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I often use cliches, because they make sense, every time I watch a game like that, that's the first thing I think..... they are not really...that bad. It is very hard to win in the NFL, I hear that every week. What I saw was a team that "looked" like they were not prepared to play a football game, like they just showed up...dropped passes, the defense was practically a non factor. I really don't know what or why that happened. It happens every week in this league, the Broncos struggled against the Jags last week. This team has a very good "process" ,another term I hear often, there are going to be weeks when things don't look so good, can't get too high or too low from the outcome of 1 game, if you lose.....so what....if you win....so what, just add them up at the end of the season and hope there was enough wins to get into the post season and give it your best shot. The thing that really surprised me wasn't that they didn't look good or play good, but as I said, it looked like they weren't ready to play a competitive football game, when the whole world was watching...kinda perplexing???

The running game (Richardson) looked better, it seems to get a (very) little better, each week,but we are still waiting for a breakout game, Brown always seems to get yards, Bradshaw did, maybe it's just going to take more time??? Fleener's drop are becoming a growing concern as is Heyward-Bey's

It's still early and there is plenty of football left to play, next up will be one of the strangest games I will have ever seen, watching #18 come back to town , after all of the great years he had in Indy, playing for another team........

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