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Wonder How Many Saints Players Will Be Punished?



I would hate to take a guess. But I say that the number. Will be very, very high. On the Bounty Gate thing. As the players and suspensions will come mainly from nearly all of the defense. If not, ALL OF THEM. As it seems that the suspensions and fines are going to be handed down to them. And very hard one might add.


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I don't think to many would be punished, or any... Goodell wanted to teach a lesson to the whole League, that nasty means aren't allowed as long as he is the sheriff in the town. Perhaps some defensive players, who were involved int the bounty and are still player of Saints may be punished in a way, but large scale genocide shouldn't be expected... IMO Saints were already hard punished by loosing 2nd round picks, HC, etc. (they have deserved it well), more punishment would be unjustifiable.

The real punishment for them in my opinion, loosing the sympathy they received after Catherina.

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Have to agree with my fried HCF, don't think there will be a lot in way of punishment for players. Team took some big penalties and Goodell sent his message out. Possible some fines, but any suspensions widespread or other would cause havoc to the team and fielding a team which he surely doesn't want and the fans don't deserve

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I have not been paying close attention. Were any specific players heavily rewarded as far as the public knows?

I say they give that money to the NFL as well

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Brees said in an interview yesterday that he did not see any evidence of merit for the players specifically. There is tons of evidence for the management, coaches, but wonder what specifics they may have on players. I hate the whole thing and think the coach/management punishments are warranted, but I'm not sure about individuals who were doing what they were told for their job...there is a fine line there..what if they said NO? interesting.

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