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Eye Of The Tiger 9 Lives!



Maureen & all of your cat owners out there...Don't mess with this kitty!!!

Must have been trained by "Rocky Balboa." HA! HA!


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In the words of the late Howard Cosell.....this cat is tough, and trained by the legendary An-gel lo-Dundee! This cat will win at some point with an excruciatingly painful left hook as well as a CAT-astrophic right cross! (Rest in Peace Angelo Dundee)

Today we may see this fighting feline domesticus......in the octagon!

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omigosh this made me laugh out loud!

My cat sometimes will watch tv......mostly if it's about birds

Never seen her do anything like that though

I think I'd tape a boxing match just so I could see her do that whenever I wanted!

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If this kitty were losing a round in the ring, I hope it wouldn't pull a Mike Tyson move & attempt to bite the other kitty opponent in the ear though. Even among felines, good sportsmanship must be practiced at all times right?

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If this boxing kitty wins the heavy weight championship title, does it hold the shiny new belt high above it's head in the ring & yell "Yo Adrian...We did it!!!" I'm just wondering that's all.

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