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  1. HarryTheCat

    TE touchdowns ?

    It's pretty tough to have a big game when you're the only WR the opposing defense has to worry about.
  2. HarryTheCat

    Blue on Blue Uniforms

    I HATE those "color rush" unis with a passion. It is never a good look for full-grown men to be wearing "onesies".
  3. HarryTheCat

    Colts work out Jalen Collins

    Arthur Maulet is probably a bit apprehensive about his future right now. I wouldn't be surprised if Collins is on the active roster by early next week, with Maulet cut and Walker being re-signed to the open slot on the PS.
  4. HarryTheCat

    I can't quite hear Jalen Ramsey...

    I ran that Ramsey quote through Google Translate, and it still didn't make any sense. I think it even broke my Google.
  5. HarryTheCat

    The test for Smith is over: I’m sold

    I don't think RT was ever in the plan for Smith. Early on, it looked like he was being groomed as their future RG, with Slauson starting this year, giving him time to come up to "NFL speed". I suspect that his first reps at RT were an experiment, just to see if he could fill in there in case of emergency. If that really was just an experiment, it has succeeded beyond everyone's wildest expectations. Now, with Glowinski showing good stuff at RG, that line is solid from tackle to tackle.
  6. HarryTheCat

    Stats suggest Steelers better with Conner not Bell

    Then I hope that Mack stays healthy and has a great season. Sorry, I'm just not a Bell fan.
  7. HarryTheCat

    NFL.com Top 10 2018 Rookie Classes

    Leonard was a second rounder, so if Ballard can find talent of that caliber late in the first, we're good.
  8. HarryTheCat

    Will the Colts wear blue pants this season?

    NO. Because full-grown men should not be seen in public wearing "onesies".
  9. HarryTheCat

    Spotrac ranks Indy's free agency class...#1

    What am I missing here? Other than Ebron and some sporadic flashes from Autry, this list isn't very impressive. The best thing about this crop of FAs is that it was cheap and didn't tie the Colts into any long-term cap issues. I guess "bang for the buck" is relative.
  10. HarryTheCat

    Hue Jackson Fired

    When your record over 2 1/2 seasons as the Brownies' HC is 3-36-1 (W 8.33%) you have nowhere to go but out. I was surprised that he got the job to begin with, and even more amazed that he lasted as long as he did.
  11. HarryTheCat

    Antonio Garcia - OT

    Blood Colts can usually be managed with so-called "blood thinner" medications, but they do come with some risk. The most common is warfarin (Coumadin), but there are others out there like apixaban (Eliquis) and enoxaparin sodium (Lovenox), and some don't require frequent INR (clotting) tests. Under normal conditions, they're quite safe, but they can result in excessive bleeding. Colts typically form in the lower legs and can work their way into places where they can cause problems like pulmonary embolisms, myocardial infarctions, and strokes. If he is medically cleared to practice and play, there should be no problems, especially with monitoring by team physicians. Note: I am not a doctor, and didn't even sleep in a Holiday Inn Express last night. But I did sleep with Mrs. Cat, an RN who is very smart and knows a lot about medicine-y stuff.
  12. HarryTheCat

    H.A.M Combo

    This whole thread is Smith, Hilton, Inman, and...ummm...Kemoko. C'mon man. Just stop.
  13. HarryTheCat

    Colts to trade Brissett??

    Yup. Every "name" FA that comes up for grabs brings on a chorus of "OMG! I WANT him!". It could be a 35-year-old, one-legged running back, and they all sound off like a bunch of 13-year-old girls at a Justin Bieber concert.
  14. HarryTheCat

    Colts to trade Brissett??

    I just don't see how you get anything more than a 3rd rounder for Brissett. He's kind of a "Twilight Zone" QB -- not quite good enough to be your starter, but a bit too good to be holding a clipboard. But whatever you get for him, you either have to turn around and use that pick on his replacement or dip into the FA pond for an overpriced veteran. I think the Colts will hold onto him through next season, then evaluate their options when he becomes a free agent.
  15. HarryTheCat

    Quenton Nelson or Darius Leonard

    Tough choice between two guys who look like they will be cornerstones of this team for years to come. Good thing Ballard didn't have to make that choice.