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  1. 23 hours ago, crazycolt1 said:

    There are quite a few Lion fans who want Caldwell back and thought he shouldn't have been fired. 

    IMO the Jets should have hired him as well. 


    They enough former Colts as it is lol 

  2. 16 hours ago, holeymoley99 said:

    Not sure Titans are going to be hard to beat twice, losing your best lineman who happens to protect the QB's blindside is a huge loss, we wont know the effects until we see his replacement in action but Id venture to guess Henry wont have as many big games as before....

    Here's hoping! 

  3. 2 hours ago, J@son said:


    that makes Rivers' win percentage 54.6%.  Dan Marino had a bunch of gaudy stats but only 60.1% win percentage, just barely better than Rivers.  Should Marino come out of the hall of fame?  Or can we finally admit that win/loss record is the dumbest way to judge a QB?


    I agree with you 100%. 



    Dan Marino > Phillip Rivers ........... BY LIGHT YEARS 


    I bet The Dolphins Mascot * throws a less awkward looking ball than Rivers 


  4. As much as I don't think he's that great, that's not gonna happen. He's the best option we have unfortunately. 


    At least they are loyal? I mean, look how long they kept Vinatieri.

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  5. 45 minutes ago, Valpo2004 said:

    Bengals W

    Lions W

    Ravens L

    Titans L

    Packers L

    Titans W

    Texans W

    Raiders L

    Texans W

    Steelers L

    Jags W


    That leads to 9 wins - 7 losses.  With expanded playoffs we should make it into the playoffs.


    I agree with this


    They'll get into the playoffs but then get wrecked 

  6. Man, Rivers is just not very good. 


    Having Castanzo out and leaving Leraven Clark alone against Miles Garrett (a lot of the time) is inexcusable. 


    The defense bailed Rivers out (3-4x??) and gave him chances to win the game and he squandered every one. 


    Not sure why they decided to wait to start running the ball until the 2nd half. Reich has an uncanny knack for running the ball too many times in a row as well. Very easy for defense to key in on. 


    Speaking of defense, why the heck did they play so much zone????? They get carved up every single time they do it, yet they keep going back to it. 



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  7. Great post Easy!


    Mixed Feelings for sure.


    Great that they extend drives and eat up clock. They can't expect to win a bunch of games kicking FG's though. 

    Redzone play calling has got to get more creative 

    The constant forcing Hines up the middle has got to change. He's good in space, not between the tackles - we all know this

    They've lost Mack, Campbell(again), Pittmann, Burton just came back - that's a lot to overcome


    I believe Colts rank dead last in the NFL in rushing yards per carry (3.52) - that's pathetic, esp with the O-Line we have.


    I agree with Easy, more passing would certainly open up the run game. Rivers is light years better than Brisket, but he needs to to do more. 200 yards a game is leaning on the run game. He's called a few plays at the line to get us in a good situation, but he (didn't change the play) and ran the RB into stacked boxes as well. 



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