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Indy vs. Arizona



Can we come out of the gate firing for once this year, it would be nice to play with a lead for once. I love the comeback nail biting games, but I also would love to see this offense attack and never let up. I know we are missing players, that should not be an excuse!!!! The stats for the first half vs. the second half of games this season is EXTREMELY lopsided......Like last game down multiple scores to comeback and win, we had the same players in the first half of the game as we did in the second half.....What I am getting at is that the play calling is obviously different in the beginning of these games, it seems like when we pass the ball more in the second half we have more success. Not to mention, I think we even RUN the ball better because defenses are off balance or tired because of the drives being longer.... This is just a THEORY....any thoughts?

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Agreed, if you think about our offense hasn't been playing well all season. We've been struggling on 3rd down all season even on 3rd and short. We can't even sustain long drives.  We bought in andrew luck to throw not run the ball.  We should being attempting to pass to open the run game rather than run to open the passing lane.  Not all the blame is on pep tho.  I give pagano another year to fix the many problems this team has, if not i say he has to go. The only game that wasn't close this year was against jacksonville.  We need more improvement on all phases of the ball. And when we're up, which is never, we need to keep the foot on the peddle and finish. Let andrew throw the ball to get 1st downs and run the clock out.  

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Ot would help to add some young height from possibly Missouri's Dorial green Beckham... I like the added running scheme but the timing of it is not for our first possession we are not strong enough to set the tone with it

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