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  1. I would really like to see him take some punt returns. That could be really entertaining.
  2. Maybe not any home runs, but Pittman and Taylor were both solid, line-drive doubles off the left field fence. The rest are pretty much unknown quantities at the moment, but I'm intrigued by Rodgers' speed and elusiveness, and what he might contribute in the return game. As ol' Al Davis used to say, "You can't teach speed."
  3. It's probably going to be some team like JAX. Baltimore and KC are already going to be heavy favorites against the Colts. There always seems to be a loss against some bunch of hapless slappies like the Jags that the Colts should beat, but they have a letdown and find a way to lose. That one unexpected loss could mean the difference of making the playoff or going home.
  4. No, he will learn primarily from his coaches, not from Mack. Mack's job is to keep his roster spot, not run a school for rookie running backs. If Mack mentors him by helping him adjust to life in the NFL, great. Just don't expect him to be out there coaching him up or reading him bedtime stories from the playbook. I also don't think the term "starter" has as much meaning as it used to. The depth chart may say one thing, but both of these guys should be prepared to take the first offensive snap of every game, barring injury.
  5. I think we should send flowers and a box of chocolates to the Packers, thanking them for taking the other J. Love option off the table. This one looks like a better prospect.
  6. I'm sorry, Love fans, but I just don't see Ballard giving up anything for any questionable QB who might sit for a couple of years and take some "garbage time" snaps behind Rivers. There are too many other holes to fill right now, especially WR, CB, and possibly OT and TE. There isn't a true "franchise" QB prospect after Burrow, Tua, and possibly Herbert are off the board. JB is still on the roster, at least as of today, and carrying a third QB on the 53-man roster just doesn't make a whole lot of sense. If I was betting on this, my money would be on the best available WR with #34, and the best available CB with #44. Using #44 for Kmet wouldn't break my heart either.
  7. Roster churn is a way of life in the NFL, and Ballard seems to understand this as well as any GM out there. The average length of an NFL "career" is only 3.3 years, so that means lots of roster changes every season. IF your roster has a core of a half-dozen guys who last five or more years, playing at a high level, you may have a team that can challenge for a playoff spot. The rest are just JAGs -- good enough to play, but not good enough (or lucky enough to avoid injuries) to last much beyond the average.
  8. Those Super Bowls have a halftime show? Who knew? I knew that they gave us an extended potty break time, and they allowed plenty of extra time to get the drinks and snacks ready for the second half. It's football, man! It's already the best entertainment a guy could ask for. Who needs a stinkin' halftime show? Oh, and could you pass the wings?
  9. I think we throw that term "franchise" around pretty loosely these days. Those are really rare birds -- Rodgers, Brady, Mahomes, and a small number of others, many in the twilight of their careers. A true franchise QB is a guy you build your franchise around. Just because a guy is your starter doesn't make him a franchise QB. The Colts have had one true franchise QB in their years in Indy (and would have had two if Luck had stuck around a bit longer). The rest, as much as we've loved 'em or hated 'em, have been JAGs. There is really only one "franchise" prospect in the 2020 draft (Burrow), and maybe a second (Tua, if he can keep all of his body parts working). The rest? Maybe someone will rise to the occasion. Maybe not. Who knows?
  10. Nah. Watson is more helpful to the Colts right where he is.
  11. Kirkpatrick's best years are behind him now, and his availability and productivity have dropped way off over the last couple of years. Bringing him in for "competition" just takes away a camp roster spot for someone who may be a better bet in the long run.
  12. I'm hoping they go WR and TE in the 2nd. Getting Kmet with #44 wouldn't break my heart.
  13. He's your basic nightmare no matter where you line him up. Houston has to be licking his chops over the "clean-up" sacks he sees coming.
  14. You can sure tell that it's offseason when some football fans turn into fashion designers. C'mon, guys. The Colts already have the classiest unis in the NFL, both home and away. Leave a good thing alone.
  15. If they keep The Brisket, the odds are that they're waiting for next year's draft for a QB. Let's just hope and pray that JB only sees the field in garbage time, running out the last two minutes on the clock with a nice, fat Colts lead.
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