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  1. Will Holden is expected to sign with the Colts soon. Holden was a 2017th 5th round pick by the Arizona Cardinals out of Vanderbilt, but was cut back on the 2nd of September. He started 5 games for the Cardinals last year, and played in 7 total. Pre-draft he was projected to be 3rd to 4th round draft pick but fell a bit more than expected. SBNation wrote over the summer that "Cardinals’ 2017 fifth-round pick Will Holden made five starts last season, struggling in the beginning before making big strides in the season finale." https://www.revengeofthebirds.com/2018/6/24/17499072/
  2. Very surprised. Keep thinking it must be bc they simply don't see him recovering this season. Thought of him as one of our better players on defense and looked forward to him returning. Side note, props to Grigson for his contract structure.
  3. What are your grounds for believing so?
  4. @Superman, @twfish, @OffensivelyPC Just wanted to leave a comment expressing my appreciation for these write-ups. Find them great - Thanks for doing them!
  5. That's not what I said, and that's not what you said. Simply pointing out that his cap hit from a rookie contract is irrelevant to the whole discussion
  6. He was on his rookie contract in 2016, so I don't see how that is relevant at all
  7. Not sure if already posted, but this article on Chris Ballard is quite interesting. http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/football/bears/chi-greg-gabriel-chris-ballard-ryan-pace-20150108-story.html Doesn't sound like the type of guy who would stay with Pagano
  8. This statement sounded great to my ears. Nothing definite about keeping (them) at all.
  9. Thank you very much for the clarification. That certainly helps.
  10. A point I struggle to understand in these debates is how it seems as if it is taken for granted that Pagano's extension from last year is "guaranteed". That signing him to another four years means four years of pay regardless. I understand these contracts don't work the same way as a player's contract and that it is in theory a more secure contract. How come one is able to draw this conclusion? How do we know there might not be off-setting language in the contract of sorts? Especially considering the pressure Pagano was under last year at this time when signing the new contract and therefore t
  11. Nitpicking, but a quick Google search gives me that Butler is 5-10, 188. Tyrann Mathieu in comparison is 5-9, 186. Smaller side for sure, but possible
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