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The NFL H.O.F. is missing a few (many) players



Just like anything, who's the best QB ever, best RB,etc, it's a matter of opinion and cases can be made for many-who deserves to be in the NFL Hall of Fame? As it stands, there is a select group of people who decide that and from I have seen from the media who cover sports, that should probably be changed, in baseball there are actually people who did not think Babe Ruth was Hall of Fame worthy-he did not get 100% of the votes, nobody ever has-Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Ted Williams-nobody. I have my own criteria, using 10 years as a gauge, many players play 12-14-16 years, but generally the first few and last few aren't all that productive (there are always exceptions) so 10 solid-productive years seems legit. There is a definate link between Super Bowl/Championship (pre Super Bowl era) victories and the HOF, probably as much as, if not more than Pro bowl/All star (before Pro bowl) appearances. I think any player who has a combination of 5 Super Bowl/Championship wins and/or Pro Bowl/All star appearances should be considered for the HOF, my thought process is that half of their "meaningfull" career, they were one of the best at their position in the NFL. any player with 6 , should get serious consideration and any player with 7 , or more, should be in the HOF. Listed below are some of the players who are in the HOF and their totals:


Mel Blount-5 Pro bowls/4 championships
Herb Adderly- 5/3
Dave Casper-5/1
Sam Huff 5/1
Jimmy Johnson 5/0
Jackie Smith 5/0
Dwight Stephenson 5/0
Andre Tippett 5/0
Russ Grimm 4/4
Joe Jacoby 4/3
Richard Dent 4/2
Fred Dean 4/2
Dan Hampton 4/1
Dave Robinson 3/3


Most of these players would qualify, under my criteria, but there are some who wouldn't, yet, they are in the HOF.


There are several Colts who I feel need to be added to the HOF:


Chris Hinton 8/0
George Kunz 8/0
Bob Vogel 6/1
Ray Donaldson 6/1
Mike Curtis 5/1
Dwight Hicks 4/2


The list of players from the rest of the league would fill another page, but here is a list of some of the most overlooked:


Jim Tyrer 10/1
Walt Sweeney 9/0
Rueben Brown 9/0
Steve Atwater 8/2
Lamar Parrish 8/0
Johnny Robinson 7/3
Andy Russell 7/2
Lomas Brown 7/1
Robert Brazille 7/0
Jay Hilgenberg 7/0
Jon Morris 7/0
Dennis Harrah 7/0
Randy Gradishar 7/0
Jerry Mays 7/0
Ed Budde 7/0
Winston Hill 7/0
L. C. Greenwood 6/4
Nate Newton 6/3
Cliff Harris 6/2
Bob Kuechenberg 6/2
Neil Smith 6/2
Chuck Howley 6/1
John Niland 6/1
Darren Sharper 6/1
Bob Talamini 6/1
Jerry Kramer 5/5
Donnie Shell 5/4
Emmitt Thomas 5/3
Bart Oates 5/3
Jay Novacheck 5/3
Guy McIntire 5/3


There is easlly another 70-80 players a case could be made for and that's not counting guys who have retired in the past few years,there are always going to be deserving players who are left out and some of them just haven't been got to yet, but based on the stats of players who are already in the HOF, most of those guys on that list, need to be there too. I know there is already a backlog of players who are going to be inducted, at some point, including several Colts, there only 2 players in the entire history of the NFL who had more receptions than Harrison had and only 10 that have rushed for more yards than James and they are still waiting (???????)

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