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Trent Richardson-good move?



My first reaction was shock, trade a first round pick, are you kidding me? For a RB, are you kidding me? I really like Ballard and Bradshaw, not many teams in this league have a RB listed at #3 on their depth chart, with the ability of Brown...are you kidding me?

It took a while for the shock to wear off, then I gave it alot of thought....why would the Browns trade a guy they drafted #3 overall , would have been a #1 overall most years, a player who had a very good rookie season, on a team desperate for talent and recieve a mid to late first round pick in return......the hearsay is the Browns are convinced he is not an elite player, he is injury prone, wasn't that productive,had a 3.6 average...I see that he ran for almost 1,000 yards as a rookie, despite missing a game, on a team with not much production at QB and not much in the way of play makers-facing teams loading the box-to stop him , with a very weak O-line and played with broken ribs..ok, maybe that wasn't elite, but hardly..journeyman.

I remember reading about him before the draft and thinking, this guy is going to be an awesome football player, one of those once in a decade or 2 kinda players.

The more I thought about it, the more I liked it, he can be an elite RB, he can be one of the best in the NFL, he has the god given talent and great "football" numbers, a rare blend of size and speed. He is the kind of player that teams build around and you don't get guys like that, unless you are sitting at the top of the draft. A mid to late first rounder for a guy who could be elite.....time will tell, my gut tells me we cashed in on another teams stupidity, if he is that player, the Browns really look cluless (imagine that)

Not sure what this means for ....down the road....Ballard, Bradshaw....can't see all 3 of these guys on the roster, next year

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Got to give TRich a chance but I think we gave up too much for him.  Faulk only got us a 2nd rounder and Faulk was an all-pro.  Now if TRich turn out to be more than serviceable - 1000 yds for couple of season then the trade was worth it.  He doesn't need to be an all-pro but several 1000yd season is fine.

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as i said, time will tell, any player who goes in the top 3 picks of any draft ( and as I also mentioned) would have been #1 overall, most years, is a big time talent, a rare talent, an elite talent, but.............there is potential and then there is production, I think he is that guy.....

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Yes we got to give TRich a chance.  I'm just stuck on: 1. Think we gave up too much for him.  I'd accept if it was a 2nd. 2. I agree with potential and production and again I'm stuck with why trade a 2nd year player who has a load of potential.  With that said and the deal is done, let TRich play and give him the ball and line block like there is no tomorrow! Go TRich! Go Colts!

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