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Future Female Lead Singer In Training Where Can I Get A Ticket?



Juliet, a 8 year old girl, sings a short song about her dog Robert & her goldfish speed metal style.

So much for "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." This isn't simply your grandma's little angel into Barbie dolls & cupcakes.

The heavy metal connoisseur inside of me makes me wonder what this girl would do with a Dave Mustaine Megadeth song HA! HA!

This clip is cute & cool at the same time...I Love it!!!


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I think she needs her own band. She is a cross between Evanescence and Limp Biscuit.......as a dog fan, she seems as though she loves her old hound....therefore her bands new name. Drum roll please>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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That is too cute! Love her "mean" faces, then she looks all sweet again haha. @ Brent love it, Dog Biscuit, thats great.

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I love her line: "Let's Open Up This [Mosh] Pit!!!" Then, she jumps on the trampalean [sic] & her stuff animals go flying....So funny & yet so awesome too! A little, adorable rebel in our midst.

"Dog Biscuit" great name for her band Brent...Her fans can throw dog treats on stage whenever they want her to come back on & do an encore set. I smell a lucrative market deal on the horizon...Does she have a talent agent & entertainment lawyer on retainer yet? Brent, Kayla, & I work cheap. HA! HA!

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