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Where everyone knows your name?



How soon they forget.... last 5 year trend : wins: 13,12, 14, 10, 2. Post season appearances: 4.

Now all we hear is 2 - 14, scoring rank: 15.2 avg for 28th in the league, Total yards: 286.8 Rank 30th, Rushing : 99.6 Avg: 26th in League, Passing avg: 187.2 : 27th in league, 3rd down % 34.6 Rank 23rd. Defense, we won't go there.

Everything we do is gauged on our last performance, in sports, and, in life. Latest reports say: Luck takes over a " Cobbled together team" with only one friendly face.

The Media is like that bully in school, you mess up once, they never let you forget it.

Scandals, bounty's, contract problems, practice no show's, locker rooms outta control...news, guess not.

COLTS projected to " LEARN EACH OTHERS NAMES" this year, and to get another first round pick next year. We shall see.., we shall see...


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"We shall see . . . we shall see"

:) Love this! Yep . . . going to be an exciting year. I am so ready for some football.

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Agree 100%!! I dont know why "they" hate on the Colts so much. Its like no matter what they do its never good enough. It always seems to go back to "the move in the middle of the night" that people point sarcasm at, which if they took time to read the facts would understand there are 2 sides to that story. But yes you are right, this franchise gets no respect but thats ok, we believe in blue..always have, always will! GO COLTS!

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