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The keys to winning and the future of the Colts



There are several "keys" to success in the NFL, the key to the Colts success in years to come.....starts with Coach Pagano, I have always felt that when a coach or player grows up around football, he takes everything to another level, football is in their blood and they "get it", before I go any further, I will re address a topic............there are not alot of "leaders" in the NFL , that get it, all it takes to figure that out,is name how many organizations, win, over and extended period of time...not alot. Coach Pagano is one of those guys,who has it in his blood and gets it, he knows how to win, knows what it takes to win and how to get there, the fact that he is a high character person and the way that he relates to his players ( and people in general) only inhances that, he also has a very good resume of working with some great football minds to add to that as well.....what he has is a blueprint for success and it is going to work.

Which brings us the the next "key" and that would be Ryan Grigson, a coach cannot win, if he is not given the talent to make that happen, regardless of how great he is. Many people are born with an ability to do certain things and are very good, some great at it, what seperates them from the rest of the pack is an intense desire to be the best, they will outwork everyone and never give up, Grigson has that desire, he will suceed, it's in his DNA, I loved the selection of Pagano , from day #1, I wasn't sure about Grigson, at first, it takes a few years to see what a G.M's philosophy is, with the many variations of running a team and how and what it takes to be a winner, there are many options, but once again, few get it.

I think that within a few years, they will both be considered as one of the best, at their respective positions. That combination is going to produce alot of victories, I also think it going to produce championships, for the simple reason that they both get it, Pagano has established the blueprint and Grigson is going to provide the talent, it's not a question of if, but when, it is going to happen.

The final piece of the equation is Andrew Luck, I think many people have a common mindset, when it comes to the NFL and refuse to change......will not......ain't gonna happen and that would be the very simple answer to why so many teams struggle on a yearly basis and if they are lucky enough to have some success, it's short lived. I believe that having a great QB, inhances your chances of success, at least in the regular season, if you have a great QB, you will have a chance to win most every game you play, but doesn't always lead to championships, there are just as many, if not more teams , who have won championships with a good or very good QB, as teams that have had a great one, a great QB does not guarantee anything more than alot of wins, but it is sure great to have one. It makes the goal, much easier to reach, I feel Luck will be the best QB in NFL history, when he hangs up his cleats, he was born with alot of god given talent, but he also has the desire to be the best and a person also has to have the makeip, to do whatever it takes, to make that happen, there have been many great QB's in the leagues history, all of them had some flaw, whether it was not being a great athlete, alot of the great QB's were not considered great athletes, some had the physical tools, but didn't have the mental makeup, that others had, some had the mental makeup, but lacked some of the physical tools, some had all of that, but not the leaders to get them where they wanted to go. Luck is as flawless of a QB as I have witnessed, he has the size, the mental makup, the athletisism and that desire, with along with the 2 leaders, will make this era, extremly sucessfull.

The final part of the equation, is everyone else, you can get talent and coach talent, but they still have to make it happen, they are the ones who are playing the games, they are on the field and have to perform at a championship level, if they don't to their part, the team will have sucess, but they will not be elite, the blueprint and finding the right kind of players, will limit the odds of players, not performing at that level.

The "other" variable is luck and that does not refer to the QB, I have seen the last era come up short a few times, by a bad call, a missed field goal, an unexplained tackle, a turnover,etc.... so it doesn't hurt have to have a little luck going for you. With those 3 "keys" in place, this team is going to win a lot of games and the x-factor that is there, will very likely produce some happy moments for Colts fans in the years to come, with multiple championships.......how many??? This is a different era than it was for some of the other dynasties in the league.....Browns...Packers...Steelers, even the more recent.......Cowboys.....49ers....patriots, it will be fun to watch it all develope, on paper, this team is set up to be one of the best in recent history, if not the best

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I remember my college coach saying yes sometimes luck just happens but you can also create your own luck playing hard, practicing hard and working hard (films, lifting and such).

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Guest NDColts!!


This article is one of the best reads I've seen in a while. May I add a simple comment that all of the mentioned is hard to find in all and can only happen if the men all accept it.

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I agree with NDColts!! One of the best articles I have read , I pray you are right COLTS7 about winning multiple championships as I am sick and tired off my mates that are pats fans saying we are going to suck for years without Peyton and how we are a second rate team in a poor division.

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thanks, as I mentioned very few teams get it, so we are near the top of the list already, that is why I said on paper, we are set up for success, alot of things factor into it and can happen. The Manning era was also set up pretty nice and I think bad luck was the biggest factor is the lack of championships...people feel like we make our own luck................Vanderjagt made a bunch of big field goals for the team and had the highest success rate in NFL history, but he missed a really big one....Roethlisberger tackles Harper when he had nothing but open field in front of him...a QB?? Manning throws a pick-six in the 2nd super bowl, even back when Bailey had the ball fall on his chest but couldn't secure it.......some of those defy logic

 As far as your *s fan/friends, I would think they would be carefull about running their mouth, the Brady era is nearing a close and they just might not get lucky (pun intended) with his eventual replacement, they could be looking at some non-playoff/championship years in the very near future, but my guess is they will always talk about the past success......this group made the playoffs in year #1 and there is alot of things that are going to get alot better, before its all said and done

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Ahh Colts7 and Coryatt also had a pick six but the ball bounced off his pads.  Same game Crockett was within inches of a TD but went down!  That's why they play the game!

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i actually researched those big games and did a blog about them a while back, there were many games that we almost had, just didn't get it done, a few breaks and we could have had another ring or 2 or.................

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