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Rambling, man.



Sometimes I find myself watching Colts games, let me take that back it is not sometimes it's every game; most post game interviews, and a literal ton of nonexistent highlight film. Here are some phrases that I tend to find myself repeating; Andrew Run! Andrew F***ING RUN! Who was covering that tight-end? Damn it Greg. Block. BLOCK. BLOCK! Hold on to the ball. A few others as well, though I'm sure you get the point. Do not take me wrong: in no way am I complaining just speaking my mind or typing it, if you want to start cracking wise. If I could just get one thing through to everyone it would be read this with an open mind and speak with one. I am truly intrigued by the prospects of getting to read your opinions of this team and of course of the NFL in general; let us be honest now (old male Russian voice) of course I would love to stick with matters only pertaining to Colts Football but the NFL today with the over analyzing media outlets is always ripe with story lines to discuss. So remember this is a rambling blog: the only real objective is to speak your mind no real rhyme or reason.


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