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  1. Patrick was signed to be a starter, White wasn't. It's different.
  2. Quincy injury more serious then we thought?
  3. We are NOT turning on Ballard already. He's our savior.
  4. It seemed like the TE did more harm than good for Castanzo.
  5. I had high hopes for LeRaven.
  6. I was relaxed until Kelly got hurt. Now I'm just pessimistic. Seeing Hankins, Woods and Anderson get bullied sucked.
  7. Why are Melvin and Mitchell playing
  8. He's shown so much improvement that he's trying to learn a different position.. I don't think TJ is a good football player, I just don't. I hope he proves me wrong that'd be awesome. I haven't talked about Dorsett on these forums in a long time also.
  9. Well holy * %. Terrible.
  10. Just wanna say that i hope TJ has success either at SS or CB. Or anywhere really. Just because I don't think he's a good player, doesn't mean I don't want him to succeed.
  11. One play. Even a blind squirell finds a nut once in awhile.
  12. Okay he wasnt great in coverage. That doesn't mean he didn't have great college tape. And that doesn't erase how many defensive stops he had his rookie year. You talk about coverage and that's it, and just ignore everything else. Collins college tape and rookie season were better than TJs. Period. I don't know what you're trying to prove here. Lol okay. Since I have to be perfectly correct, they shouldn't even be in the same sentence together.
  13. Different situations entirely. Collins had great college tape, Green didn't. Collins had the 7th most defensive stops his rookie year, Green definitely didn't. Collins showed flashes his rookie year, Green didn't. So no, just because Collins did it, doesn't mean Green can. One was drafted as a football player, the other was drafted as an athlete. Its different and I have no idea why Colts fans can't realize that. Im not trying to hate on TJ Green, I'm just being unbiased and realistic.
  14. I'm just saying in general. We all need to stop comparing them.

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