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Have to start with the obvious, this has nothing to do with Phillip Dorsett, I think he is going to be a very good player in the NFL, has rare speed and athletic ability and is a game changer, but there were a handfull of players who I feel were just as good that were sitting there who would have filled major needs, a DT and a lights-out Safety, to mention 2, I really don't care how many reps he gets this year, which probably isn't going to be a lot, as they say there is only 1 football....Hilton-Johnson-Moncrief-Carter-Fleener-Allen-Gore-Herron-Ballard, no such thing as too many good players, but the idea is for all of them to produce. I may be over reacting a tad, but this 1 decision has given me some doubts about whether Grigson is going to be good enough to get the job done, his job is to make this team the best he can and that decision is not going to make this team as good next year as those other options, he has signed a lot of older players with the goal that seems to be, make a run this year, go all out, yet, he takes the #1 pick, which is the key to the entire off season, a pick that should instantly make the team significantly better and adds talent to the deepest position on the team. I have heard the response, best player available, too good to pass up, what else is he going to say, those are just covering the obvious and that kind of mindset, attitude and hard-headedness is not going to cut it, this year is critical for him and the team, going forward and even though the draft as a whole and the free agents were good, that 1 decision took the team...backwards. Just to add...Philips is almost a carbon copy of Hilton, who we got with a 3rd round pick and that is what most of the ratings had Phillips, I can't help but think of the Richardson deal, that has been a major embarrasment, he seems to make his mind up on a player and there is nobody on the planet that is going to change his mind and he is going to take that player.....good or bad, we better all hope that this trend doesn't continue. Maybe what needs to happen is for him to step down and be the director of scouting, his does have the ability to judge talent, on a certain level, just not sure he sees the big picture....clearly or really understands what it takes to maximize all of the options available.

A look at the draft picks:

1. Phillip Dorsett-WR- Miami- 5'10-195-4.2

explosive and dynamic WR, had the 2nd fastest time at the combines, named top WR at the Sr. bowl, has return experience, averaged 24.2 yds/catch and 10 Td's last year

highest rating: #8 WR (2nd rd.) ....average rating #10 (3/4th rd.)

2. D'Juan Smith-CB- Florida Atlantic-5'11-190-4.3

physical and aggressive CB with very good speed, had 7 interceptions as a Jr and was Defensive MVP and All-conference, has return experience

high: #6 CB (2nd rd.).....average: #14 (3/4 rd.)

3. Henry Anderson-DL-Stanford-6'6-294-4.8

versatile lineman can play anywhere along the line, strong vs the run and as a pass rusher, had 8.5 sacks as a Sr. and was All-conference

high: #7 DE (3/4 rd.)..avg:#9 (3/4 rd.)

4. Clayton Geathers-S-C. Florida-6'2-218-4.5

big,hard hitting, productive S ,understand the game- a coach on the field, All conference as SR, compared to Brian Dawkins

high: #10 S (5/6 rd.)..avg: #13 (5/6 rd)

5. David Parry-DT-Stanford-6'1-308-5.3

played beside #3 pick

high: #20 DT (7th rd)..avg: #22 (7th rd)

6. Josh Robinson-RB-Mississippi St.-5'9-217-4.5

powerfull and productive inside runner, very good all around talent as runner-blocker-receiver, 1203/6.3 avg as a Sr and 6.2 avg for his career, nick named bowling ball for his short thick build, compared to Maurice Jones-Drew, had tough childhood, raised by grandparents until they passed away (age 12)

high: #15 (4/5 rd)...avg: #17 (5/6 rd)

7. Amarlo Herrera-ILB-Georgia-6'1-247-4.8

very productive LB, top tackler on team last 2 years. good vs pass, played well at East/West gm

high: #4 ILB (6/7 rd)...avg: #10 (7/free agent)

8. Denzell Good-T-Mars Hill-6'7-320

very big player from a very small school that even Mayock never heard of lol

summary: I like most of these players and alot of holes were filled, can't help but think about how good it could have been with a difference maker at #1, at a position of need. Seems like from what I have read and heard, most of these guys are blue collar, tough, very passionate about football guys, the kind of players who don't always look good (on paper) but play good (on the field) which is overlooked by many in the NFL (in my opinion), ironic that most of the players were picked a round earlier than their avg grades. Dorsett- he is going to get reps, so somebody else will be watching ( somebody very talented) the 2 D-lineman and the LB are that type, play hard for 60 minutes, never stop, make up for lack of elite skills, with intensity, the 2 Db's are aggressive players who will deliver a hit, I hope that Geathers has a little of that Sanders-like mentality, It's going to be hard for Robinson to make this team, but sure would love to see that happen, at this time I would say that was a very solid draft and hopefully a few years from now, we will look back and say...... a very good draft ( that could have been great)


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