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  1. 1 hour ago, EastStreet said:

    Just a note, Glow started last week, but only played 35% of snaps. Reed had 65%. Not sure if they did every other series and that's just how it worked out, or if they intended the percentile split or changed things situationally.



  2. Not discounting what Rivers did for the Colts at all (he was great), but I think Wentz is a much better fit for this team. 


    It's clear Wentz's arm is better, and his mobility has been sorely missed. I personally would like to see a lot more bootlegs, and QB rollouts to take advantage of this. 


    Just gotta get him to slide and be a tad more careful instead of throwing his body around. I love him picking up 1st down with his legs, just hate holding my breath when he does it lol. 

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  3. 16 minutes ago, stitches said:

    I sure as hell am glad this forum or the general public are not deciding when we are going for it and when we are not. Frank seems to have some of the best people behind him in this domain and he has been one of the better coaches making decisions on 4th down, 2pt conversions, etc. If fans were deciding how sports are played we would still be watching post-ups galore and long-2s in the NBA, we'd probably be going 65% rush in the NFL, etc. The general public's intuitions are incredibly bad about what is a good/efficient play and what is not. Those intuitions in huge majority of cases are very much influenced by what those people have gotten used to watching throughout their lives, what they've seen succeed in the past(without ever having seen an alternative in most cases), etc. It's incredibly hard to tell people something they've thought and accepted as the indisputable truth for their whole lives is wrong. Eh... I can't wait until those type of decisions become so mainstream, that we won't have a thread about it every week just like nobody talks about why you shouldn't one dribble into a long 2 instead of shooting the catch and shoot 3 anymore. 






  4. 9 hours ago, EastStreet said:

    Randall is the better of the two if we're looking for FS help. 

    Addae is not bad SS depth, just not a no-brainer upgrade over what we have. Good guy though.

    And IMO, FS should be our absolute priority right now. 




    Agreed. We got away with having 2 SS's in the niners game since the weather was taking away the passing game for the most part. 

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  5. 7 hours ago, EastStreet said:

    Adding guys we've let go since there's been some buzz...


    • Autry - 60.7 - 5 sacks (tied for 14th in the NFL, and top 20 in pressures), and more than anyone on our roster. TN fans are raving about him.
    • Houston - 69.7 - 3 sacks, as much as anyone on our DL, in a limited time share role with Oweh.
    • Walker - 69.0 - higher grade and much better passer rating allowed than Oke. AW has only one missed T, while Oke has 7
    • Chester Rogers - 57.3 - grade isn't great, but better than Pascal and Dulin... Similar production to Pascal. Only 1 drop vs Pascal's 3
    • Hooker - 54.4 - not a great grade, but our Ss aren't grading great either. Looks to be playing more SS than FS based on the snap counts I've seen, and low DADOT.


    That stings. 


    Autry was better than he got credit for, and Walker should've never been let go.


    Although Okereke has looked slightly better (eye test - but not hard to improve on where he started) that dude needs to step it up big time. I remember seeing Leonard lacing into him on the sidelines and telling him where he should be. 

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  6. I agree Hines is being used improperly.


    I'm gonna let Hines slide on the dropped pass. It was a monsoon, and even though I think he took his eyes off the pass, I'm sure the slippery ball didn't help. I will say he's been playing scared or something lately, but I can't quite put my finger on what's wrong. Even at RB on the handoff, he gets those happy feet that Manning used to. 


    That said, this team/Reich has got to figure out that Hines and JT are NOT interchangeable. JT is an elite RB between the tackles. We all know Hines is more of a WR than RB and should be used more in the passing game. It drives me insane that he takes JT's snaps and runs up the middle and gets stonewalled most of the time.


    I've said this a million times, but line Hines up at WR sometimes.....good things would happen. Or put both JT and Hines back there and roll them out for passes. At least one of them would be covered by a LB, and they would blow right by them. 


    I'm a big fan of Mack, but I don't like him taking snaps from JT unless JT is gassed from a long run. 

  7. 9 minutes ago, Frenchy789 said:

    Watching Rogers be a reliable wide-out with the Titans is infuriating. Is it because all of our breakout star rookies are going to need tons of cap money to sign deals? 


    An alternative to having a sub-par secondary is to have a ballin' offense that wins by 3-4 scores against much weaker opponents. 


    Why is Trey Burton still a FA? He was great last year and he's a very solid vet we desperately need, especially with how hard the injury bug is, Mo or Doyle goes down and we're screeeewed?


    We let Sammy Watkins slide, Justin Houston as well. We have all this cash and yet still lack depth. 


    Do some players not want to come play and live in Indianapolis for more than a few seasons? What the hell is going on?!?


    Thank goodness people like Nyheim Hines, Jack Doyle and T.Y Hilton exist and a lot of the O-line, spectacular players who also showcase their strong emotional connection to the team. 



    All this cash? 



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  8. Those bootlegs and misdirection plays were annihilating the Colts D. I'm glad the niners quit running them. 


    Plus the Colts run D was really, really bad last night.


    They better figure all this out before they play the Titans.


    They need to blitz a lot more (and send more than 4), cuz the non-existent pass rush is going to lose them more games when they play another good QB. 

  9. 1. Man Wentz is playing great. When he takes off running, I love that he's playing so hard, but also hate how it's so reckless. (Kinda like that other QB we used to have) 

    2. Pittman is SO good. Those hands in that weather for the TD?? Unreal! 

    3. For the 835th time, STOP RUNNING HINES UP THE MIDDLE!!! Line him up at WR and be done with it. I'm not sure what's going on with that guy, but he's been playing like garbage. 

    4. Bout time they start using Big Mo in the game plan! 

    5. Keep running play action!!!! It works. (just ask the Titans) 

    6. This defense gets destroyed on misdirection plays and bootlegs. I don't understand how it can be that bad. Gotta figure that out

    7. Leonard. He's a maaaaniac...maaaaaniac on the field. Those numbers they posted on his first 4 seasons are mind blowing. He's earned every penny of that contract. 

    8. Bagley should really be in the mix for the kicker moving fwd. 

    9. Also, this D better tighten up the run defense A LOT. If they play like last night, Henry is going to have a field day. 

    10. We need some pass rush BAD

    11. I'm sooooooo glad Roidney harrison wasn't part of the halftime show! 


    Now they need to beat the Titans 

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  10. 40 minutes ago, Colt.45 said:

    Even if we bomb, i dont think Wentz is getting shut down. I have come to the understanding that they paid a 1st rounder for Carson and valued that over any 1st round rookie QB because they think Wentz is better.....and that bet might not be wrong. The 1st round pick is going to the Eagles.


    Agreed 100% but..... 



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