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First impression



For the first time in a looooooooooong time, I watched a Colts game and really wasn't sure what I would see. To say there are questions that need to be answered would be a major understatement. I really think scores of pre season games shouldn't even be counted, that's how meaningless it is, it's always better to win any game than to lose, but if a team doesn't accomplish what they need to accomplish, what's the point? I saw about what I expected to see............

Offense: I would say Luck one of the 10 best QB's in the NFL, right now.....the only thing keeping him out of the top 5 is experience and proving himself, he is not going to play like a rookie and he showed that. Stanton and Harnish seemed to be quite capable, that's a first....3 quality QB's.

The running backs individually don't impress, but as a group, they all bring something different to the mix and as a group, should be very good, Brown seems to get better and better, each year, at becoming a play maker, he may not ever see a 1,000 season, but he can make plays and that will be a big plus.

I felt the WR's were a strength , before the draft and now have a great group of weapons with a good mix of versatility and options, the passing game will be lights out!!

I always focus on the O-line and really wanted to see how they were going to perform, they seemed to get better as the game went on, but need to be better than what they showed in that game.

Didn't see much of the new tight end-featured offense.

Defense: What I expected was a sup par unit and what I saw was a sub par unit, that is based on what little time the first teamers were playing,there is still time to gell and get used to the new schemes, I just really don't expect to see that this year, the only way that will happen for for every single player to play above and beyond, that's not very realistic.

Special teams: weren't all that special, but.................they weren't bad, so that counts as an upgrade.

What I expected to see was a very good offensive team and a defense that isn't there yet and that's what I saw, the special teams can help keep games close with really good play, one game really isn't much to go on, but with all the off season moves there were plenty of eyes focused on this team and how it would perform, the result was very impressive, but it's how the 53 men who make this club perform vs the opposing 53, that really matter and not how players 54-90 play vs the opposing 54-90, regardless of how it happened and who did it, it was a great effort and a nice win.......congrads to the entire group who have been working hard to get this team where it needs to be

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I agree. But I think that this game was great and much needed by the team and the fans. It's going to be an interesting season

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Hopefully we can build on this. Not necessarily the victory but the structure - schemes, personel and such. Good one Colts7.

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