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Colts/Seahawks...statement game



That is why everyone loves football, kinda had a playoff feel to it, heard many say it was like a heavyweight fight, each side landing a punch and see who is standing at the end. I mentioned in my last blog that the Seahawks are considered one of the best teams in the league, that was quite an impressive performance by the team with the horseshoes, they started out a little slow and had the looks of a game that just might get away from us...... we weren't doing much on offense and really weren't even slowing them down on defense, a couple big plays, a 73 yd TD pass to Hilton and a blocked field goal by Guy, which Howell ran in for a TD, ignited the team and the fight began........kudos to the fans at the game who showed the

league, who has the best 12th man...awesome!

Hilton had a great game (5-140-2 TD) Reggie (again) made some key plays, Richardson was better (18-56) but we are all still waiting for him to have that breakout game and Brown continues to impress (6-37) and be under utilized. Luck's #'s haven't been as impressive this year with the run first approach, but he is doing everything right, passed for 229 yds.

You don't often win games when you give up 218 yds rushing, but the defense made plays when they needed to and were excellent on 3rd and 4th downs, with a combined 3-15, They aren't playing great team defense (yet) but Mathis, Freemen and Davis have all been playing at a pro bowl level

The special teams, as a group, took a step back with a blocked punt, still don't have much in the way of a return game and I think McAfee needs to focus on football and leave the media circus to the clowns that currently call that a job, most everyone was really expected a pro bowl type year from him and he has not come close to that level

(yet) the coverage units have played well all year

The bottom line is and always will be winning the game, in whatever shape or form that happens to be.....it was somewhat of a statement game, beating the 49ers was a step in that direction, but this was one of the leagues best and they went home losers, there is still alot of room for improvement, after a 3-1 first quarter and this impressive win, this team is improving each week

next up a monday night prime time game vs the chargers, then..................the game the world has been waiting for, as #18 comes back to town...............that is going to be a great game to watch!!!

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I don't like those nail biters just give me a dull blowout victory!  Really a nail biter victory shows true grit of a team!

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 i'll take a nailbiter any day, as long as we don't have too many 17-14 games..................boring lol

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No no no on the nail biters!  My poor heart starts ticking away and you don't want to know about my blood pressure!  lol!

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