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Seriously horrible



Just saw on social media that a Steeler fan was told by the head coach of all things that he either wears a Luck jersey or he gets escorted out! I cant even begin to explain all the things wrong with that! First this is America, and people can wear whatever they want, and not have to worry about getting kicked out. I am a diehard Steeler fan, Pirate fan, Penguin fan, and panther fan, and I have been to camps and games and have seen countless people wearing their favorite teams jersys, and maybe a little razing went on but nothing like your stupid new head coach! The guy should have taken that jersey and threw it on the ground! Nothing gets a true Steeler fan out of his jersey! And nothing should! The Colts and their new coach are just trying to get some kind of headlines that isnt Andrew Luck, and this worked. For as much as Colts fans want to believe they are a good football team they are not! Manning was your whole team and it was only proven last year! And proven in a big way!! All the LUCK in the world is not goona help say your next five yeas at least! So hope you and your coach like the headlines for something stupid as all get out!! Steelers have class, Steelers have cooth and if a Colts fan wants to come to a real camp please let me know and I will go with you! You wear your Luck jersey and I will wear my Harrison and we will sit together and I will explain to you how a superbowl quality team is made year after year after year after year after year with more that just one player on our roster!!!!!! Here we go Steelers here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Well, I can see where that might upset a fan but the guy seemed to take it in good humor. And he got a free jersey. I wasn't there so I don't know how exactly it went down.

However, I will say that I was at the AFC championship game in Pit......wearing colts gear and I feared for my life. Steeler fans threw fire at our bus.........after they won.

I realize not all Steeler fans are like this and likely alcohol induced but.... not all fans are very nice.

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Steelers have class? I loved that line. I dont even want to start listing questionable choices made by some of your representatives.

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*- You have no clue as to what took place. It was a joke that was played on the Steeler fan by his friend and the coach. The Steeler fan got to meet a couple of coaches after practice and got a free Luck jersey that he gave to his friend. It would be smart for you to know you're facts before running you're uninformed mouth. The steeler fan was told he would be escorted out by a joking Pagano. It was all done and said in fun with a touch of sarcasm. How dare you talk about the Colts fans after the way outside fans are treated in Pittsburgh. I was there a few years ago for a game and got threatened and had beer and trash thrown on me.

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No need to hate over a game. Like Jim Irsay said about the hate....I got nothing but love for you in return.

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No worries he'll shut his pie hole after he sees what a good season we will have. I expect 5 to 6 wins and that would be great for a team that has completely overhauled. Like the others said it was in jest and good fun, get your facts together.

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Wow, you would think that a Steelers fan would have more things to worry about than this, with an aging quarterback, diminished front line and aging defense.... just saying

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Why in the world would a Steelers fan want to come to our camp anyways? I would believe he was there to draw attention to himself by wearing the disgusting Steelers jersey. You are correct by saying that no real Steelers fan would change jerseys, but this guy is like the rest of the steelers fans.

As far as building a superbowl team year after year, they might just as long as you guys dont play Tebow again. LOSERS ,Fear the towel, LOL

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Back in the day, a 'friend' of mine went into a local Indy bar in a Packer jersey. This just happened to be where about 15 Colts players hung out with fans and had fun.

He went up to former Colt Linebacker and said he thought he was a great player, and he was proud that he played for 'his' Packers. The initials of said LB were BK. He picked the guy up over his head and placed him comfortably on the ground outside the bar.

I for one love watching the Steelers play. I have never been a fan, but love their play. I think this fan was "Lucky" to get a jersey.....back in the day, players like BK would have picked him up and set him outside the friendly confines of the Anderson complex. These are facts :)

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