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  1. Correct. Especially since he has not been that efficient at this position.
  2. Clark is not the best, however, don't think you will get any better when or if # 74 returns. Remember Luck's sack plagued season, #74 was always there to help him off the ground because he was not protecting like a number one draft choice with experience. Had all off season to prepare for this season, hurt the first week of practice, fourth game of season with no action. Either get another qualified player like #56 to play the LT or stay with Clark and let him develop.
  3. Hard to say about the defense. Saw some aggressiveness but not enough. Our containment on the perimeter is weak no one turning runners back to inside.still too much arm reaching and shoulder diving, especially with older secondary players. Like #21 but spends too much time being injured. His good hits puts him back on bench with injury.,therefore, his All-Pro accolades don't help. #20 almost the same. Hope #29 will not follow the injury train.
  4. Luck should tell the front office that I will be glad to come back when you acquire an OL that can give the QB time to throw the ball. Many time last year offensive linemen would be the first to help Luck off the ground after a sack. #74 was good at that. Have not seen any improvement in their protection. The practices I saw the OL going through drills half speed minimum contact. We play the game the same.
  5. I know there is a difference between college and pro football, however, a lot of the college players look as though they could make this team. Fundamentally, they make tackles with contact not just reaching and grabbing for ball carrier. We have players that have been here or in the league for six, seven, and even twelve years and they miss tackles, give up long yardage on pass plays. They usually let receiver catch the ball and then attempt to make tackle by reaching or trying to knock receiver down with a half-hearted body block. I don't know, sometimes I enjoy a good college game or a 20
  6. jaywhy

    Joe Reitz

    During the past draft the feeling was that this o-line did not need help and would improve. This was after a disastrous year of poor pass protection and run blocking and the loss of a great QB. Numbers 74 and 76 have been awful since they have been here. I know it a different league, however, you can spot some college players giving a better effort than what we are getting. New center looks good and will improve. Luck cannot do it by himself. He is running a little smarter but can't do this all year. Also, talking about draft, they knew we needed help in the secondary and did not do anyt
  7. We lost this game back during the draft. We did not improve our team when we knew we had to build the secondary. We have CBs that have 4 to 7 years of experience who can't cover. They run with receivers and let them catch the ball then try to stop them. We can't tackle. WE don't take our legs to the tackle. WE just break down and reach. bear hug, slip tackle and let runners gain yardage-yardage-and yardage. The last 40 seconds was pathetic but what about the other drives they had like their first drive? #31 did what he could but you got to realize he had retired. He is not the game save
  8. Million dollar QB one hundred dollar line. Not a good match. Good running backs with a line that will not block for the run. We had good receiver. So we should have tried to get a better offensive line to protect QB and help running backs.. Def. secondary poor tackling and coverage and we did not do anything in the draft to improve. Reggie probably would have stayed if we improved our O-line. He cannot catch passes the QB can't throw.
  9. It is not the coach. Do you realize that we cannot give our excellent QB time to throw passes down the field without running for his life? Do you realize that our offensive line cannot block effectively for a good running game. Don't put it all on Trent (even though he is not living up to his pick in the draft). As I said at the beginning of the season, we have a million dollar QB and a hundred dollar offensive line. Our tackles both left and right are a joke compared to some of the top tackles in the league. Left is better than right. If you noticed today the back up for # 78 is not re
  10. Got a million dollar QB and Rec core. Hundred dollar OL.. Cannot block for run or pass effectively. An outside speed rush on #78 is a free ticket to #12. Need a better Secondary. If it wasn't for # 30, we would really be in bad shape. #21 #20 #29 #28 are not consistent and will not come up and hit people. They reach and grab and when making tackles there is no leg drive. Need to spend money on a good support group. It is not all coaching, execution is very important.
  11. Trent probably wishes he was back in Cleveland, the OL is blocking for the run. Zone blocking scheme with a good cut back lane. We used some of this early in game, 34 and 44 had good success. Eagles did not expect this much running, talk about it at half time and made adjustments. When 34 or 44 got the ball in the second half, defenders were in backfield waiting on them. Not all their fault YPC is low. We have a million dollar QB and Rec. core and a hundred dollar OL.
  12. jaywhy

    Who makes the cut?

    I think we need a better secondary defensive. First two pre-season games, defense was rather good against the run. Last game with good RBs we looked weak. The secondary is not aggressive on running plays. When they make tackles, they are not good hits (a lot of arm tackling, reaching, and grabbing. Not put their body into the tackle). #30 is a true hitter. We need more hitters like him. Davis, to me, is overrated. I notice the head office is high on him and I think they know what they want. I would like to change everyone but keep # 30.
  13. Its not only him. The secondary is weak. Can't tackle, can't cover. I think we need to spend more money on the defensive side of the ball. We go around picking second level player thinking the offense will carry them (#23&32 are jokes) Number 41 is not consistent. He makes just enough plays to keep everyone off his back.
  14. I guess you are right. Just frustrated maybe we did not get the right ones. #92 is very good but needs more time, I think we should have kept #49 because he would have been helpful later in year for pass rushing. The one we trade for is got hurt early and no use out of him.
  15. Number 41,23,and 28 questionable. We spend too much $$ on offense and not enough on DEFENSE. To much arm tackling in secondary and not physically hit with a hard blow like # 30.
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