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  1. HarryTheCat

    AAF league

    I just don't get the whole developmental league thing. The NFL already has several "developmental leagues" -- like the SEC, Big-10, Pac-12, etc. Most of the players on these AAF teams are guys who played a few snaps here and there or hung around on a practice squad with an NFL team and didn't make it. So far, some of the games have been entertaining, but the quality of play, particularly at QB, just isn't all that good. Whatever it is, it still beats watching basketball.
  2. HarryTheCat

    Stampede Blue on Braden Smith

    I don't think the Colts saw Smith as a tackle at all, but a guy with potential who could possibly develop into their starting RG in 2019. When Fate stepped in a forced them to play Smith at RT, Smith seized the opportunity and made believers out of most of us.
  3. HarryTheCat

    How good was Tarik Glenn

    People didn't appreciate just how good Tarik was until Tony Ugoh came along.
  4. HarryTheCat

    Marcus Johnson

    That ankle was at least his second "unfortunate injury" since he was a UDFA in 2016. He has a grand total of 12 touches --- 11 receptions for 147 yards, one rushing attempt for -2 yards, and one touchdown to show for his three years in the NFL. I wouldn't expect to see him make the 53-man roster, or even the practice squad.
  5. HarryTheCat

    Andrew's supporting cast

    Yup. What Luck did was pretty incredible when you consider who he had for targets. Doyle going down really had to hurt. Ebron surprised everybody, TY was his usual "studly" self despite double coverage and playing through pain, and Inman was a nice addition. The rest were more like the Seven Dwarfs.
  6. Bell is a great player, but he's also something of a diva. I just don't see Ballard having any interest in paying the $20MM (or so) per year that Bell seems to think he's worth.
  7. HarryTheCat

    Details on the Glowinski Contract....

    Could Glowinski have tested the FA market and come away with a fatter contract? Probably. But I think he took what he (and his agent) felt was a fair offer rather than going off to a new situation where there are a lot more unknowns. After dropping down the depth chart and eventually being waived by Seattle, his early career was a pretty bumpy ride. The starting RG roster spot in Indy must look pretty good to him right now, and we're certainly glad to have him.
  8. HarryTheCat

    Darius Leonard Wins DROY

    PFF's Top 101 NFL Players list is out, with Leonard listed at #76. Now, here's the head-scratcher: They have Leighton Vander Esch listed at #58, and Derwin James at #32. How in the world do LVE and James show up higher on the list than the guy who beat them out for DROY? Oh, wait...it's PFF. Never mind.
  9. HarryTheCat

    Question About Mack

    1) I think you just answered your own question. ---and--- 2) Unless your signature is on his game checks, Marlon Mack doesn't owe you "proof" of Jack B. Squat.
  10. I think a good case could be made for Philip Dorsett being #1 on this list. Sure, he sucked, but we did get Jacoby Brissett for him.
  11. Dang it! I had five bucks on the "under" at 13 before someone brought up Hank Baskett. Where were you two hours ago?
  12. Just for clarification, the Colts are in the Top 5 -- according to Bleacher Report --- and we all know what that's worth. It was nice of them to mention the Colts in that context, however, let's see what the team looks like after the draft and FA before we start hanging another banner.
  13. HarryTheCat

    Andrew Luck Wins Comeback POTY

    After everything that Luck put into rehabbing his shoulder, this is well deserved. None of the others under consideration mean as much to their teams as Luck means to the Colts.
  14. HarryTheCat

    Darius Leonard Wins DROY

    If anyone else had won DROY it should have triggered a Congressional investigation. It wouldn't surprise me at all to see him earn DPOY, even as early as next year. There are undoubtedly a number of GMs out there tonight who are still kicking themselves for letting a Top Ten (or higher!) talent like The Maniac slip through to the Colts in the 2nd round.
  15. HarryTheCat

    Three Stories on the Website Right Now!

    One thing is certain: No matter who the Colts draft at #26, half of this forum will blow up, fully convinced that Ballard has just killed our chances of making a Super Bowl in the next decade. The other half will be equally convinced that he just drafted a can't-miss future Hall of Famer who will take us to the Promised Land. But that's what makes this forum fun and worth reading. Colts fans are passionate about their team now, not like the early days in Indy when a touchdown would elicit a polite "golf clap" from the 50,000 or so customers in the seats. We're a bit rowdy. We yell at the field. We yell at our TV screens. And we yell at each other here. And it's all great fun. Go Colts!