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How will the roster shape up (summary)



On offense, it all starts around Luck, when you have a QB as great as he is, you will have a chance to win any game, any sunday. There are plenty of weapons in the passing game and the 2 TE's will probably be featured more this year, along with the running game becoming more of a priority, Bradshaw will give that a boost, teaming with Ballard to give us a very good duo, the O-line was the area that really needed to be upgraded and it was, time will tell, if it was upgraded enough. Heyward-Bey, I think is going to thrive in this system, Allen and Hilton both had great rookie seasons and will really play at a high level, Fleener will be become much more of a factor, with the hope that Brazill and Whalen can produce, when needed

On defense, there are alot of questions, many new faces via free agency, who are expected to and counted on to perform, how well they perform will dictate how well the defense plays. The NT position will be an area that will be significantly better and the line as a whole has alot of bodies to use in the rotation, even without a standout player, should play at a much higher level. Having Angerer back and healthy, will make a difference and somebody needs to step up opposite Mathis and provide sacks. The secondary, at safety is as good as it gets and Toler will be the key at CB, if he performs like expected, that will make that group, very solid and if him and Davis both play at a high level, they can be one of the best groups in the league.

The kicking game is very good, with the hopes that the new special teams coach can provide the team, with a long overdue ability to be at least, above average. The return game was better and the addition of Williams, could be the type of game changing player, that also has been missing for years.

The offense has a new look and attitude and will be more balanced and one of the best in the league, the special teams will be better, hopefully much better and the defense will also be better and will be the determining factor at how far this team goes, if all the new players play at a high level, which is probably not realisitc, but..................

this team can compete with any team in the NFL


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