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How will the roster shape up (DB-K's)



CB: Davis-Toler-Butler-Vaughn-Gordy

Davis had a very good first year with the team and more is expected this year, has the ability to be one of the best? Toler is somewhat unproven, but has all the tools to be a very good player and has looked great....Butler is one of the better #3 CB's around.....Vaughn has been targeted by some, he isn't a great player and probably not starting material, but as a #4 CB, I think has some value....Gordy adds depth and is very good on the special teams

S: Bethea-Landry-Lefeged-Boyett

Bethea has been the glue in this group for years and is one the best in the league....Landry is a force , who can be an impact player and hits like a LB............Lefeged is a depth player and one of the best special team performers......Boyett, if healthy, is a big time hitter who excells in run support and has that ....not on my watch attitude

grade: B+

P- McAfee

bounced back from a subpar year and had a great season and still can fine tune his game and improve

K: Vinatieri

entering season #19, may not be elite, but is still one of the better clutch kickers

LS: Overton

took over for long time snapper Snow


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