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  1. Will Holden is expected to sign with the Colts soon. Holden was a 2017th 5th round pick by the Arizona Cardinals out of Vanderbilt, but was cut back on the 2nd of September. He started 5 games for the Cardinals last year, and played in 7 total. Pre-draft he was projected to be 3rd to 4th round draft pick but fell a bit more than expected. SBNation wrote over the summer that "Cardinals’ 2017 fifth-round pick Will Holden made five starts last season, struggling in the beginning before making big strides in the season finale." https://www.revengeofthebirds.com/2018/6/24/17499072/arizona-cardinals-offensive-line-outlook-for-2018 Funnily enough, Holden was cut to make space for Cardinals to claim Vujnovich after we cut him.
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