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  1. HarryTheCat

    Philly predictions

    With both teams banged up a bit, it's hard to see which way the outcome goes, but I predict that: *Quenton Nelson gets at least one humiliating pancake on Fletcher Cox and one de-cleater on some poor guy at the second level, causing him to question his career choice. *Darius Leonard and Malik Hooker both get picks. One of 'em goes for six. *We'll see the deep ball from Luck have an impact on the game. *Sheard and Hunt each get a sack. *Play calling, especially on first down, is unpredictable, unlike seasons past. *We'll see an entertaining game, with some further development of some of the young guys on defense.
  2. I seriously doubt that Chris Ballard has even the tiniest shred of interest in running a mental health treatment center, which is exactly the kind of "room" Gordon needs to be in. I do hope the guy gets some help and turns his life around.
  3. Signing Gordon would be like dumping a tub of radioactive waste in the locker room. I don't see any path for him back onto anyone's roster. That cat has used up his ninth life.
  4. HarryTheCat

    Does Jacoby want out of Indy?

    Yes and no. Right now, he's the backup plan in case Luck has to sit out a few plays or miss a game. But if Luck goes down for something more serious, and Brissett is our starting QB, this season is going in the dumpster anyway. If Andrew is still going strong at the end of the season, and some team comes along and offers up a first-round pick for him it could be too tempting to pass up.
  5. HarryTheCat

    Colts Waive TE Erik Swoope

    I think that may have been the problem. He always looked like a guy who could create mismatches but it never really worked out for him. I've always thought he seemed like a good guy who worked his butt off to learn the game, and he did show a lot of raw potential. But he's been here since 2015 and produced 310 yards with one TD. Sadly, I think the Swoope experiment may be over.
  6. HarryTheCat

    How did Henry Anderson not fit our Defensive scheme

    But...but...but...CB is a genius, right? He can gaze into his crystal ball and spot hidden talent that no mere mortal sees. The Nostradamus of draft picks. The Edgar Cayce of free agency. The Da Vinci of the depths of the depth chart. With a flick of the wrist, the grandmaster of roster moves arrays the chess pieces of the practice squad as deftly as Bobby Fischer destroying Boris Spassky in Iceland. Oh, well. At least he's not Grigson.
  7. HarryTheCat

    With Keanu Neal out for year, how about....

    I'm pretty sure the Ballard would have to suffer some pretty severe brain damage before he'd even entertain the thought of that deal.
  8. HarryTheCat

    How will the D stop Mixon and Green?

    Don't worry. They'll be stopped cold when the game clock says 00:00 in the fourth quarter.
  9. HarryTheCat

    Bengals score predictions.

    Bengals 27, Colts 13. The Colts have yet to show that they can run and stop the run, and with Turbin out it only gets worse. TY is the only legitimate WR threat, and defenses can double him all day. If the Colts have to load the box to slow down Cincy's ground game, they'll turn Andy Dalton into Joe Montana.
  10. HarryTheCat

    Biggest surprise of roster cuts

    Depending on how this year's crop goes, Ballard could even turn out to be Chris Polian 2.0.
  11. HarryTheCat

    Biggest surprise of roster cuts

    And we've all seen how brilliantly successful Ballard has been in the FA market. He's starting to look like Grigson 2.0.
  12. HarryTheCat

    Biggest surprise of roster cuts

    Not only the locker room, but the next crop of FAs will certainly think twice before signing in Indy.
  13. HarryTheCat

    Successful season

    Anything 6-10 or better, with Luck playing in all 16 games and staying healthy, would be a good season for the Colts. There are still far too many holes on both offense and defense to be hopeful for anything more than that. The jury is still out on Ballard's first two drafts, and there hasn't been much FA value taken at all.
  14. HarryTheCat

    Why is Luck not considered top 100?

    ESPN is becoming irrelevant in the world of sports. They have nothing of importance to add, so they've resorted to producing meaningless click bait articles to get you to visit their site. They probably know less about the Colts than they know about quantum physics. Luck and Hilton probably should have made their silly list, but the opinion of some pathetic little ESPN writer doesn't count for diddly squat in the grand scheme of things.
  15. HarryTheCat


    If you watched any "film" breakdown of Smith's performance at RT against the Ravens, there was a lot to like about his play at that position. OK, his arms are too short, he's inexperienced at the position, he's a rookie, etc., etc., etc. But take a look at the tape, and you'll see that the kid flat played his *** off against a pretty good defensive front. There were just a handful of plays where he didn't clearly win the one-on-one battles, but even then there were no catastrophic mistakes. Just cut Howard, cut your losses, and start Smith.