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A look at the roster for 2012 (DB/summary)



CB: Powers-J.King-Vaughn-Rucker-Johnson-Thomas

Powers is the only proven big time talent in this group, King and Vaughn were good additions adding some much needed experience, the hope is that the other 3 will all take it up a notch, benefitting from the reps they got last year.

S: Bethea-Zbikowski-Lefeged-Caldwell-Hines

Bethea has been the glue in the secondary for years and is one of the leagues best, Zbikowski will quickly become a fan favorite and a solid player, The 2 young guys have looked good and should improve.

Special teams:

K-P-LS: Vinatieri-McAfee-Snow

Adam and McAfee provide the Colts with a major edge with both being among the leagues better players at their positions. McAfee rebounded from a subpar 2nd year and should continue to get better. Snow (as of now) will be back for his 13th year! There are quite a few potential returners in the mix and this should be a plus for a team that hasn't had a good one in years and there is always hope with the new coach that even the coverage units will be .....better.

summary: the offense is in decent shape with the noted expectations of some of the new players........... the defense.......... there is some bigtime talent (playing new positions),very little proven depth, in a 16 game season, without depth, unless you are really lucky ( injury wise) you will get exposed, adding a new system to that mix, I expect the defense to have their share of struggles, if everyone is healthy and plays their a-game, I still think it will be overmatched.......... the special teams, for the first time, in a very long time, should be a major plus and it will be needed

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If we accomplish nothing else, I sincerely hope we are able to return the ball for crying out loud!

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I think we all agree that everyone must step up, some a 1/2 step others a step or two but everyone must take their game to a new level. Go Colts!


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Powers isn`t a big time talent. He has been ok/pretty good in the passive cover two when healthy. IMO.

Will he be good at the more aggressive man to man often required in this new defense.

No reason at this time to expect him to be "big time" in man to man.

Cross our fingers.

We had absolutely NOTHING in our return game last year. Never seen any Team worse.

Hopefully we can be good at it going forward. It is a Big Deal.

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when Powers came out as a rookie, he played pretty good ( better than a rookie) I expected big things from him, going forward, injuries have contributed to it, but he hasn;t really lived up to that yet, although, the second half of the season, he did look like he was getting there....I thought he had Pro Bowl potential coming in, prob isn't ever going to make it, but.................

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The special teams, the return game in particular, was my biggest beef with the old regime. It was stated not alot of emphasis was put on it by design and it showed. I`m so glad to see the Colts are building to be a complete team now , alot of reasons to be excited

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