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  1. HarryTheCat

    USA Today Writer releases predictions

    Locker room material? Nah. The last documented instance of someone actually reading a USA Today sports page was in 1993 when some guy in Minnesota accidentally read a couple of pages while cleaning fish.
  2. HarryTheCat

    The Reich Stuff

    I just happened to see it on the schedule this morning and set it up to record. Hope it's good.
  3. HarryTheCat

    NY Giants get Beal

    There is a deep crop of CBs coming up in next year's draft. No real potential superstars have emerged yet, but there are some solid Round 3 and 4 prospects that could easily be better bets than Beal. There are also a lot of projected 2nd rounders that could easily drop to 3rd. I think Beal may have just been the shiniest object in an otherwise dull little group and I'm just as happy that the Colts still have all of their picks to use next year instead of spending it on a supplemental draft guy this year.
  4. HarryTheCat

    Supplemental Draft Preview

    There may be better options available when roster cutdown time rolls around. Was Sam Beal really worth a high 3rd round pick?
  5. HarryTheCat

    Kung Fu Kemoko

    It could come in handy if he makes it onto the 53-man roster. I suspect he'll get a lot of special teams snaps.
  6. HarryTheCat

    NFL removes Color Rush

    Every team should get together and burn all of those "color rush" unis from last season in one huge bonfire. Those stupid unis belong on roller derby teams, not in the NFL. Full-grown men should not be seen in public wearing "onesies".
  7. HarryTheCat

    Robert Turbin Suspended 4 Games

    He claimed that he was just checking to see if she had any crab legs stuffed down her pants.
  8. HarryTheCat

    Sam Beal Pro Day - each team represented

    When this Beal stuff started to surface I watched a lot of his game film. He doesn't tackle all that well -- completely whiffs now and then and seems a bit reluctant to stick his nose in there on a gang tackle. I also don't think I saw him in any zone coverage at all -- all press-man. Does he fit the new Tampa 2/zone scheme?
  9. HarryTheCat

    Robert Turbin Suspended 4 Games

    It's more like we have one guy who was kinda/sorta adequate in a non-starting role last year, one who spent the season on IR, and a couple of guys who have yet to take their first snaps in the NFL. Perhaps this extends the career of Christine Michael by four games?
  10. HarryTheCat

    Colts meeting with VTech CB Adonis Alexander

    That cat's down to his 9th life, and I wouldn't bet much future draft capital on him. I would hate to see the Colts blow anything more than a 7th round pick on him. If he makes it, great. If he doesn't, wasting a 7th round pick isn't that much of a loss anyway.
  11. HarryTheCat

    Colts meeting with VTech CB Adonis Alexander

    Any idea why he is in the supplemental draft? Was he a problem, or was it an academic problem?
  12. HarryTheCat

    Things I love (and hate) about the NFL

    Those Thursday night games are too hard on the players, and I wouldn't miss them one bit. But least we no longer have to see those ridiculous "color rush" clown suits.
  13. HarryTheCat

    Things I love (and hate) about the NFL

    Some of those choreographed, end-zone celebration skits and "look at me!" gestures are annoying. When you get to the end zone, try to act like you've been there before.
  14. HarryTheCat

    Yet another, third, pro football league - Pacific Pro

    I'd love to see some league bring back Spring football. The old USFL actually produced some pretty good, entertaining football, and filled the empty Spring void. They picked off some top talent like Steve Young, Jim Kelly, Reggie White, and Herschel Walker before they folded. It looked for a while like they had a chance of making it until they tried to move to a Fall schedule, up against the NFL. Even some of the old AFL teams struggled at first. The AFL Oakland Raiders only drew 50,000 fans during their entire second year of operation, playing in Candlestick Park, then moved to an 18,000 seat small college stadium for the next few years.
  15. HarryTheCat

    Grigson Lands a Job in Seattle

    Rumor has it that he was named Assistant Executive Director of Gatorade Cooler Management and Towel Laundry. Let's hope he doesn't get the two mixed up.