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Undrafted free agents



As usual there are some really good looking players in this group, some of them sound better than the guys that were drafted and makes you wonder why at least a few them....went undrafted.

QB: Bryan Bennett-S E Louisiana-6'2-211-4.7

Great athlete, duel threat QB who had 3165 yds passing and over 1,000 yds rushing his Jr season before getting injured, had the strongest throwing arm at the combines, tranferred to SE Louisiana, from Oregon, after losing his job to #2 overall pick M. Mariota,compared to Johnny Manziel

Not drafted: very inconsistent and erratic

highest rating: #9 QB (6/7 rd)....average rating: #11 QB (7th rd/free agent)

RB: Tyler Varga-Yale-5'11-222-4.5

Physical and explosive complete RB ( very good runner-receiver-blocker) 1,423/6.1/22 Td's as a Sr, excelled at the Sr. Bowl with 2 Td's and was a team captain

not drafted: Competition level ( Ivy league)

high: #18 (6/7 rd)...avg: #18 (6/7 rd)

TE: Jean Sifrin-Massachusetts-6'6-250-4.6

All-Conference player who led team with 42-642-6 during only season as a player

not drafted: competetion level-age (27) raw

high: #13 TE (6/7 rd)....avg: # 13 (6/7 rd)

TE: Justin Linz-Purdue-6'4-250

Had 41-340-4, as a JR

not rated

WR; Ezell Ruffin-S.D. State-6'0-218-4.6

big body WR, was 68-1136, as a JR, good blocker

not rated

WR; Qwan Bray-Auburn-5'10-195-4.4

2nd in nation as a punt returner ( 18.1 avg)

not rated

C;Brandon Vitabile-Northwestern-6'3-310-5.1

4 year starter and 2 time team captain

high: #8 C ( 7th rd)...avg: #9 (7th/free agent)

not drafted: does not have physical tools teams look for

DE/OLB; Cody Galea-S.D. State-6'3-255

played DE in college, will be situational player, unless he can play OLB

not rated

DE/OLB; Terrell Hartfield-Cincinnati-6'3-246

led conference with 9 sacks as Sr

not rated

LB: Junior Sylvester-Toledo-6'0-233-4.5

very fast,undersized LB, 2 time All-conference, had 186 tackles and 5 sacks (final season) possible move to S

not drafted: size and comp. level

only rating: # 21 LB (7th rd)

LB: Zack Hodges-Harvard-6'3-250-4.6

3 time All-conference,2 time Defensive MVP and 1 time All-american, 8.5 sks ( final season) played in the Sr. bowl, has the physical tools

not drafted: Comp.level, needs to find a position, possible move to ILB

high: #8 LB ( 3/4 rd)....avg: # 16 (6/7 rd)

DB: Donald Celiscar-W. Michigan-5'11-194-4.6

Very physical,agressive and productive DB with very good ball skills, All-conference

not drafted: size/speed and comp. level

high: #28 CB ( free agent)....avg: #31 (free agent)

CB: Joshua Mitchell-Nebraska-5'11-173

team captain, weight listed as low as 160 lbs

not rated

CB: Al-Hajj Shabazz-West Chester-6'2-200

very big sized CB, played Division 2, All-conference, possible move to S

not rated

S; Robert Smith-Clemson-5'11-215

not rated

Most of these guys have something that stands out and something that held them back. I just read that as a group they were rated as the 5th best in the NFL, alot better than the drafted players were rated. We really didn't have many major needs, so it's going to be very hard for any of these guys to make the roster on a team that was a game away from the Super Bolw last year and hopefully, better and closer to that goal, this year, Bennett sounds like a guy that maybe could perform in this league with some quality coaching, he has the tools, Varga had a very productive career, but RB is a fairly deep unit. There is always room for any of the linemen and defensive backs, if they can produce, they have a legit shot of making the team

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Several have great write-ups but it's only practice so we'll see. But I do like the write-ups of Varga, Celiscar and Hodges. Have a good one Colts7!

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Thanks Kaptain K, hard to find info on some of the guys, especially since Kiper doesn't put out his book anymore

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