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Does winning (or losing) in the pre season really matter? answer included



I am not sure why, but I seem to see everything different than alot of fans, does anyone really care if we win a pre season game? I know the goal is to win, every game you play, but really it means nothing....whether you win or lose a pre season game, there are many reasons for that, such as there are 90 players on the roster and only 53 of them will be on the active roster when the season starts, so that means 37 of these players won't be wearing a horseshoe come opening day, does anyone expect our #2's or #3's are going to excell vs another teams #1's? The goal is to see who can play and who can't and those who can't have a lot to do with the outcome of these games. I would say shocked comes to mind when I see a "tweet" in reference to a pre season game as though it really had some type of meaning????? I'll leave it at that!

It's only been 2 games and meaningless as they are, they have value....there is not alot of mystery when it comes to Wayne, Mathis, Bethea, the guys who have been a around, we pretty much know what to expect, it's the 2nd year guys, who is going to take their game up a notch.....the rookies, who is for real, who is more hype, than performance, the free agents, same thing goes for them, are they going to upgrade their position, or take up a roster spot, it's about finding those answers, if you win along the way, that's great, but in the big picture, a win, or a loss in a pre season game has as much significance as an umbrella in a hurricane :-))

I have heard about who has looked good in camp and wanted to see for myself, if those guys were going to be difference makers. Fleener,Hilton,Whalen,Nevis,Chapman,Cunningham,Toler,Werner.....is Angerer back to his pre injury form.....can Adam still hit from 50+ yards.....has the O-line been upgraded enough....is the addition of full backs going to get the run game where they want it to go....who will provide the depth at WR....who can make plays on the coverage units

Fleener has looked good and not so good, he is getting open and setting himself up for a great year, but is having a very hard time hanging on to the football...Hilton is going to be the talk of the league, he is going to have a great year!!!!!! and career!!!!!! Nevis has been a force on a unit that has alot of bodies, but not any elite players (yet) Cunningham has make the most of his reps with Allen and Fleener missing time and has shown he is more than just an extra linemen, Toler seems like he has very good ball skills and is a play maker, he got burned too, but name a CB who never gets burned, Werner for his first action looked very good.....then you see a guy from.....out of the blue, like Freeman last year make a name for themselves, this year it's a 6'7-267 lb-27 year old rookie OLB from the Arena league named Caesar Rayford who has been making game changing plays,providing much needed pass rushing pressure. 2 games is only a sample of what's to come and not much of a guage, but there are things that get noticed and the hope is that they continue. Haven't see Bradshaw or Landry yet, anxious to see how they perform and how the team performs with all the pieces (along with Allen) ....playing. The next game, the only game that has some merit when to comes to winning or losing will be interesting, the starters will play alot and will be much more of a guage on how the team looks, but it is still a sample, teams do not want to show what they are going to do come regular season (not the full playbook) guys who aren't 100% are not going to get alot of reps. It's always better to win, any game, than lose, but history shows that a winning, or a losing pre season record means ( umbrella in a hurricane)

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But it is worrisome when there is a massive point deficit

So I can see both sides of this

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I agree. Even the point differential is meaningless. I have never seen a preseason game played or coached the way a regular season or post-season game is. Also, we were blown out/run over by Jax in regular season the year we won Super Bowl. So the Bills game is long forgotten, (as should the Giants game be as well).

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Wow I thought the pre-season W/L record counted toward the pre-season play-offs!  Darn I guessed I messed out again!  Yes Colt7 play to win, coach to win but evaluate, critique, coach, evaluate, critique and coach!  There will be a time when winning takes a back seat to evaluating example in point when Coach Coughlin went for it on 4th down instead a FG.  Good time to place scenarios onto the team in game situations.

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thanks Chris and thanks Kaptain Kod, I was not aware of the pre season playoffs either, I guess that is because we never win that often in pre season, just record setting regular seasons

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