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How Fun. I don't personally know anyone from our area drafted this year.. I know that there was a "local" drafted in the 2nd round, Jerel Worthy to Green Bay. We still have several "locals" currently playing in the NFL. About six years ago several from our local city were drafted (I think around 2006.??) And are all still very active, Nick Mangold (Jets) AJ Hawk (Packers) and Mike Nugent (Cincy) It's always fun for me to watch hometown boys that we watched play High School, and then college (they all were at OSU together) make it Big in the NFL.

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My buddies in the Indy area got Basketball deals. The man I pressed as a freshman starred in Hoosiers......I played Pagano's D in basketball!

Indianapolis was my home town....Thousands....of players.

WOW! Thanks MIColtsFan.....I have played basketball and baseball....football........so many names and memories....

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The closest I can come is Chandler Harnish. He isn't from my hometown, but he lives fairly close and I have two nieces who went to school with him.

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