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  1. You can sure tell that it's offseason when some football fans turn into fashion designers. C'mon, guys. The Colts already have the classiest unis in the NFL, both home and away. Leave a good thing alone.
  2. If they keep The Brisket, the odds are that they're waiting for next year's draft for a QB. Let's just hope and pray that JB only sees the field in garbage time, running out the last two minutes on the clock with a nice, fat Colts lead.
  3. Chad Kelly has the best chance out of all of those choices unless Rivers plays one more year, or unless somehow Justin Herbert magically falls to the Colts in the second round. But if we're going to dream, let's dream big: Colts go winless in 2020, get the #1 pick, draft Lawrence, and live happily ever after.
  4. And it's also "coronavirus", not "cornoavirse", but sometimes you have to suspend all knowledge of the rules of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure that you learned by the 6th grade in order to read this bored board. [And please pardon the Oxford comma in that run-on sentence. Sometimes I just can't help myself.]
  5. I have to go with Herbert if he is still on the board at #13. Give us the QB who played in a competitive conference like the Pac-12 over a guy from the Mountain West any day. While a team's record is isn't just on their QB alone, Oregon's only losses were close games against Auburn and Oregon State, while Love's Aggies were going 7-5 against a much weaker division, losing to the likes of Wake Forest and Air Force, then losing to Kent State in something called The Frisco Bowl. Herbert led his team to an 11-2 record against better teams, then winning a squeaker against Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl. Sorry. This is no contest.
  6. All that QB room would get the Colts would be a five- or six-win season and a draft pick in the "teens" next year. I don't think a battle between JB and Mariota to see who sucks less is a winning strategy. Unless they pick up Tannehill in FA, Carr in a favorable trade deal, or find Herbert miraculously dropping to #13, this upcoming season has all the makings of a flaming dumpster.
  7. And you know what leads to winning? A QB who can get the ball more than five yards downfield without overthrowing it or killing a few worms with it.
  8. At least Santa delivers a bit of joy, if only once a year.
  9. No GM in his right mind is going to trade anything for a backup QB who will never be anything more than what he was last season. Ballard may be trying to shop JB, but he will have to be sacrificed to the salary cap gods. His future in football is to be picked up by some team that is desperate for a backup QB, or in the XFL.
  10. Agreed. Let's face it. The Brissett era in Indy is over. Rivers may be nearing the end of his career, but he would be a huge improvement over JB. I can certainly see the Colts taking Rivers on a two-year deal, drafting Eason with that #34 pick, and letting him back up Rivers, while keeping Kelly as a potential backup in case disaster strikes. As far as FA/trade QB options I would consider a trade for Carr or picking up Tannehill (if the Titans can't come to terms with him) as the only two real options if they can't work a deal with Rivers.
  11. Dammit! Someone has leaked Chris Ballard's double-secret strategy for locking down the #1 pick in the 2021 draft!
  12. Agreed. A 3-tech who can consistently push the pocket up the middle will improve the sack numbers for the outside guys. I would love me some Brown or Kinlaw, but will either of them still be on the board at #13? I see a lot of mocks that have both of them gone by #10.
  13. The upside to picking up either Winston or Bridgewater would be that you could pretty much sit anywhere you like on game day and put your feet up on the empty seats in front of you. It would be nice and quiet in there too, so you could watch another game on your iPhone or read a book.
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