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Watch it Coach...Be careful, I know a boxing kitty that could take your dogs out to the wood shed for lunch. "Float like a butterfly. Sting like a bee." Don't believe me, check out southwest1's blog on "Eye of the Tiger 9 Lives" pal.

Don't say I didn't warn ya buddy. HA! HA!

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Very bizarre & oh so very funny!!! Ah coach, I have 5 words for you: TAKE A VACATION IMMEDIATELY PLEASE...You desperately need to get away man & recharge the old batteries okay.

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"This is Hoooowarrrdddd Kosssellll reporting live from Madison City Garden in New York City. I don't believe it!!! Mittens the undisputed heavy weight champion of the world just knocked out 8 dogs in a row in 3 rounds. WOW!!! They don't call Mittens 'Fuzzy Upper Cut' for Nothing Ladies & Gentlemen.'"

"I can't wait to see Mittens against his chief heavyweight contender rival Cluber Lang CatNip next month!!! That mohawk of his is very menacing & intimidating. Never seen gold chains & bling on a cat before. If Mittens loses to Cluber Lang Katnip, former boxing legend Apollo "Whiskers" Creed has agreed to train Mittens for the rematch fight."

[Nice Rocky III pun on cats huh? Yeah, I thought so too.] HA! HA!

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I was reading the comments on youtube for this video. People said he is always like this. It is just the way he is and they are all used to him so they don't even laugh at this video!

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I don't know why I just found this.....this guy is nuts and I love it. No, SW....I do not coach quite this crazily but close. Especially on sspecial teams....you have to be nuts on special teams. Something we have not see here with the Colts for years.

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Maybe you are right Brent. A guy this slightly off center would be a perfect special teams coach.

If players never know if he's being serious or just goofin' around, the athletes under his supervision would give him maximum effort 24/7. Plus, the press guys every Wednesday wouldn't have to scramble to figure out what to write for their sports column this week either. He's like Rex Ryan on speed. HA! HA!

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