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NFL draft



One of my favorite times of the year, at least it is before.......

I am always anxious to see how teams attempt to make their teams better and of course, always very anxious to see how our leaders go about making those very important decisions, I have always said and always will, everybody knows it's somewhat of a crapshoot, but I really don't think it's as hard as it's made out to be, I do this every year and with my 50-100$ budget, I can hold my own vs the league and even our leaders, with their hundreds of thousands spent. This year is like most years, there are always positions that are thin...Quarterback-Center-Guard-Inside linebacker and something called Fullback and there always positions that are deep....Running back-Wide receiver-Cornerback-Tackle. The defensive line seems to be the hardest to qauge, every year there are guys drafted in the first round and often , near the top, that never pan out, that is one of the reasons I view that position as our biggest need area. One thing that helps this year, is the DT group is very deep and Safety is deeper than usual, 2 of our biggest need areas. I see all the mock drafts and really don't understand the mindset...RB-really, we just signed Gore and have Herron, hopefully Bradshaw and Ballard and even Tipton, they say we need to groom a replacement for Gore, he signed for 3 years, we have 3 years to get a replacement, why pick a guy to sit or platoon, when you have much bigger needs, most of the mocks drafts make no sense to me. There are no quarantee's , but often you can get 2-3 starters,each year, on average and even more, if you get lucky. There are several highly rated players who will slip, Ray,Gregory and Green-Beckam have already had off field issues that will effect where they get picked, I have rated 257 players and these are my top 40.....let the fun begin.......................

1. J.Winston-QB

2. L, Williams-DE/DT

3. M. Mariota-QB

4. A. Peat-T

5. A. Cooper-WR

6. D. Fowler- OLB/DE

7. L. Collins-T

8. V. Beasley-OLB

9. S. Ray-OLB/DE

10. B. Scherff- G/T

11. L. Collins-S

12. K. White-WR

13. T. Wayne-CB

14. R. Gregory-OLB/DE

15, D. Shelton-DT

16. M. Gordon-RB

17. M. Brown-DT

18. C. Erving- C/T

19. T. Gurley-RB

20. M. Peters-CB

21. M. Wiliams-TE

22. A. DuPree-OLB/DE

23. D. Parker-WR

24. J. Collins-CB

25. A. Armstead-DE/DT

26. D. Green-Beckham-WR

27. E. Goldman-DT

28. J. Strong-WR

29. E. Flowers-T

30. S. Thompson- OLB/S

31. B. McKinney-ILB

32. T. Jackson-G

33. J. Phillips-DT

34. D. Perryman-ILB

35. L. Tomlinson-G

36. K. Johnson-CB

37. D. J. Humphries-T

38. H. Grasu-C

39. T. J. Clemmings-T

40. E. Kendricks-ILB

Williams is considered by most as the best player available, but QB's are always going to be over-drafted, Gordan and Gurley are a tossup at RB, as is Winston and Mariota at QB. This has got to be a successfull draft for Grigson, if this team is going to be elite this year and the next few years, the draft is always important, but with the salary cap getting hit very hard, the next few years, it is imperative that we have depth and talent, moving forward. Obviously my hope is that there is a lineman available at #29, preferably a defensive lineman, next best, would be a defensive back

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I like a DB at 29, not sure if anyone besides L. Williams is good enough to take at the DL position in the 1st, but if not then best player available will do

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