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Spit Balling Here..



I had this idea that involves Andrew Luck not only running more but the addition of a read-option; that in theory could not only save him unnecessary hits, turnovers and possibly improve the running game out of the shotgun formation: but also increase the longevity of our quarterback. I know what some of you may say "but wouldn't running expose him to more damage?" Well yes, but with his intelligence and deceptive speed/wiggle he could do a lot of damage and sneak out of bounds or bust out the ole faithful slide.

What Do You Think?


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Thats what I been sayin 2, at this point we need 2 get behind Luck n let him play the run should compliment the pass not vice-versa

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Pep, could design plays that spread our receivers and play two TE set! This opens up the middle and would allow QB the option to take off for at minimum 5-8 yrs and then slide!! Seen it to many time Sunday and we didn't take advantage!! Maybe tomorrow!!!

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I can't question Luck's decision making in the midst of a play.  Nor can I question Pep's not calling his number.  What seems to have  worked real well in the past few games is Luck's patience and his check downs to the TE's & RB's.  It seems our wide outs are tying up the DB's & safeties deep.  My concern facing us is defense.  Bjoern Werner (26 snaps) should be benched in favor of Newsome (50 snaps).  Newsome's motor is incredible while I don't know if Werner was credited with a single tackle.  They won't do it because it would expose the second wasted #1 draft choice that Grigson is responsible for, T-Rich the other (who didn't dress for the Bronco game)

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