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New to Forum and trying to figure out how to use this site. Anyone with helpful or useful information for a non techincal person would be appreciated. My first attempt at a blog post, I don't even know what happened. I thought I was posting and then nothing.. not sure where it went.

I love the Colts and love to learn all sorts of Colts related info on Colts Direct, but since that will be closing, I'm trying to see if I can enjoy the same on this site.

The recent Irsay comments about Peyton have really got me fired up. I'm so disappointed with Irsay's behavior and tweeting the past month. I think he has been exceptionally disrespectful to Peyton as a person and as an employee. Mr. Irsay is reminding me of Charlie Sheen right now, with his addiction to twitter and seems to enjoy seeing his name in the news, so he can't stop, even if he has to say something incredibly stupid to get the attention! I hope Peyton will stay a Colt, but I wouldn't blame him if he didn't want to continue to work for Irsay right now.

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Hi MIColtsFan,

Yeah, to use actor Charlie Sheen's own words right now, owner Jim Irsay is not exactly "WINNING" the public relations sweepstakes right now courtesy of the way he is treating Peyton Manning at the moment is he? Just say no to twitter outbursts Jimmy please. You look & sound foolish & ridiculous okay. Peyton did not disrespect the blue horseshoe in any way, shape, or form okay. He is the epitomeof class & dignity okay.

You put up your 1st blog on Colts Forum. I'm so proud of you MIColtsFan!!! Way to Go my Friend!!! Excellent Job!!!

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What exactly would you want help with? Basic navigation & overall website whereabouts? How to spruce up your profile page & make it unique?

I learning too like a new born infant just learning to walk for the first myself, but a can shoot you a private email with some tips if you'd like. I promise not to melt any cheese or talk over your head with technical jargon okay. You have my word on that. Let me know. Thanks.

I put up my 1st real blog on here today too MIColtsFan. Feel free to check it out at your leisure as well.

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Here are some helpful tips:

On the main Colts Forum page, clicking the blue tab Blogs will get you to the most recently written fan blogs including yours

By clicking on you name MIColtsFan at the top of the page, a pull down menu will appear, 1 option there to choose from is manage my friends. Click it & once there go to the far side of a person's picture. You have several tiny icons there: PM [personal message] a friend, view blog, remove a friend, etc. etc. Feel free 2 experiment as well.

On your name, if you click on setting you can set up your profile page. Click the About Me Tab. A pop up window will appear & you can give fans cool info about yourself: Favorite food, music, etc.

On the left side of the page click on personal customizations. Once you find a picture you like on google, enter the URL/ http: address line here, check tile at the bottom of the page & hit save. Go to your name at the top of the page on the right side, pull down & click on profile page, & you will go to your newly changed profile page.

I hope these tips help you MIColtsFan.

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Welcome to Fan Forum MIColtsFan! I just hope PM and Mr. Irsay come to an amicable agreement that ends in PM staying on as a Colt. I agree that it appears Mr. Irsay is not being 100% honest or fair to PM because of the business part of their relationship but I'm hoping they can wrap this thing up a little faster and on good terms.

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Welcome MIColtsFan! If you need any help, please feel free to ask.

@southwest1 Thank you for all your help.

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Thanks to all.. What are the AIM, MSN and Yahoo and all that? Is that where you enter your ID if you participate in blogging on those sites? I don't but wasn't sure what all that was. If you sign in with facebook, is everything you post on FB then? I haven't tried that. I'm really just interested in all things Colts and enjoy reading blogs about Colts stuff and discussing with other Colts fans, so I won't bother with too much, but some of this stuff looks so foreign to me.

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AIM is the equivalent to Status Updates on Colts Forum. You can instantly start a topic on anything with your friends or whomever else decides to join in usually in short 3 sentences lines. I have participated in several dialog streams with Kayla D & Brent11. It's pretty fun & addicting too.

MSN & Yahoo refer to free online email address locations like say for example: MIColtsFan@yahoo.com or MIColtsFan@MSN.com.

Yes, you can use Facebook as a fan page if you want, but if you desire information on all things Colts related, I would simply stay put on Colts Forum. Your blogs won't transfer to Facebook automatically. Just remain here & forget about Facebook. It's easier that way.

Hope this helps you MIColtsFan. Have a nice day. You are never a bother to me my friend. You can ask me anything okay.

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aim etc are just there if you choose to share that information with other members. It is optional

Your posts are not shared with facebook unless you choose to

Try it out and see

I am able to log in with Twitter/facebook/or just my regular log in

I'm sorry you are angry and disappointed with Irsays tweeting. I do ask though that you show some respect

We do not allow personal shots here.......at each other or at Colts players or personnel.

If you disagree, please state it in a way that does not include demeaning name calling and insults

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