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  1. Yup. Everyone was high on him when the Colts drafted him, but he never really played up to the level of his Ohio State highlight tape. I hope things work out for him, but certainly understand the Colts need to move on from him, especially after the injury last year.
  2. https://coltswire.usatoday.com/2021/05/14/indianapolis-colts-eric-fisher-contract-voidable-year-2022/
  3. Adam Shefter is reporting that it's a one-year deal at $9.4 million. There may be some cap management voodoo going on with it though, so the details could still be a bit murky. If he comes back close to his Pro Bowl form, it's a bargain, and if not, there isn't any long-term cap damage. I think he is certainly worth the gamble.
  4. Leno looks like a no-brainer. He was a cap casualty in Chicago, and seems to have plenty of mileage left in him. And what about Villanueva? Is he a viable option?
  5. Seems like a good guy, and I wish him the best, but it just doesn't make sense to burn a roster spot and pay a lot for guy run the QB sneak or some gadget play a couple of times per game. I look for Miami to use that first-round pick on a QB, call it a day with Tua, and have Brissett start the first few games this season before turning it over to the new kid. Maybe Eason is the right #2 guy, and maybe not. Guess we'll all know more after we see what the Colts do in FA and the draft.
  6. Picking up Buckner was a no-brainer. The Colts could have drafted a d-lineman and hoped that he turned out to be a Pro Bowl-caliber stud, but instead they just hired a proven beast. Acquiring Rivers may have been more important overall to team success (what kind of disaster would this season have been with Brisket still under center?), but Buckner may be the best player, regardless of position, on the team.
  7. Dammit! Someone has leaked Chris Ballard's double-secret strategy for locking down the #1 pick in the 2021 draft!
  8. Agreed. A 3-tech who can consistently push the pocket up the middle will improve the sack numbers for the outside guys. I would love me some Brown or Kinlaw, but will either of them still be on the board at #13? I see a lot of mocks that have both of them gone by #10.
  9. The upside to picking up either Winston or Bridgewater would be that you could pretty much sit anywhere you like on game day and put your feet up on the empty seats in front of you. It would be nice and quiet in there too, so you could watch another game on your iPhone or read a book.
  10. Mechanics are not "metrics". But then, I wouldn't expect you to know the difference.
  11. The only statistics that count are "traditional statistics". And what are those better metrics? Do you give him "style points" for heaving up a particularly nice spiral that gets picked?
  12. I think MTC was comparing his on-field performance to Winston. He's probably a good kid with his head screwed on straight, but this last season he threw 17 INTs against 20 TDs.
  13. I would rather endure another season of JB than invest a pick -- any pick -- in Love. Come to think of it, I'd rather get a root canal every week, without anesthetic, than see Love under center for the Colts.
  14. Good grief! Just roll the dice in the draft, FA, or trade and pick up something -- anything -- but don't waste a season trying to recycle Brissett or Winston and think you can magically turn either one of them into a franchise QB. Nobody wants to pay to see that, and there would be lots of empty seats at LOS. I think Ballard is smarter than that.
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