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Colts sign another running back!



Colts sign former Florida Gator and Pittsburgh Steeler running back Chris Rainey.....He has had off the field issues and was out of the NFL for 11 months, Colts have talked to him and apparently feel comfortable with giving him another chance. He is a pretty talented kid that can and will do some kick returning in David Reeds place, as well as take a few snaps for Brown and T-Rich.....once he has some practice with the team.....I LOVE the signing of low risk high ceiling players (LOW COST also) (DaRick Rogers, Chris Rainey). But if there not gonna play them, then we are getting excited for nothing......I am still waiting for the debut of DaRick, I hope he comes in and helps out this receiving core! Overall I like the move, just not real excited about letting go Griff, I thought we could lose a TE for him. GO COLTS!!!!!!!

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