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Colts vs Raiders: Vets win the game



Just like the pre season really doesn't answer many questions, neither does 1 game, after 3-4 games, there will be some type of pattern and a better idea of what to expect and where the team is at.

With that being said, we entered week #1 vs a team , many felt was the worst (or close to it) team in the league and was playing at home and struggled mightily to come away with a victory, it still counts and that's the way it is in today's NFL.

Some observations (that have yet to determine a pattern)

Wasn't really a big fan of the full back , lets run it type of offense and seeing it in action ( for 1 game) like it even less, we have alot of play makers, but they can't make plays, sitting on the bench, most of them were non factors in the game, the end result should be a lot of low scoring, mostly closely played games and prob shouldn't say this , kinda boring (compared to what we are used to), but it really doesn't matter what type of schemes a team uses, if the result is wins.

Luck passed for 178 yds, Allen and Fleener each had 1 catch, Hilton had 3 (for 20 yds) the RB tandem combined for 89 yds for a grand total of 274 yds, thats a typical half in years past. The O-line was better (1-3 %) and has a loooooooooooooooooong way to go, to become adequate, it's all about the QB and he looked like a guy just trying to manage a game.

The defense did a great job containing Mcfadden, but was utterly clueless is trying to even slow down Pryor, there was 1 sack and very little pressure.

The special teams were very good (wow)

The difference in the game-3 veterans

Reggie was the 1 highlight for the offense, with 8 catches-96 yds and TD

The last 3 plays of the game....Mathis-sack, Mathis-pressure, Bethea-interception and...................

1 newcomer-Landry , led the way with 15 tackles and was a force....Toler added a pick in the end zone as well

Doesn't have to be pretty or convincing, just have to have the most points at the end of the game, there would seem to be plenty of areas to focus on improving, going forward and hopes that this 1 game, was not the start of any type of pattern

Next week the Dolphins at home, the first real test will be week #3 in San Fransisco

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Not really a big fan of the offense, they seemed to play more conservative after the 14 lead.....They need to keep attacking!!!!!  To give our defense some credit, Pryor does look like they fastest guy running the read option.  They will get better on both sides, and hopefully get the ball in all the play makers hands....Great post by the way!

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thanks, as I said, 1 game doesn't really indicate anything, some things will continue, good and/or bad, some will change....the first game can really show things that may become totally irrevelant....playing vs that type of offense and that type of QB, is not the norm, so it can look ugly, at times, it just didn't look like they had any idea how to even slow him down, this is the NFL and he was pretty much running all over the field

the offense, again, time will tell, but there are 5 linemen and  a QB, that leaves 5 "others" , add a FB and the RB,  that leaves 3, we have 3 very good WR's and 2 very good TE's, so many times, almost half of them are on the sidelines watching the action, a few more games will give us all a better indication of everything

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