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Who made the cut



There were 3 "healthy" players who I thought would make the cut , that didn't ( Meggett-McKinney-Sheppard) not even sure 2 of them ( Meggett-McKinney) were healthy, since they really didn't get many reps, so Sheppard was the only real surprise to me

At RB, I went with Meggett, over Tipton and if it really came down to it, I thought Fluellen looked a tad better than Tipton, but they were pretty much even, plus when you trade for a guy, you kinda think he has a good chance to make the team, I had Havili making the cut, but he is on PUP

QB-WR-TE and CB, all went as I thought it would

The O-F-F-E-N-S-I-V-E Line: this is getting old, what was a hopefull situation, at best, has turned ugly!! (again) Who is going to be healthy?? Who will be ready to play game #1? I did not have Austin or Harrison making the cut, but with all the question marks on this unit, there are going to be extra players and not sure Harrison makes the cut, if Holmes doesn't get hurt

On the D-line, I had McKinney, over Kerr, but McKinney has been a no show and Kerr played great, Pendleton looked good last year, but went on I.R. and that also could have opened a spot for Kerr. It's a tough call sometimes, when a guy has talent, but isn't quite ready, do you keep him on the roster and eat up a spot or risk losing him, by trying to let him develope on the practice squad.

I really had a hard time keeping Johnson and Studabaker off my 53-man roster, but it's also tough to keep too many good players at one position, when other positions may not be as deep, but you need a certain amount at each group, plus I also had Mathis on the roster, when he isn't active until game #5, so that would have opened a spot for 1 of them

The Safety position is a bit puzzling, the thought was that Howell played so well last year, that they didn't really look for another player via the draft or free agency, then he gets cut???? I know he is a question mark-injury wise, but they didn't place him on I.R., they cut him? So that opened a spot for Colt Anderson, got to love a guy named Colt, on the roster

There are some guys who made it, for now, who may not be the roster for game #1, an NFL roster for those fringe players, is always changing and injuries are always a factor


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