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Draft needs




not a need area


not a need area

WR- Hilton-Johnson-Moncrief--Carter-Whalen-Brown

not a need area

TE- Fleener-Allen-Doyle-Swoope

not a need area


(?) are either of them good enough? prob not- a priority need area


Should be at least 3 solid starters in that group- possible upgrade

T- Castonzo-Cherilus-Reitz-Ulrick

depends on Cherilus' health-possible upgrade




not much talent or bodies in this entire group-Priority need area


not a need area

ILB- (Freeman) Jackson-Irving-Muamba

Freeman is still not signed- need more depth


Need area- at least 2-3 more quality players


priority need area- none of the backups are proven

#1- DL- quality players are hard to find-need at least 1 starter and several backups

#2A-OL- an ongoing problem area, that needs an upgrade at Center and possibly Tackle

( we all know the game is won or lost in the trenches and they have both needed upgrading for years)

#2B-Safety- need a starter and several backups

#3-CB-need 3-4 players for depth

#4-ILB, if Freeman doesn't return

#5-OL (G) can always use more bodies to compete and make the entire unit stronger

We have a total of of 9 picks, 1 in each of the first 5 rds and 2 each in the 6th and 7th, all of these areas will not be filled through the draft, there is going to have to be more free agents brought in......Grigson and his staff are really going to have to make the early picks count and hope that some of the later picks pan out

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S, C, CB, DL and MLB would be my 1st five picks not necessarily in this order but these are the needs GO COLTS!

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Colts7 you forgot the support staff! CHEERLEADERS - Not a need area! Pre- combine and pro day report shows talent in this year's tryouts!

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well buddy, I have totally bought into the iron sharpens iron approach and I think even though what we have is high quality, it can't hurt to bring in a boatload more, it will just make that group....even better!

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I like your methodology - this is what I do every year when I start thinking about the draft.  We'll all see it a bit different, of course. 


DL: Between Jones and Langford, and a whole host of young and developing NTs, I see a fairly low-level need for a developing 315 lb. DE type player.


C: Are either of them good enough?  Probably.  No need.


OT: With a major injury to overcome and not playing well hurt last season, Cherilus' successor should be drafted this year, if possible.


I love your take on CB and OLB...a lot of people are missing those ones...

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I think what is overlooked by the many players we have added, are the players we have lost.....Landry, Brown, Howell,Gordy,A. Jackson, McNary (?),Redding,Jean-Francois,Moala,Shipley,Bradshaw,Richardson,Wayne,Nicks and  (possibly) Freeman ,some needed to go, some were marginal, but that is still alot of holes to fill..........in 1 off season

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