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Colts/Dolphins-stats do not win football games



Last week, there really wasn't much about the performance and game plan, that I liked and the result was a win......this week, there was so much more positive during the game and the result was a loss, backing up the notion that stats do not win football games

Luck almost doubled his yardage from game #1 (321) Hilton and Fleener ,who were non factors last week, led the way with a combined 10-193 and a TD, the running game was a tad better, with Bradshaw and Brown combining for 95 yds (Bradshaw looked pretty good)....the O-line which did not play well last week, played a LITTLE better, still has a ways to go

The defense played well vs the run limiting the Dolphins to 101 yds and a 3.7 avg, the pass rush was much better with 5 sacks, 2 each, from Mathis and Freeman and Werner getting his first (1/2) sack, Landry (again) led the way with 11 tackles (tied with Angerer)

The special teams, for the 2nd week in a row, played a good game, McAfee, who set a team record for punting average, is off to a slow start

Really liked a lot of what I saw in the game, compared to last week, but as I mentioned, the only thing that really matters, is wins and losses. There is a lot of football left to play and there is plenty of room for improvement, across the board, a down to the wire-come from behind victory over a weak team week #1 and loss to an average team in week #2 (both home games ) does not bode well for a sucessfull season, but that's why they play the games

upcoming games: 49ers-Seahawks-Chargers-Broncos-Texans, all would be considered elite (the Chargers may not be) in the next 6 weeks, with only a game vs the Jags, as a less than top tier opponent, will go a long way in establishing a pattern and if this team has any shot to play in the post season

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need to get Coach Pep help on calling plays.He forgot about his running game 2 weeks in a row when that was all he preached since he got here. could have ran 3rd and most of 4th quarter to keep defense fresh and worn down Dolphins. I never hire any college coach unless it is a wrinkle type like Chip Kelly. He will be gone in 2 to 3 years.. Every team in League know the west coast offense or now no coast, wrinkle with Coach Arians plays. But if you don't know when to call plays, how do you expect to do anything. At least Coach Arians, even with terrible offensive line he had last year, ran the ball Much of the time 2nd half of games to keep game close enough for Luck comebacks. Coach Pep it seems fall in love with sweep plays that worked once and forgot trap plays that was getting 6 to 8 yards a crack. So Mr Irsay. Call out Coach Pep this week and tell offensive line sorry for your tweek last week. Need an OC that know what he wants to call 3 plays down the road, not go down a list of plays trying to see if this will work when Luck was getting blitzed to death. Coaches lost games this time. Players didn't

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