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Who makes the cut?



There are some players on this list that will get injured, there are players who are not on this list that will be added before the final cutdown, that will effect the final roster spots, the roster as it stands now and who I think will make the cut:

QB- Luck-Hasslebeck




( Swoope-practice squad)

WR- Wayne-Hilton-Nicks-Moncreif-Rogers-Whalen




G- Mewhort-Thortan-Louis-Reitz

T- Costonzo-Cherllus-Nixon


DE-Jones-Redding-Jean Francois

NT/.DT- Chapman-Hughes-Pendleton-McKinney

ILB- Freeman-D.Jackson-Sheppard-Muamba


OLB- Mathis-Walden-Werner-McNary-Newsome


CB- Davis-Toler-Butler-Gordy-Purifoy




P- McAfee



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If we cut Zack Kerr after the preseason he had, we will possibly be losing the next Cory Redding with his size, speed, and enthusiasm!

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alot of things happen that change the makeup of the roster, it seemed like we  were loaded at that position with Chapman,Hughes,Pendleton,Kerr, McKinney...since that post Hughes had missed time due to the death of his child, Pendleton is on I.R, haven't really even seen McKinney get many reps....Kerr has (maybe) outplayed all of them, then again he isn't going against the other first teamers, as of now he seems to be a good bet to make the team..there are going to be some really good players, that don't make the cut this year

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I think we need a better secondary defensive.  First two pre-season games, defense was rather good against the run. Last game with good RBs we looked weak.  The secondary is not aggressive on running plays.  When they make tackles, they are not good hits (a lot of arm tackling, reaching, and grabbing. Not put their body into the tackle).  #30 is a true hitter.  We need more hitters like him.  Davis, to me, is overrated.  I notice the head office is high on him and I think they know what they want.  I would like to change everyone but keep # 30. 

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