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Your Ignore Preferences




ig·nore/igˈnôr/ Verb:

  • Refuse to take notice of or acknowledge; disregard intentionally: "he ignored her question".

There are some people that you may not get along with..........no matter what. When that's the case, we ask that you not conduct your arguments in public.

You do have options for ignoring and blocking their content from your view.

Ignoring them is a helpful choice to make........for everyones sake.

So check out your Ignore Preferences (My Settings/Ignore Preferences)

To add someone to your list, just type their name and put a check beside what you don't want to see from them. (click on the image below to see a larger view of the Ignore Preferences settings)


If you chose to ignore their posts, it will be as though they are not posting at all. You will just not see any post by them.

If you choose to ignore their personal messages, they will not be able to send a message to you at all.


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So sad you even have to post this. I just skip past them and read something else.

True, but sometimes people get really irritated with each other and there is just no resolving it any other way

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