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  1. 3 hours ago, Shive said:

    I honestly think that's the point of this visit.


    I'm not convinced that is the case. I think there's a ton of pressure and criticism in the wake of not addressing LT in the draft and he has to publicly commit to the guy that is slotted in at LT1 at the moment. His statements about Tevi have been followed by "but we'll continue to scour the market", which tells me that they're not sold on him at all and will sign a FA if they can get an upgrade over Tevi.



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  2. On 5/1/2021 at 11:32 AM, teganslaw said:

    @NFLfan, what are your thoughts on the Vikings choosing QB Kellen Mond? Some players are stating that Cousins is just "signing a paycheck" and his future with the Vikings is in doubt. There are signs that they might be moving away from Cousins, and going to another QB. How accurate is that news? 


    I was forced to watch that trash show @ the gym, Highly Questionable, and they were talking about this. 


    They were saying Cousins is a good QB, just not good enough in big situations. Idk anything about Mond, but I think Vikings are smart to look ahead past Cousins. 

  3. The more I read about his guy, the more I like him. 


    The 36 bench reps are amazing! 


    The way he chases down people from behind coming from the backside is extremely impressive. Just shows how relentless he plays. 


    Colts need to bring back Houston. Between Houston and Mathis, Kwity has the chance to learn off some of the greats! 

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  4. 10 hours ago, EastStreet said:

    He's just a great inside and outside depth guy. Better inside IMO. Honestly I'm not all that worried about RYS. Folks forget he was injured early and late last year, and in the middle, had some type of illness and operation (some suggest appendicitis which he returned quickly from). I'm more worried about concussions with him than him improving. I also think we'll see more Tell and Rodgers at CB this year on the outside. Really hoping Rodgers picked up some good weight without sacrificing speed, and hope Tell's progress is not set back too much with the opt out.


    Only time will "Tell"  



    ba dum tssss






    ......I'll see myself out 

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  5. I know this is not indicative of the future, but if we are going by past picks, Ballard's better at picking O-Linemen than DE's since he's been here. 


    Regardless, I hope it'll be OT for the first pick.


    As long as it's not Phillips DE, I'm good. His injury/concussion history is way too much of a gamble for the first round. 


    Buuuuuttt, I also won't be surprised (would be disappointed) to see him trade down either lol 

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