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Can Reggie "catch" Jerry Rice's marks?



I did a blog a few years back about Marvin Harrisons' chances of catching Jerry Rice's career marks, needless to say, Harrisons' career came to a screaching halt. What are Reggie's chances ? I doubt he will make a run for Rice's records, but...... The top 5 career leaders in yardage:

1. Rice-22,895 (41)

2. Terrell Owens-15,934 (37)

3. Randy Moss-15,292 (32)

4. Issac Bruce-15,208 (36)

5. Tim Brown-14,934 (36)

14. Reggie-13,063

Reggie is 9,832 yards behind Rice, that's a pretty good chunk for a 34 year old, I listed the age of the last productive year for those on the list. Health is the biggest criteria for how far Reggie will go up the list, if he stays healthy and productive, I think he has a very good chance of finishing his career at #2 all-time. If he plays to the same age as Rice (41) he would have 7 more years and would have to average 1,405 yds/yr...not likely. To finish #2, he needs 2,871, I can see Reggie playing at a high level for another 3-4 years and if he decides he wants to, another 2-3 years, as a contributer

the receptions leaders:

1. Rice-1549

2.Tony Gonzalez-1242

3. Marvin-1102

4. Cris Carter-1101

5. Tim Brown-1094

10. Reggie-968

that leaves Reggie 581 shy of Rice's mark, using the same 7 season gauge he would have to average 83 per/yr, a little more reasonable, but again....not likely. To finish #2 (Gonzalez is still active and will probably finish up around 1320?) using that figure, Reggie would need around 350 receptions.... you never know what's ahead, he could be productive into his 40's, he is still a quality player and doesn't seem to have lost anything yet....#2 all-time (in both categories) seems to be a pretty reasonable goal

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Guest TeamLoloJones


I could see Wayne finishing his career 2nd all time receiving yards and 3rd all time in catches.  And he would only have to play his final 2 years of his contract and then just one more year after that.  He won't catch Rice, but those numbers would make him a lock for a first ballot Hall Of Famer.

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