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The twelve's: so nice you gave em a nickname... or not...



Some of you may love em, other's not so much. They took the field you cheered. They set up the plays that won the game:

BROADWAY Joe "Namath" , commercials, and kisses from the honey's

Terry the " BLOND BOMBER" Bradshaw, some thought " not so smart" warrior, you bet.

Aaron " BELTULA" Rodgers: the back up that really made a LEAP at LAMBEAU .

Special COLTS fan favorite: TOM TERRIFIC BRADY, aka , CALIFORNIA COOL 5th round draft pick, guess he rose to the occasion.

Enter # 5 on the list of NUMBER 12'S.

Now comes: Andrew "THE PROBLEM SOLVER" Luck. Aka The Revolutionary, the uncanny, the captivator.

Andrew, what shall be your nickname?? Can't wait for the big reveal at about week 10......


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