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  1. I'm afraid we're probably stuck with The Brisket for the foreseeable future. There isn't a "proven" NFL QB on the FA list outside of a few guys -- namely Manning, Brees and Rivers -- who are in the twilight of their careers and more likely to retire than sign with the Colts. Aside from those three, the only name that stands out is Tannehill, and I doubt that the Titans are going to let him walk after what he's shown that he can do with a pretty good team around him. The rest of the names on that list are pretty much a bunch of Slappys. As much as it might pain us Colts fans to watch it, a good 2-14 meltdown next season could be the best thing to happen to this team since 2011.
  2. This poll needs a "None of the above" option. What we really need is a "Tank-for-Tevor" season. Get Bortles, or Ossweiler, or even Johnny Football, go 0-16, then draft Trevor Lawrence in 2021. Problem solved.
  3. He didn't just allude to it. He clearly stated it.
  4. Oh, please, no. Bridgewater isn't a franchise QB any more than Brisket is. That would be one miserable decade of failure, and I certainly wouldn't pay to see that.
  5. The Colts have a passing game? Who knew?
  6. Cain looked like TY Hilton on the practice field, but played like Paris Hilton on game day. At least she was able to get open once in a while.
  7. A terrible thing to happen to anyone, but it's especially tragic because it happened to a young man with tremendous talent who potentially could have gone #1 in the draft. It's also a reminder of how one seemingly simple decision can impact an entire lifetime. Let's all hope and pray that he can make a full recovery and continue to pursue his dreams of a career in the NFL.
  8. Lots of starters out, and a lot of rookies and 2nd/3rd-year guys not playing up to the levels where they were drafted.
  9. Is there anything in the NFL rule book that outlaws the use of snow-making machines? Just get some of them for LOS, turn off the heat, and leave the roof open after Halloween. Two or three feet of good packed powder should do the trick.
  10. I think it's a fairly safe bet that no one on West 56th is listening to you, no matter what train you're on.
  11. We also ditched DirecTV, so no more Sunday Ticket. Sad, because DirecTV was designed right there in Indianapolis by Thomson, but AT&T isn't the most customer-friendly company, and when your "cable" bill is approaching $300/month it's time for it to go. I'll just catch the Colts games vs. Titans, and whatever else comes on during prime time. Hard to get excited enough about the Luck-less Colts to put up with that DTV bill.
  12. They can bail on that Brissett contract after this season without taking too much of a cap hit. If he works out, great. If not, no big loss.
  13. I'm pretty sure that other teams are scouring the waiver wire. And maybe that was the plan all along. I think most of us suspect that the Colts took Chad on, at least partially, as a favor to Jim Kelly, giving his nephew one last chance to salvage his NFL career. The hope may have been that Chad could at least show enough talent and an improvement in maturity that some team needing a backup or a practice squad QB would pick him up when he was inevitably cut at the end of preseason. Then the plan went up in puff of smoke. With the QB depth chart blown to smithereens just two weeks from the first real game, what do you do? You have a starting QB who may or may not be up to the task. You sign a veteran backup, who is probably the best guy you could get on short notice, but signed to a longer contract than the two weeks that the fans wanted. And you've got "the project" kid, who balled out in preseason, but the Colts don't seem to trust him enough yet to put him in the co-pilot's seat. So, do you keep three QBs on the 53, which means you carry one less of something else? Or do you take your chances that Kelly will clear waivers and go to the practice squad? I suppose we'd better leave that decision to Ballard and Reich, because none of us have Jack B. Diddlysquat to say about it.
  14. I suspect that the strategy is to slip Kelly by waivers and onto the PS after he serves out his sentence in Goodell's Bad Boy Pokey, hoping that, two weeks into the season, no one is watching too closely. The Brissett deal, as much as it's been hyped, is really not much more than a one-year "prove it" deal with a second-year option for the team. The Colts have pretty much just bought themselves a year to sort things out and decide what to do with Kelly at that point.
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