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New Look & New Integration with Colts.com



blog-0394723001334156946.jpgColts Fans are an important part of Colts.com, so we've made some changes to reflect that.

Effective today, logging in to the forums and logging in to colts.com are one in the same

In other words, in order to comment on articles on colts.com, you must be a member of our forums and also agree to our code of conduct.

The very cool thing about this is, that colts.com articles appear here in a new forum called Colts.com News.

If you post a comment to an article on colts.com, that post will appear both beneath that article and also here on the forums in the Colts.com News forum along with your profile Picture and a link to your profile page.

Also, as part of our tighter integration with colts.com, we have a new look. Our site layout and colors now mirror what you see on the article pages (for example here: http://www.colts.com...18-55caf884ecd0 )

FURTHERMORE: Our members posts appear on colts.com in another couple of different ways

As always you can join or log in with your facebook or twitter accounts as well.

Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions.


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I knew that you would have posted information about this somewhere, but I had to search high and low through-out the site before stumbling on this explanation because of everything on the right side of the page having been replaced by advertising. I'd find the irony amusing if the totality of the changes weren't so depressing.

In short, I'm having trouble appreciating any of the "benefits" of the integration, but I could list several things about it that rub me the wrong way. Does anyone at colts.com honestly think that this improves the user experience?

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Yeah, another change and this time it's difficult to find things between the ads and I agree with Mac as to the benefits of the change. I'm sure in the long run it will be ok but just now it took a couple of minutes to find one of my own posts so how easy will it be to find someone elses?

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Thanks for the informative blog Spent awhile fumbling around trying to figure out what happened and where everything went to. Then got a reply to status telling me this blog was here. Liked the old Forum page with a bit of everything on it, but was used to it and sure we will all get used to the "New and Improved"

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My only deal is things moving on the screen. I know advertising partners are sooooo important. It is hard to concentrate, but the Colts.com change looks good. I wish we could delete within a few minutes of posting on both sites.

Thank you for the blog Maureen.

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we will work on a new home page that gives you guys what you want

All things in due time

In the mean time, everything you are talking about is available via the main menu

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Maureen - sorry for the tone of my earlier comments - it's really not that big a deal. Subjectively, the appearance is nice, and the "most liked" link is cool - I just didn't like everything being awkwardly compressed to the left side of the page, nor the implication that advertising was going to be made a priority over user comfort. Oh, and the "missing links". lol.

But I came here yesterday in the middle of making phone calls to set up multiple repair people to address some problems with my house. I've got a variety of unpleasant things going on, and perhaps I wasn't in the right mood for the "surprise" here. But whatever it is, it is, I'm still here.

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