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  1. Everyone

    It all came down to this...

    It is what it is, 2nd play of the game if Mack would've cut right/outside he wouldve likely had a long TD. Just wasn't the Colts day, still a great season.
  2. Everyone

    Andrew Luck outdoors...

    Scared Chiefs fans looking for hope I guess.
  3. I think his crossbody TD to Inman last wee was just as impressive as this play.
  4. I think the Colts would have the advantage in that matchup, Colts D is light years better than the Chiefs.
  5. Everyone

    What makes Leonard so good?

  6. Everyone

    Any news on Jalen Collins?

    If Haeg is good to go they need the spot, my guess is they would probably make a cut somewhere else if they feel the need to add another TE. It all depends on if Swoope, Cox and Hewitt can get/stay healthy.
  7. Everyone

    Any news on Jalen Collins?

    Roster spot will likely be used for Haeg
  8. Everyone

    With Keanu Neal out for year, how about....

    Or, and hear me out, they could just sign Eric Reid....
  9. Everyone

    The Path to 53(Cut Discussion Thread)

    Thanks, my mistake.
  10. Everyone

    The Path to 53(Cut Discussion Thread)

    Sure but it's not like three are a bunch of Smiths on the team. I think its easy to know who we're talking about with guy like Walker and McCain.
  11. Everyone

    The Path to 53(Cut Discussion Thread)

    looks like McCain may be out
  12. Everyone

    How about a little Demarco Murray?

    Might as well see if Edge will dust off his cleats....
  13. Everyone

    Takeaway from Ravens game.

    There's a big difference between a QB sneak and a designed run, you should probably learn the difference. I didn't like the call either but who cares, its preseason.