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How the roster will shape up



QB: Luck-Hasselbeck
RB: Gore-Ballard-Herron
TE: Fleener-Allen
WR: Hilton-Johnson-Dorsett-Moncrief-Carter
C: Harrison-Holmes
G: Mewhort-Herremans-Thortan-Thomas
T: Castonzo-Cherlius-Reitz


NT: Chapman-Hughes-Kerr
DE: Langford-Anderson
OLB: Mathis-Cole
ILB: Jackson-Muamba
ILB: Freeman-Irving
OLB: Walden-Newsome-Werner
CB: Davis-Butler
CB: Toler-Smith
S: Adams-McDonald
S: Lowery-Geathers


P: McAfee
K: Vinatieri
LS: Overton


Those are the players I feel will (almost) certainly make the team, if healthy, that is 48, there is a 53 man roster, that leaves 5 openings, there are always going to be injuries and that will open some spots, these are the most promising players left and really most of them are deserving of a spot:


RB: Robinson-Tipton-Varga
WR: V.Brown-Whalen
TE: Doyle-Swoope
G: Heenan-Louis
T: Good-Ulrick
DT: Quarles
OLB: Adongo-Hodges-C. Johnson
ILB: Herrera
CB: Celiscar-Price
S: Anderson-Guy


There are many factors that come into play...versatility, there needs to be a certain amount at each position, special teams play, age, to name a few....4 CB's won't be enough and there really aren't any with much experience to pick from, Celiscar has had a good spring, so I will go with him, even 5 CB's probably isn't enough, but the pickings are few. There are some good looking rookies that most likely will end up on the practice squad...Robinson-Varga-Good-Hodges-Herrera, the good thing is the practice squad has been raised to 10 players. Robinson could beat out Herron for a backup spot. There are a couple of projects ( Adongo and Swoope) that sooner, than later, have to show they are ready to produce. I am hearing good things about Swoope, so I will go with him for the 2nd spot. Due to the injury concern with Cherilus and the overall weakness at O-line, I am going with Heenan and Ulrick with the 3rd and 4th spots. It comes down to Adongo-C. Johnson or Anderson, for the final spot, OLB is pretty loaded up and safety isn't and Anderson was 1 of the better special team players last year, so I will go with him.Herrera could beat out Muamba for a spot. It's still very early and many things will come into play before the season starts, injuries will happen, some of the young guys will make themselves "necessary" and make the roster, but the bottom line is there really aren't many openings for spots.

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