the ball reasonably well (say 30- 40 yards with good velocity and his usual, near precise accuracy), then that would be acceptable to me to call him "healthy" for the discussion to follow; Assuming he is healthy, I believe he will be a great quarterback for 3-5 more years. At that point, he becomes more of a "sure thing" than any other option available. Therefore, point 1 = I keep him as my starting quarterback. Next step, what to do with the first pick. I am certain Andrew Luck will be a good NFL quarterback. Will he be
  12. I would draft RG3 (Robert Griffn III) instead of Luck. Sign some offensive line men with some experience. I would keep Manning and Painter. I would release Kerry Collins and Dan Orlovsky, I would look into a WR to replace wayne when he retires.
  13. Granted, I'm fairly new to football, and it's always easier to coach or mange a team from your couch. But if I were the Colts' GM I would consider long term strategies to get the team back on its feet. Some such strategies would include: a) Enticing Payton Manning to sign on as either head coach, or offensive coach. Yes, he's a great quarterback, but at this point, the few years we could have with him playing aren't worth ignoring long term goals. For long term, he'd better serve the team (and probably himself) by coaching and grooming less experienced players. b) Drafting Andrew Luck an
  14. A GM's job is to put talent on the field, coaches on the sideline and Lombardi's in the trophey case. That said, I don't see the need for a lengthy rebuilding process here. I see Peyton back next year at 100%, and I see him playing at a high level the next 3-4 years. I would NOT draft his backup this year, I would cut Painter and Collins and keep Orlovsky. I don't see Caldwell as a Super Bowl coach. He's a little too conservative, and when you're playing for keeps, he keeps disappointing. I would interview Fisher and Gruden, both have expressed the desire to coach Manning, and both seeme
  15. I have been a Colts fan since the day I was born. As a Maryland native, the Colts were my home team, and to me they always will be. I am blue and true until the day I die. I rise and fall with this team every year and have since I understood the game of football. Having said that, I guess it's apparent that with anyone that follows a sports team so intensely it's only natural for them to have their own thoughts, views, and opinions. And if I were in position to pull the strings as the Colts GM, there are several topics that need to be addressed this off-season. First off, I wiould have to make
  16. 1. Peyton Manning should have a job with the Colts for "life", period. When he is no longer able to play, he should be the QB Coach and/or Offensive Coordinator. But I'm pretty sure that is several years down the line. He will do whatever it takes to get back on the field in 2012. As far as the bonus coming up in March, I would try to re-negotiate it to ensure a quality team will be available to back him up; that is in his and the team's best interests. I think winning is more important to him than money in the short-term. 2. Dan Orlovsky has shown he is a capable back-up QB; Curtis Pai
  17. Where to begin, where to begin.... Step 1 - complete coaching overhaul Obviously, I haven't had any direct contact with the coaches, so I can't speak for most of the position coaches, but from what I've seen on the field, I recommend finding a new head coach (Jim Caldwell was NEVER qualified to be an NFL head coach), new coordinators across the board (already in motion), and new offensive line coach. The rest, I can't really say without knowing the coaches. Step 2 - rework Manning's contract Peyton has shown that he's been willing to rework his contract before and I can't see a single reason h
  18. Despite the pain of watching my favorite team lose week in and week out, this may have been the best timing for it. So what would I do with the GM job in Indy? 1. I would remove Jim Caldwell. He benefited from a system designed by a great coach in Tony Dungy and has not changed the philosophy that was in place when Dungy retired. This is why teams are still able to run in bunches and find the same gaps in the Cover-2 that they found 6 years ago. I would hire a strong defensive minded coach from the college ranks to lead the Colts. As long as Manning is calling shots on the offensive side of th
  19. If I were the Colts GM, obviously I'd start be re-signing Reggie Wayne and Robert Mathis. Wayne is still an able-bodied receiver (even though considered "old" by some) and still has the tenacity you see from young players. His ability to run routes, shake defenders, and be a playmaker is amazing. I'd hate to see us lose him like we did Harrison. As for Mathis, well I just don't think you get as great of numbers from Dwight Freeney unless you have Mathis to compliment him. Mathis equalizes the pressure from the other side so that QBs don't have any way out when being flushed out of the pocket.
  20. i am wondering if i can put some cold hard numbers on what 'cant miss' means. odds of success if you will. i see two ways to do this, and a data set to check it on...maybe. suppose i look at the nfl and nba drafts in the past-- 1) how many 'cant miss' guys were annointed as such, and how did they do? 2) how many under the radar guys that became superstars are there? i know this still has 'squishy' part to it-- taking the familiar example of leaf and manning for example: do i call them both cant miss? or were there enough doubters on manning to say he was a suprise, not a cant miss? i think for
  21. Replacing Bill Polian, a legend in the NFL, an icon. Tough challenge, firstly because it's been "his" team for 14 years, and i won't be easy making it "your" team. First off; the HC dilemma: Word on Twitter(and everywhere else) is that the players worked their butts off for Caldwell. Problem is, his game management leaves much to desire. However, I would do my best convincing him to be reassigned to his former job as a QB-coach, as P-Money and Caldwell has a great relationship. I would look for a defensive HC, Jeff Fisher will be coveted by a lot of teams, and he might be gone by the time you'
  22. Being a new GM coming into Indianapolis there would be a significant evaluation time. First and formost I would have a sit down and evaluate each and every coach. In order for the team to grow and succed you need to lay out your plan for the future and make sure each coach is on board. If you find a coach that isnt qualified to help take the team in the direction you feel it is best to go, one of two things happen. I would have a meeting and lay all the cards on the table explaining what you would like to accomplish and try to get the coach on board. If that does not work, the coach would need
  23. If I were the Colts GM... My first step is to relieve Head Coach Jim Caldwell of his coaching duties. The rebuilding process begins in the front office and the coaching staff. There are several candidates available to begin interviewing. Let's first eliminate two popular names that won't be considered for the Colts head coaching vacancy. Jim Tressel: He is too hot right now. He is coming off the scandal at Ohio State University and questions of his moral character are being raised. We don't need a superstar coach. While he would no doubt bring a legion of followers to him, I don't believe
  24. 065466

    What Would I Do?

    The first thing I would do is look at what works well on our team and what doesn't and then build or cut from there. Peyton is a great qb but as has been stated he can't win alone. Look at the players and support that are actively making a positive impact on the team overall and keep them and then build on from there. The Colts are a team and it takes a team of great players to get the championships. I believe working on a larger defensive line is a great place to start. We know that ours is not the biggest and we do have weaknesses there. As for the draft, to be honest, I don't really have en
  25. Bshultz

    Gm Blog

    1. Take the time to see if Peyton is really going to be healthy. 2. Take a look at and interview the other QB's in the draft. Decisions don't need to be made until after the combine. 3. If Peyton is healthy, and we don't see much drop off from Luck to the other QB's trade down. 4. Ideally trade down with Washington, get some extra picks and grab RG3 in Washington's spot. 5. Re-sign Robert Mathis, Re-sign Reggie Wayne. 6. Draft Secondary and O-line help. 7. Probably time to let Joseph Addai go. Donald Brown looks like he finally gets it. 8. If Luck really is a once in a generation QB, then draf
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